GUIDE: How to hide your IP address?

IP stands for Internet Protocol. IP Address is a numerical code assigned to each device that is connected to the internet. Just like your home has an address that can be used to identify or track your location, an IP address like can be used to identify your system, as well as your location.

Your Ip address is like your digital identity card but with much more functionality. For instance, websites and entities on the web can use your IP address to know your exact address, internet service provider, where you have been on the web, your likes and dislikes, etc. With all this information accessible using your IP, you can begin to appreciate why it could be important to hide it even if you are an ordinary internet user.

How to hide your IP address easily?

Suppose you are in New York and would want to access the internet without being tracked or followed. Perhaps you value your privacy or just want to have a secure, clean online experience free of targeted ads, noise, and tracking cookies. How would you go about keeping your identity private in New York?

The easiest way to hide your identity while on the internet is by using a VPN whenever you connect. A VPN routes your internet traffic through a private network of servers-otherwise known as a tunnel- and therefore keeping your identity secure and private. Any third party or website looking at your incoming or outgoing traffic would see the IP address belonging to a remote server and would never access your real IP address.

There are many more advantages to using a VPN besides hiding your IP such as end-to-end data encryption, the ability to change your location, internet security, and faster internet surfing. However, the ability to mask your IP address and access the internet anonymously is the most important. Here is what to look for in a VPN for New York or any other location you may be accessing the internet from.

Choose a VPN that does not keep logs:

There is no reason to use a VPN when all your data and IP address is being logged and stored by the VPN company itself. A good and transparent VPN provider should never keep identifiable logs of their users as the data could be used for purposes that defeat the purpose of using the VPN service in the first place.

A VPN with multi-device support:

Does the VPN service have applications and extensions for all devices and operating systems? Choose a VPN that you can use on all your devices so you can stay secure and anonymous on whichever device you are using. At the same time, the VPN should be available as a browser extension to take care of browser-based cookies and threats.

Choose a VPN with multiple servers:

You should choose a VPN that has a good number of servers that you can select whenever you connect. This shows that the VPN provider has invested in a robust and strong infrastructure that will deliver fast speeds at all times.

Choose a VPN with transparent policies and security audit:

How open is the VPN service with its policy and how they handle users on their network? Do they have any open source components that can be audited? The more forthcoming a VPN service is the better it is given that you will be accessing the internet through their network.

Why hide your IP address?

There are many valid reasons to hide your IP address, especially in today’s internet environment. Here are some of them:

Stop the trackers and advertisers:

There is a growing concern in many places over the amount of data harvesting being done using third-parties across the web. Almost every website you visit out there has hundreds of trackers and cookies ready to identify, track,  record your browsing activity, and target you with ads.  By hiding your IP address, you will make it virtually impossible to be tracked on the internet and therefore keep your privacy intact.

You might think that tracking for targeted advertising isn’t all that bad. However, research shows that having too much of your information out there might affect how online sellers treat you and what kind of prices you get on online purchases. As an example, a holiday package might appear expensive to a New Yorker as compared to another person accessing the same website from another state or country.

Remove geo-restrictions and access blocked online content:

If you happen to travel to another country or live in a country with strict internet controls, you may not be able to access certain geo-restricted websites and content. For instance, some popular Netflix shows are not available in some countries. Hiding or changing your IP address will allow you to access any content or website you want freely.

There are other benefits to hiding your IP such as being able to access banned content safely, hiding your device from cybercriminals, among others. With the ever-changing web, such measures have become a part of life for those who want to enjoy the internet as it should be. Stay secure!

Last Words:

The internet is a tough place. We should all take proper precautions while browsing the net, else we will make ourselves vulnerable. Advertisement companies are spending millions on getting user data, to target ads on Google and Facebook more specifically. Hiding your IP address should add a layer of protection towards profiling you.

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