How to create a for sale group on Facebook?

Facebook is back with a new twist in their group settings. Now you can create a for sale post in facebook groups or enable for sale feature in your existing facebook groups. This will allow group members to sell stuffs through facebook groups. While they were busy hammering with money transfer with the messenger app, this new step by facebook is definitely going to work wonders. A for sale Facebook Group? Wow! Let’s join and earn.


What is a For Sale Facebook Group?

How to create a for sale group on facebook?

Gone are the days where you need a classifieds or an eCommerce website to promote your stuffs. Now you can do that from inside facebook groups. A for sale facebook group allows users to sell their stuffs right from Facebook. For sale groups has a unique way of posting for sale stuffs, allowing other group members to note down important features of the item to be sold. It allows the seller to add the name of the for sale stuff, its price, delivery / pickup location in case of a shippable stuff, and a small description of the stuff with some images. It also allows the seller to mark items as sold after they are already sold.

How is a for sale Facebook Group helpful?

Well, previously, we would see a lot of people selling stuffs on facebook. All they needed to do is to publish a post with its description and users needed to interact with them through comments or via inbox to get more idea of the sold stuff and finally pay the seller. Now this has become easier. With a for sale group, sellers can directly create a facebook post modified in a user-friendly way to highlight the useful features helpful for selling stuffs. From looking the post, users will get complete details of the item as they gets in some ecommerce or classified websites.

What are the payment methods in a for sale group?

Well, the payments are made directly to the seller by the buyer in their own convenient methods or which the seller mentions in their posts. Facebook does not interacts in between.

How that helps?

Well, it will be very much useful for genuine sellers who hosts their stuffs on various other ecommerce sites like ebay, paytm etc. Let’s take an example: If a seller sells an item on paytm, he will have to wait till someone chooses his item and buys it and he gets paid. But if he makes a facebook group and hosts that item there, and accepts payments via paytm, he will get to earn the same money, but, this time, more quickly, because facebook is globally popular with an alexa rank of 2. It is obvious that he will get more buyers from remaining on facebook. Anyways this was just an illustration to show you how that works.

If the trend continues, the seller will become more and more popular by their own efforts as the facebook groups gets more and more exposure over time. This will also help to grow a group of loyal followers for the sellers. They can connect directly with the sellers and talk with them through messenger / free calls. This is indeed a helpful feature for both the buyer and the seller.

The Reverse Side: Limitations of a for sale group:

Well, every coin has two sides. Likewise, this for sale group also has some limitations.

  1. No direct payment methods: Users have to pay manually like the way the seller specifies. But come on, facebook is just a social network, not an ecommerce site right? Let’s keep that limited to how much we need. Also that helps in choosing the own payment procedures of the buyer and the seller.
  2. No automated receipts: Here you cannot get a receipt for an item you purchased.
  3. Fraud sellers: Yep, this will suck. Many people with fake accounts will come in and try to fool buyers. You need to act smart.

But rest assured, the popularity that selling stuffs on facebook is gaining, this feature isn’t a bad thing at all.

How to create a For Sale Group on Facebook?

Now comes the most important part. How to create a for sale group? Well, don’t worry, if you are already managing a group as admin, you can make it available as a for sale group instead of creating a new one. For now, it is not available by default, you just need to request facebook to make your group eligible to be a for sale facebook group. But don’t worry, you don’t need to pass any verification tests for that, facebook will enable that for you within a few weeks after you request.

Here are the steps to be followed:

How to create a for sale group on facebook?

  1. Visit the for sale facebook group interest form page.
  2. Fill up the form with real details. Input your name, your facebook registered email id, your facebook group name, and your facebook group link url. Don’t put any fake info here.
  3. Click on Send.
  4. Wait for a few weeks. Generally it takes one weeks, but can take more. Have patience.
  5. Check your group settings page. You will see a for sale group feature added there. Click on the check mark to enable for sale post. Refer to the image below.

How to create a for sale group on facebook?


Congrats! For sale feature is successfully enabled on your facebook group. You and other group members can create for sale posts. Enjoy!

Thanks for reading how to create for sale groups and how to enable for sale feature in your existing facebook group. Hope you have got an idea and can easily get your group to become a leading for sale group. Do share our post if you like it. Keep visiting HiTricks!


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