How to check your Experian Credit Score Online FREE?

Want to know about your credit score from Experian? You are at the right place. Keep reading to find out how you can get your Experian score online for Free.

Experian is one of the six credit bureaus in India, and in terms of popularity, they come just below CIBIL. Headquartered in Ireland, it works in multiple nations including the USA, the UK, and Canada, although each country has its separate operations depending on that country’s regulation. It started operating in India in 2017 and soon became popular.

Credit reporting companies like Experian monitors your credit lines (loans and credit cards you have), and your credit behavior (whether you paid your dues on time, or you missed any payments, etc). If you have an active loan or a credit card, you most likely have a credit score assigned to you from each bureau, and you should regularly check it to keep yourself updated.

In today’s post, we are going to take a look at your Experian scores and how you can easily check it online.

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Here’s an overview:

What is Experian Score?

In the simplest words, Experian Score is your credit score from Experian India Credit Bureau. Experian score is similar to other credit bureaus (such as CIBIL) that show your credit score based on your creditworthiness. It ranges from 300 to 850, where generally the score above 800 is considered good and above 800 as excellent, although there are finer classifications. Remember, the higher the Experian score you have, the more banks will approach you with bigger credit limits and loan amounts.

A Higher Experian credit score not only offers you bigger limits but also helps you in fewer interest rates and down payments. Usually, the Experian score is based on your payment history, credit utilization, credit history, and other important factors. You can increase your Experian score by paying all bills on time and not taking many loans in a short period of time.

We recently talked about CIBIL score and how you can check your CIBIL credit score using OneScore and Paytm. In this post, let’s take a look at where you can dive into for fetching your Experian Score.

Check Experian Score Through Experian Website:

check Experian score using Experian websiteYou can check your Experian score on its official website. Just visit the website and click on the Get Your Report Tab. It will then open a new tab where you need to enter your Name, Email, and Mobile number and verify it with OTP. Now enter your DOB, PAN card number, address, and click on the Get Report button.

You can download the report in both HTML and PDF format. The whole process takes less than 5 min and doesn’t require any app downloads. The good thing is that you don’t need to pay any charges to know your Experian score even on its official website. You can know your comprehensive consumer credit information on the Experian website.

Visit Experian Website

Check Experian Score Through OneScore App:


OneScore App is a great app to check your Experian & Cibil Score online. OneScore checks the Experian Credit score, analyses your credit report & informs you of the areas that need attention. They also send personalized tips and suggestions to improve the credit score.

The Best thing about the OneScore app is that they provide all of the details for free without displaying any ads or Spam Messages. You can use the One Score app to check your ongoing or completed loans, Credit card payment history. OneScore claims that your data and information will be safe and never shared with any third party.

OneScore also offers its own Credit Card named OneCard, which is pretty famous these days as it provides various offers on traveling & shopping. If your Credit Score meets the criteria, then you can apply for the credit card.

Checking Experian Score is pretty easy on the App. You need to download the OneScore app and enter your mobile number and other basic details. Once you’ve done the process, you will be directly redirected to Main Panel, Where all the details are given.

Download OneScore App (Android & iOS)

Check Experian Score Through ET Money Site/App:

ET Money

ET Money is a multi-purpose finance replated app that provides Experian & Cibil Credit Score checking facility in a single platform. ET Money has both an app and a website so that you can choose any of them. It helps you to track your financial record and gives your Experian & Cibil Credit Score details.

ET Money not only shows your Experian Credit score but also provide your current loan status, Total Credit Cards, and how you were paying the loan and Credit Card bills. They also provide suggestions on improving the Experian Credit score by suggesting some simple tips that help increase your Credit Score.

Checking the Experian Credit Score is pretty easy. Just visit the website or download the app and enter your Name number. It will then ask you about your personal details like Pan Card, and DOB enters all of the details. Here you will see all of your Details Related to your Credit Score.

Check Experian Score Through Bankbazaar Site/App:

Bankbazaar free experian credit scoreBankBazaar is another great platform that allows you to check Experian credit score for free. You just need to visit the Bankbazaar website and click on Get Free Credit Score. After that enter your name, Mobile number, email and verify it with OTP. Now select your date of birth, gender, and enter your PAN card number when required. That’s it! After giving these details Bankbazaar will show you the Experian score.

The good thing is that Bankbazaar never spams you on your email and mobile number. You will get occasionally highly informative Emails which is negligible.

Check Experian Score Through Paisabazaar Site/App:


Paisabazaar is a finance-related website that offers various services. They have detailed and in-depth articles on everything related to finance. You can solve loan and credit card related queries and checking Experian Credit Score is one of them.

Just visit the PaisaBazaar Website and navigate the Experian Credit Score page. After that fill in all of the required details asked in the form and make sure to check the mobile number and email address twice before submitting the form. You will receive Your Experian Credit Score Report at your submitted Email Address.

PaisaBazaar also provides his custom reports to show all of your financial details like ongoing or completed Loans, Credit Cards bill payments, etc.

Check Experian Score Through Wishfin Site/App:


WishFin is a finance management app that offers financial expert advice to keep your finance stable. They also provide services like personal loans, Home Loans, Health Insurance, Digital Gold, credit Card, and Mutual funds, etc.

WishFin helps you to check your Experian & CIBIL Credit Score with just a simple click. The Wishfin uses smart Algorithms to save your money and lower the interest rate, Suggest the Best Rewards, Credit Card, Provides Tips to improve Credit History, and makes sure that they match your banking records. All of the services are totally free of cost you don’t have to pay anything for checking The Experian Credit Score.

Checking Experian Score is pretty easy on WishFin just download the WishFin app or visit the Website for faster accessibility and Open the Experian Score menu. After that fill in the required details like Name, DOB, Income, PAN card, Email, and Mobile, etc and submit the details. Now all the details like Experian & CIBIL score will display on the screen.

Final Verdict:

So it was the post about How to check your Experian score online for free. You can use any of the app or websites to know your Experian score. Apps like OneScore and ET Money shows your CIBIL score as well along with all the credit reports, loan account details, and ways to grow your credit score.

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