How to Blog: Introduction to Blogging World

Hi, welcome to HiTricks: Learn Earn Gain…Its Fun!
Our first mission is How To Blog: To guide every interested ordinary people into the world of blogging. We will show you how to start and run a blog, and give you the basics of blogging, inspire and encourage you to create and write a blog on your own. We will also assist you our best to help you create your own blog. As we said earlier, it’s going to be a lot of fun! Let’s begin!

What is a Blog?

A blog is an informative website. A person who writes a blog is known as blogger. Blog can be of different topics, it depends on which topic you choose.

Tip: Always choose a topic of which you are very much aware of and have successful knowledge regarding that topic.

Why should you choose Blogging?

You are a web geek and want to earn some money from the internet. One of the biggest method to earn independently on your own is blogging. Why rely on given rewards? Earn on your own.

Blogging provides a good oppurtunity to earn money by spreading your knowledge throughout the internet. Moreover, it gives you unlimited oppurtunity to grow and build the internet in your own hands. You don’t require rocket science to start blogging, it starts from your known knowledge.

How to Blog: How it Works?

Here is the working concept of a blog:

  1. You create a blog, where you post stuffs you like.
  2. Others visit your blog from two ways: Either you spread your blog socially, or people searched google and got your site.
  3. You can place advertisements on your blog. If the visitors click on the ads, or view them, or use them, you get paid.
  4. So think, if you have a good number of visitors for your blog, you can earn much more.

Is earning everything?

The answer to this question is, no.
As a blogger, you should not misuse your knowledge and should not provide wrong informations. Everything depends on your hard work and contribution towards your project! We will show you how to blog from the root level. We will also guide you so that you don’t make the mistakes that we made while starting our blogging journey. Hope you all are interested about starting a blog!

Our next session contains the following:
1. Before you start, make your base strong: What should you prefer for blogging, Blogger or WordPress? Advantage and Disadvantage.
2. What is the difference between domain and subdomain? Advantage and disadvantage.
3. What is Hosting?
4. Prerequisites for starting a blog.
5. Step by step Guide to start blogging with free hosting lifetime. 

Thank you for reading our article: How to Blog. Do share our post if you like it. Keep Visiting.

This is the end of Session 1 of our How to Blog Sessions. Continue to session 2: Blogger Vs WordPress: Which is Better?

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