How to Apply & Convert HDFC Credit Card to Lifetime Free?

Okay, this post is purely dedicated to those who are applying for or have recently applied for HDFC Bank Credit Cards. Did you know that you can upgrade your HDFC Credit Card into First Year Free (FYF) and Lifetime Free (LTF) easily? You really do not need to pay the Joining Fees or Annual Fees for your HDFC Bank Credit Card.

HDFC Bank is the largest banking sector in India. In terms of convenience in banking, shopping offers, customer support, and other banking needs, I personally think that HDFC is always a step ahead of other banks. In fact, you can make a savings bank account with HDFC with nil banking and ATM charges, along with unlimited ATM withdrawals from anywhere. Check out my other post on the HDFC Bank Savings Account Tiers, and you can choose your convenient tier based on the features and privileges.

Whether you are an existing HDFC Bank customer and have got a preapproved Credit Card offer via Bank Promotion, or you are just casually applying for an HDFC credit card, you can easily convert your credit card to lifetime free. In today’s post, I will discuss the step-by-step proven method to upgrade your HDFC credit card into first year free and lifetime free. I myself joined HDFC Bank in 2021, got a preapproved credit card offer in 3 months, applied for it, and converted it into Lifetime Free with the following method only. This worked for me successfully.

So just bear with me. I am going to share the complete details.

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Here’s an overview.

HDFC Bank Hidden Credit Card Offers:

Although it is a fully legal and officially working method, this lifetime free offer is one of the hidden credit card offers provided by HDFC Bank. And honestly, that’s sad!

If you are not so tech-savvy, or if you are not connected with other random HDFC users, and if you try to enquire about this hidden lifetime free offer from official HDFC Bank channels, chances are that you will be heavily misguided. I am glad we have the FinTalks community where we discuss everything related to Finance, including banking and credit cards.

But you will be surprised to know that HDFC Bank employees, relationship managers, credit card application managers, and even most of the lower tier HDFC Bank customer support have zero ideas about it or have highly contradictory viewpoints regarding this. I have faced a situation myself where different HDFC contacts are saying different things regarding this, and soon it became obvious that they do not know about it properly.

So, my request to all of you, please do not panic. It might be possible that you may ask about this offer to your bank, but they may either completely deny or tell you different answers, but let me assure you that this method is live as of August 2021, and you can surely apply it for your HDFC Credit Card.

Just follow the steps below. Let’s get started.

Apply for an HDFC Credit Card:

If you are an HDFC Bank customer for more than 3 months, chances are that you have already got a Preapproved Credit Card offer from NetBanking or Promotional Email. The advantage of a preapproved credit card is that you do not need to go through the credit card verification process, and you do not need to upload any documents such as income proofs, etc. Your card is approved based on your relationship status with the bank.

In case you are not an HDFC Bank Customer, you need to apply as a regular user, and you need to upload all necessary documents like Address Proofs, Income Proofs, like Salary Slip or ITRs, etc.

For Non-HDFC Bank Customers, Visit Credit Card Application Portal from the link below:

HDFC Bank Credit Card Application Portal

For HDFC Bank Customers, you can check if you are eligible for a preapproved Credit Card. To check, log in to HDFC Netbanking, and go to the ‘Cards’ tab. You might find this banner:

How to get Credit Cards as student in India?

This is a sign that you might have got an HDFC Credit Card under preapproved status. You can click on that banner and apply it from there. I got this banner within 3 months of applying for my HDFC Bank account, and I did apply using this banner.

Another banner you might see within the initial few weeks of making your HDFC Bank Account is this one. This is a standard banner that comes for everyone:

How to get Credit Cards as student in India?

However, initially, you might not get good preapproved credit cards. So better wait for a month or two more until you start seeing other dedicated offer banners.

You can also check your Email (Promotional Tab in Gmail) to get Preapproved Credit Card Offers. Here’s a banner I got within 3 months:

How to get Credit Cards as student in India?

You can use this as a starting point for your application. It will take you to the HDFC Credit Card Application portal, and you must log in there as an HDFC Bank Customer.

Start your application and you can find the pre-approved cards that you are eligible to apply. I got the following two options: HDFC EasyEMI Credit Card, and HDFC Millennia Credit Card. I proceeded with the HDFC Millennia Credit Card Application.

How to get Credit Cards as student in India?

Below I will mention the steps to convert your credit card to Lifetime Free. It works with almost all credit cards, except for a few. Let me list them first.

HDFC Credit Cards Eligible for Lifetime Free Offer:

Here are some of the most common HDFC Credit Cards that are definitely eligible for the Lifetime Free Offer. However, this is not an exhaustive list. There may be other cards also, which may fall under this offer.

  1. HDFC Moneyback Credit Card.
  2. HDFC EasyEMI Credit Card.
  3. HDFC Millennia Credit Card.
  4. HDFC Regalia First Credit Card.
  5. HDFC Regalia Credit Card.
  6. HDFC Diners Club Privilege Credit Card.
  7. Indian Oil HDFC Credit Card.
  8. HDFC Business Moneyback Credit Card.
  9. HDFC Business Regalia Credit Card.
  10. Platinum Times HDFC Credit Card.

HDFC Credit Cards NOT Eligible for Lifetime Free Offer:

There are a few HDFC credit cards which do not fall under the Lifetime Free criteria. That means, if you are applying for these cards, you cannot convert it into a Lifetime Free Card.

  1. Titanium Times HDFC Credit Card.
  2. HDFC Diners Club Black Credit Card.
  3. HDFC Infinia Credit Card.

Again, this is not an exhaustive list. There may be other cards that are not eligible for Lifetime Free. Anyways, let’s move on to the actual methods for converting your card to Lifetime Free.

Methods for HDFC Lifetime Free Credit Card:

Okay so here are the processes to convert your HDFC Credit Card to Lifetime Free status:

  1. Fulfill 30 Days Spend Target (NEW)
  2. Add Smartpay Biller
  3. Subscribe to OneAssist
  4. Subscribe to Card Sure
  5. Do 12 Transactions of ₹500 or more each (HIDDEN OFFER)

The last offer is the easiest one, and you can accomplish it within a few days of getting your card. However, at the same time, it is a hidden offer. Because, while you are applying for the new credit card, you won’t be finding it in the application procedure. Below is the image of the offers that you will find while applying for your HDFC credit card.

How to convert HDFC Credit Card to Lifetime Free (LTF)?

Please note that depending on your type of application, whether you are an HDFC Bank customer or not, the options you get may vary. Also, choosing the last two options displayed in the image above: Prepaid Card & FASTag won’t make your card Lifetime Free. Those are extra add-ons.

You can choose from the first 3 options, or skip them and go for the hidden 4th trick. I am writing them in detail below.

Method 1: Fulfil Spend Target within 90 Days [NEW]:

This is a new method added by HDFC Bank that you can use to convert your HDFC Credit Card to Lifetime Free. Basically, this new method got added after RBI lifted the ban on HDFC Bank to issue credit cards on 18th August 2021.

A lot of existing HDFC Bank users got preapproved offers for credit cards. New users may also apply from HDFC CC Application Portal.

In case you apply now, you will find the eligible cards list after you log in to the portal and enter your details. On that list, you can find this line stating the Lifetime Free criterion for the card. It should be like this:

To make this card Lifetime Free: Spend ### within 90 days of card opening date.

How to Apply & Convert HDFC Credit Card to Lifetime Free?

That’s your cue! You can make your card LTF using this method only. But do check the other methods too, especially Method 2 (Smartpay Biller), and add that also as an additional protection layer.

Also, check the heading below on How to verify your LTF status with HDFC Bank. That way you can send an email to HDFC Bank and verify it.

Method 2: Add Smartpay Biller:

HDFC Smartpay is a portal for HDFC card users, that can be used to pay utility bills. You can use this platform to pay your Postpaid Bills, Electricity Bills, DTH Recharge, Broadband Bills, etc. All you need to do is register your billers, and it will automatically pay bills every month.

HDFC Smartpay uses your credit card to pay the bills every month. You will also earn 5% cashback on your Bill Payments with Smartpay. Coming to the Lifetime Free upgrade offer, if you register 1 biller with HDFC Smartpay for a minimum of 3 billing cycles, then your HDFC credit card will become lifetime free.

Eligible Billers:

The biller should be one of the following:

  • Utility Bill (Gas/Water/Broadband)
  • Postpaid Mobile
  • Electricity
  • Insurance Premium
  • Rental Payments

Whether or not it is applicable on DTH Recharge is something I am not yet sure about. If you add DTH Biller and can convert your card to Lifetime Free Status, then let me know in the comments below. I will update it over here.

How to Add Billers?

This can be done in two ways:

You can either add it during your credit card application by check-marking in the ‘Smartpay’ field when prompted. You will be taken to another page where you can add your billers.

How to Apply & Convert HDFC Credit Card to Lifetime Free?

However, note that here you can only add limited billers: Postpaid, DTH & Rentpay only. In case you need to add other billers such as electricity bill, you can do it after you receive your credit card.

Note: If you apply for Smartpay during the Credit Card application, you have to sign an undertaking that these billers are on your name only. Check the image below.

How to Apply & Convert HDFC Credit Card to Lifetime Free?

The reason is, you are applying for a fresh credit card, and hence you should add only the billers that are on your name. If you want to add a biller on someone else’s name, you should skip this for now and add it within 90 days of receiving your credit card.

The other way of adding SmartPay biller after you get your Credit Card is as follows:

  • Login to HDFC Bank Netbanking.
  • Click on the Cards section.
  • On the left menu, under the Credit Cards section, click on Transact dropdown.
  • From the dropdown, click on Smartpay.
  • You will get a message that you will be redirected to Smartpay Portal. Click on Continue.
  • The Smartpay Portal will open. Choose your Credit Card from the dropdown and click Continue.

From the smartpay portal, you can conveniently add any number of billers against your credit card. From the left menu, click on My Billers > Add Biller. You can see the options and continue further.

How to convert HDFC Credit Card to Lifetime Free (LTF)?

Adding a minimum of 1 biller is necessary for the Lifetime Free Upgrade against your Credit Card. Remember to do it within 90 days of receiving your Credit Card. However, I recommend doing it instantly after you get your credit card so that it gets updated over the first billing cycle itself.

Method 3: Subscribe to OneAssist:

OneAssist is a service provider company that deals with electrical appliance repairs, electronics repair, mobile, and other gadget repairs, as well as financial protection. They have partnered with different banks, including HDFC Bank to offer protection against your Credit Card Theft or Fraudulent Transactions. This is chargeable at ₹1599 per year.

How to Apply & Convert HDFC Credit Card to Lifetime Free?

They offer the following services:

  • One call blocking of all your bank cards (credit, debit, prepaid, forex)
  • Fraudulent transactions Cover on your lost card: Up to 2 Lakhs covered before reporting the loss of card. Fully covered after reporting the loss of card.
  • Free replacement of PAN Card and Driving License.
  • Emergency Cash Assistance up to 25k in India.
  • Emergency Hotel Bill Settlement and Return Ticket Booking: 80k Domestic, 160k International.
  • Free Cloud Storage for storing important documents.

You can take OneAssist yearly subscription for ₹1599 at the time of applying for your HDFC credit card, to covert your card to Lifetime Free. You do not need to pay upfront. This charge will be automatically applied to your credit card.

Method 4: Subscribe to Card Sure:

Card Sure is an Insurance Policy offered by HDFC Ergo, which is a general insurance company of HDFC itself. It costs ₹900 per year and offers some personal accident insurance as well.

How to Apply & Convert HDFC Credit Card to Lifetime Free?


They offer the following services:

  • Personal Accident Cover of 5 Lakhs.
  • Lost Card Liability up to your full credit limit. (You need to inform the same day)
  • Child Education Cover of 25k.

Similar to OneAssist, this annual charges of ₹900 will be automatically applied to your credit card, you don’t need to pay upfront.

Hidden Method 5: Do 12 Transactions of ₹500:

This is by far the best method to convert your HDFC Card to Lifetime Free. However, due to the lack of proper information, I would recommend you to use any of the above offers, such as adding a Smartpay Biller, side by side, so that you have double protection on your card.

Coming to the offer, it is as easy as doing 12 transactions with your credit card to become eligible for a lifetime free status. The only condition is that each transaction should be ₹500 or more. That’s all.

It happens over 2 stages:

  1. Complete 6 Transactions of ₹500 or more each to upgrade to First Year Free status.
  2. Complete 12 Transactions of ₹500 or more each to upgrade to Lifetime Free status.

I’m not kidding! It is as simple as that!

You can do any of the following to be counted as a successful transaction:

  • Online Shopping anywhere.
  • Offline Purchases via Card Swipe.
  • Wallet Loading such as PayTM, Amazon Pay, OlaMoney, etc.

Tip: If you are loading money to Wallets, don’t do 12 transactions back to back. HDFC Bank won’t bother about it, but your wallets might see it as suspicious activity, especially PayTM. So, take your time. Try to divide it between wallets.

How to track whether you are Eligible for Lifetime Free by 12 Transactions?

Luckily, you will be able to track your progress for the Lifetime Free Status by 12 Transactions and know when you have qualified for it. But this method does not work for everyone. In case it works for you, it is fine. In case it does not work for you, you can manually track 12 transactions from your Credit Card statement, and afterward, contact HDFC Bank to know the Lifetime Free status of your card. Check the next heading to know more about it.

Anyways, let’s discuss how you can track your Lifetime Free Status from HDFC Netbanking.

  • Login to HDFC Bank Netbanking.
  • Click on the Cards section.
  • On the left menu, under the Credit Cards section, click on Enquire dropdown.
  • From the dropdown, click on Redeem Reward Points.
  • It will show your credit cards. Check your credit card, and click on Continue.
  • It will warn you that you will be redirected to the ‘Redeem Rewards’ portal and logged out from the Netbanking. Also, you need to enable popups in your browser. Click on Continue.
  • You will be redirected to the ‘Rewards Redemption Portal’.
  • From the Top Menu, Click on My Rewards > Spend Promo Details.

You will find something like this:

How to Apply & Convert HDFC Credit Card to Lifetime Free?

If you find these two rows highlighted in red in the HDFC Credit Card Reward Redemption portal, then you can track your progress from here successfully:


Note that the month and year might differ a bit depending on the time you are applying, but the keyword to note is ‘06TXN FYF‘ & ‘12TXN LTF‘. It means 6 Transactions for First Year Free (FYF) and 12 Transactions for Lifetime Free (LTF) respectively.

As you use your card, the ‘Amount Spent’ will get updated.

  • After you complete 6 Transactions, the Promo Status against FYF will change from ‘In-Progress‘ to ‘Qualified‘.
  • After you complete 12 Transactions, the Promo Status against LTF will change from ‘In-Progress‘ to ‘Qualified‘.

Note that it takes 48-72 hours to track your transactions. This means, if you transact on the 1st of a month, it will be shown on the 3rd or 4th of the month. So the quicker you complete the transactions, the faster you will qualify for First Year Free or Lifetime Free Status on your HDFC Credit Card.

Here’s what it will show after you have completed 12 Transactions, each of ₹500 or more. (Wait for 2-3 days before checking)

How to Apply & Convert HDFC Credit Card to Lifetime Free?

This technically means your HDFC Credit Card has qualified for Lifetime Free status, and you won’t be charged for using it at all. However, you can still get in touch with HDFC Bank and be sure about it. In fact, if you are someone who cannot track your Lifetime Free Progress, you definitely need to directly contact HDFC Bank for confirming the status after doing 12 Transactions.

Check out how you can do it below.

Confirming Lifetime Free Status of your Card from HDFC Bank:

Sometimes it might happen that you may not be able to see those two keywords ‘PRICING OCT19 12TXN LTF‘ / ‘PRICING OCT19 06TXN FYF‘ on the ‘Spend Promo Details’ section in the HDFC credit card rewards redemption portal.

Also, sometimes even if you are able to track it, you still might want to get a confirmation from HDFC Bank itself regarding the lifetime free status of your card. In that case, you need to contact HDFC Bank for confirming the same.

But well, as I had said in the beginning, that most of the HDFC personnel are not properly informed about it. So, just visiting your bank or contacting your RM won’t give you your answers.

You need to write a formal email to HDFC Bank Credit Card Priority Redressal Team OR Grievance Redressal Team to confirm it.

You may send a mail to any of the following addresses:

  • priorityredressal [dot] creditcards [at]
  • grievance [dot] redressalcc [at]

What to Write?

Since you are writing to the senior management teams of HDFC Bank, it is best to explain everything in detail.

You must mention the following inside the email:

  • Your Registered Mobile Number
  • Your Last 4 Digits of your Credit Card. (Use the format XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-1234 for VISA & Mastercard OR XXXX-XXXXXX-1234 for Diners Club)
  • On the subject line, write the following: Regarding the ‘Lifetime Free’ status of my HDFC Credit Card.

In the body, mention that you are an HDFC credit card user, you have recently applied for the HDFC card, and you came across the Lifetime Free offers. Next, mention that you added a Smartpay Biller, or subscribed to OneAssist, or subscribed to Card Sure, or did 12 Transactions of ₹500 each. If you are able to track it under the ‘Redeem Rewards’ portal, then mention that it shows ‘Qualified’ for LTF status. If you are not able to track it, just mention that you fulfilled the criteria, and want to know about the Lifetime Free status of your HDFC Credit Card.

My Email and the Responses I got from HDFC Bank:

Below is the format of the email that I sent them on 10th September 2020:

How to Apply & Convert HDFC Credit Card to Lifetime Free?

I also attached a screenshot of my ‘Redeem Rewards’ Portal where it was showing ‘Qualified’ Status for me. I got an automated acknowledgment email instantly that my email was received by them.

How to Apply & Convert HDFC Credit Card to Lifetime Free?

On the same day at night, I got another email from their Credit Card team where they assigned a Reference number to my query and said they will respond within 3 working days.

How to Apply & Convert HDFC Credit Card to Lifetime Free?

After a long wait, I finally got the confirmation email from the HDFC Bank Credit Card team that yes, my credit card has been upgraded to Lifetime Free.

How to Apply & Convert HDFC Credit Card to Lifetime Free?

Huh! What a sigh of relief! After all the efforts, it was worth it. I was able to convert my HDFC Millennia Credit Card into Lifetime Free status. So, I am positive that you can also try the same steps to upgrade your credit card to lifetime free.

Last Words:

Just a few weeks back I was completely clueless about this HDFC Lifetime Free Credit Card offer. I was asking so many people about it but got mixed responses. I am glad that I was finally able to convert my card to Lifetime Free and write it down for you. Some of the screenshots and images I posted here are taken months ago when I was applying for the Credit Card.

I can’t thank enough my friends Anit Shah, Bunty Nagda, Harshit, Nirmal Andy, Ram Manohar, Ravi Bhalla, and Vikram Renukuntha, and a few others, for helping me out in the entire Credit Card Application Process, hunting the HDFC Bank support email, providing some of the screenshots, and more. Their contributions were invaluable in writing this mighty article successfully.

If you are still reading, I genuinely thank you for staying with me till the end. I will only request you to please share this article with your friends who are HDFC Bank customers, especially those who are thinking to apply (or recently applied) for an HDFC Credit Card. It will help them a lot.

That’s all about converting your HDFC Credit Card to Lifetime Free status. I hope this post was able to help you out. I wish you all the best for your credit card application.

By the way, if you haven’t joined our FinTalks community on Facebook, please do join immediately. There you will get help with all types of financial matters. And you can post even noob queries too. Also, you can join our Telegram Channel for getting curated Tech Updates. Keep visiting HiTricks!


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  1. Hi,

    Currently I have Regalia First card which is not lifetime free.
    Recently I have opted for HDFC salary account now it is showing I am eligible for a Regalia card lifetime free. But same upgrade I am getting through my credit card net banking but its not lifetime free.
    Problem is in saving account and in credit card the email and phone number is different.
    So if I upgrade to Regalia then still can I opt for LTF option (12 transaction/ biller registration).
    Since I already hold credit card so I can not opt for that through savings net banking.
    Please suggest.

  2. HDFC is offering me only Indian Oil Credit card as pre approved card when accessing through lifetime free offer link. Whereas I am eligible for Millenia Card as well and can apply for it through another hdfc bank website link. I would prefer Millenia card…Can you suggest me what should I do?

  3. Hi Nirmal,

    After reading this blog I understood that,

    1. Within 90 days of receiving Millenia card, I need to spend 50k to make it LTF.


    1. If I link my LIC policy to smartpay, whether I need to make three payments to make it LTF or whether even a single payment is enough to make it LTF ?

    2. As we know that Millenia card has 5% cashback in Amazon, Flipkart. Whether the offer is applicable only for orders made through SmartBuy platform ?

    Thanks in Advance

    • Yes you are right. 50k spends will make it LTF.

      Answering your questions:

      1. If you link smartpay you need to keep it enabled forever to keep LTF status enabled.
      2. Smartbuy 5% cashback is SEPARATE. You will get 5%+5% cashback if you use smartbuy platform.

  4. I got upgrade from Moneyback to millenia with no joining fees.Are 12 transacions of 500 working now? or only by fulfilling spending criteria of 1Lk or 50k?

    • For now, you should try to spend 50k to make your Millennia LTF. (12 trx offer working or not any recent info I do not have)

      • Sir I have two questions for you.
        First I am a hdfc bank existing customer and just applied for a pre-approved moneyback plus credit card so will i get this offer for LTF
        Second in what time we have to complete method 1 2 and 5?
        Please answer me by tge way thank you for this amazing blog

        • Hello Siddh.
          Yes you are eligible for LTF. For now please do the spends criteria for LTF. (50k/1L)
          Also please register yourself for smartpay.

          Don’t try other methods.

  5. Are the above steps still working ?

  6. Are all these ways valid for an upgraded card? I had applied offline for card upgrade by filling a form and upgraded from Moneyback to Regalis

  7. Did you cancel the smartpay after getting email confirmation from hdfc about life time free.. I believe once made lifetime free it should not be required to have a smartpay biller added and card should be ltf anyways.

  8. Does 12 transactis method still works in March 2022? Received my Millenia card on 24th March 2022.

  9. Can I add my LIC Premium in the biller section ??
    But the premium of the policy might change after 2 yrs, so how should I proceed in this case ??

  10. Hi Nirmal
    Can you please tell the 12 trx time period, in how many months we can do this in 1 month or 3 month and does billing date affect it or not .

  11. Hi Nirmal,
    When i Access the “Spend Promo Details” section I donot see these two tags — 1. PRICING OCT19 12TXN LTF 2. PRICING OCT19 06TXN FYF

    Any help in this as my card is new and not yet delivered?

  12. Can these methods be used even if I get HDFC card against FD?
    & Then close the FD say after 6 months?

  13. I have completed about 15 transaction using my millennia credit card but still status not changed to qualified please help me its still showing in progress after about 6 7 days of completing transactions please Help

  14. Hi i am hdfc diners clubmiles user from last 1 year amd my card is not lifetime free is there a way to do that now? I jave a good spend pattern and 2 months back got credit limit enhancement of 1 lakh. My card was pre-approved from bank.

  15. ADVISORY TO READERS: As soon as you get your card number/approval email, call HDFC customer care and find out your billing date. OR ELSE, you’ll risk missing out on the LTF/FYF offers.
    It seems that I’ve missed out on these two offers because my billing date happened to be just 13 days apart from the date of approval. After the 1st billing date, no subsequent txns are getting reflected in the LTF/FYF offers section, only the amount spent in the first promo offer is getting incremented.

    Well, to be honest, I wasn’t thrilled when I first saw a 14 digit CC number in my approval email. It had the MasterCard’s logo, but not the usual 16 digits. Even though, since then I’ve learned to live this Millennia Diners card – it works in, Reliance Mall and JioMart android app(but not in the website, neither do any Rupay cards for that matter). But this billing date creeping up on me so soon really leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Right now, if this LTF/FYF thing doesn’t work out for me, I’m thinking of crossing that 30k spend milestone for FYF and then be done with it for good. SBI SimplyClick is looking more and more good after this. Option to disable contactless txns, email otps, 10x rps @ ₹0.25, etc.

    Finally, a big thanks to you, Nirmal. When I got this card there was no definite answer/result to PRICING OCT19 12TXN LTF / PRICING OCT19 06TXN FYF. There were some discussion in desidime and facebook. That’s it.

    Too bad that it seems I’ve missed out on the easiest path to LTF/FYF, but hopefully with this article and my comment someone else won’t.

    • Well, you can complete these 12 transactions within 3 billing cycles, not 1. So, even if it does not update (happened with a friend of mine), if you complete 12 transactions you can still get it converted to LTF. Just shoot them a mail to confirm. By the way even I got Diners variant and missed paying in some platforms. I don’t enjoy it either. In your email, can you mention them if they can change your card to a VISA variant??? (and let us know if that worked)?

      • How to login into netbanking/mobile banking without account, there is no customer id or login id , i only have tata hdfc neu card and i can only login to hdfc my cards section, i also want to make this card LTF, can u help me ?

  16. Did you do all those 6 and 12 txn within in a bill statement month?

    Leave a reply