GUIDE: Best Tech Gifts for Every Budget

Nowadays everyone is into tech and gadgetry interaction. Therefore, sometimes it is difficult to please tech-minded people with gifts. To curb all the confusion, we’ve come up with a list of the best tech gifts for every budget. Also using Amazon voucher code, you can save up to 60% off on electronics in the Amazon upcoming sale. Check out the list of electronics and gift happiness to your tech-savvy friends.

5 Best Tech Gifts For Every Budget:

Gadgets are getting budget-friendly every season. We have gathered some gifting ideas for men, women, and kids so check out the best gadgets under every price segment.

1) Wireless Headphones

Gifting wireless headphones to someone can be an excellent and budget-friendly tech gift. It is easily available at stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Croma, Tata Cliq, etc. Choose from various brands, designs, and color combinations all at the same place. The price of good quality headphones is very reasonable at these stores. Other than headphones, you can also go for affordable wireless earphones. They are also very handy and trendy nowadays. 

2) Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The Bluetooth speakers are very lightweight, compact, handy, and a wonderful electronic item to gift someone. Enjoy your favorite playlist wherever you go on a trip or even at your house parties. In spite of its compact size and vintage look, some brands manufacture water-resistant speakers as well. These speakers will be available online at Amazon or Flipkart. Perfect gift for music lovers and travelers.

3) Smartwatch

If your budget is slightly high then you can also go for a smartwatch. You can also gift your loved ones a Fitbit, an Android watch, or an Apple watch. Easily available at renowned online retailers, Amazon, Flipkart, Tata Cliq, etc. These smartwatches are very handy, vintage, slim, waterproof, available in a multitude of colors, and easy to install.

4) Mobile phone 

Having a mobile phone is one of the necessities nowadays. Gifting ease to someone’s life is just wonderful. At Amazon, Flipkart, Croma, or other online stores, you can purchase a smartphone of any range and any brand. You can also save up to 40% on your bill by using our coupons. Any festive or upcoming sale will help you get bigger savings on your shopping bill.

5) Wireless Charger or Power Bank

As we all know that smartphones or any Bluetooth handy device demands charging. So in that case gifting someone a wireless portable charger or power bank can be a good bet. They are affordable and easily available at Flipkart, Amazon, Vijay Sales, Croma, etc. It is a very convenient and handy electronic product that can be considered as a wonderful gift. Your loved ones won’t ever face low battery issues. 

Range Wise Tech Gifts Ideas:

It is important to have an estimate of the pricing range of products before you think about something to gift your loved ones. Check out some cost-effective products below.

Tech Gifts under Rs.5,000/-

There are so many gifts available under this price bracket. If a person travels a lot you can gift him/her Amazon echo dot, Bluetooth speakers, portable wi-fi router, power bank, or headphones. All this you will get under Rs.5000/- and that too of premium quality. Under the Amazon upcoming sale, you can also save up to 80% off on all the electronic items. However, while purchasing it is always better to research because all brands are not the best option.

Available Tech Gifts under Rs.10,000/- 

If you want to gift someone who is a book lover then the Amazon Kindle is best for them. You can also gift them something that will help them in their personal or work life. Portable hard drive, game DVDs, gaming controller, faster RAM, gift cards, affordable smartphone, or other electronic accessories. After working for hours everybody likes to have a break and these gaming accessories will bring a smile to their face.

Category of Tech Gifts under Rs.25,000/- 

At this price segment, you have pretty good premium gifting options. You can surprise your loved ones with a Fitbit, Android smartwatch, Series 1 or 2 Apple Watch, an entry-level laptop, or an affordable DSLR camera. Other than this, a decent range of a television or DVD home theatre system can also be considered in this price bracket.

Tech Gifts worth Rs.50,000/- or more 

This is a high budget category of gifting. In this category, your gifting scope becomes wider. Be generous and go for an Android smartphone, iPhone, PC system, laptop, television, and many more. If you wanna gift something fun items then go for flying drones, tech-enabled home appliances, gaming PC, Playstation, Xbox, etc. For people whose budget lies under this category, you can even combine two or three items of low range and gift them as your own creative mix ‘n’ match combo.


We believe that anything which makes your life easy or smooth is bliss. Technology itself is a source of convenience for humans. So if you are gifting a tech-friendly product to your loved ones then you are providing ease to their life. Also, save a lot by using our exclusive coupons and discount codes during the upcoming sale of Amazon, Flipkart, Tata Cliq, or other online retailers. Keep the aforementioned pointers in your mind while choosing the best tech gifts and make your loved ones even happier.


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