Why Open a Gold or Silver IRA with American Hartford Goldgroup?

There is no doubt that 2020 was a major turning point for many. It was the year the world was hit with a global pandemic in close to a century, and for investors brought about challenges that came with much uncertainty. But this wasn’t much of a problem for those who know just how to invest their money. And if you are just hearing about gold or silver IRA, it is not too late to get into this form of self-directed individual retirement account.

You will find in the short review below why many people choose the American Hartford Gold Group to open an IRA. But first, let me try and explain what a precious metals IRA is and why you should open one today. Here’s an overview:

Understanding a Gold or Silver IRA:

If you are familiar with the traditional or Roth IRA, you certainly know that it is a form of retirement account that makes it easy to save towards retirement. The precious metals IRA is not so much different but of opening the account with fiat currency, you use metals depending on your preferred choice.

This form of investment has become one of the most sought-after for investors looking to stake a claim in silver and gold assets. And what better way than to put away the metals in a retirement account that could appreciate when you retire or close your account.

Why Choose American Hartford Company for your Precious Metals IRA:

For the majority of newbies investors looking to invest in precious metals, the main challenge is finding a reputable firm that will keep their assets secure. And it is expected that you should worry when it comes to investing in your retirement. The American Hartford group is a professionally structured organization that is family-owned. It operates in two different locations in California USA, which makes it easy for residents to get in touch with them when it comes to making the right investments in metals. 

For a business that have helped thousands of family secure their retirement funds and are entirely committed to helping newbies navigate the waters of investing in metal assets, there is no doubt you will be making the right decision when you choose to invest with the American Hartford company.

Diverse Precious Metals Investment Available:

The company provides clients with diverse investment portfolio options for investing in precious metals. The bulk of the masses chooses to open gold or silver IRA which makes it easy to store precious metals in a retirement account for when they retire. They are also in the business of helping clients buy metal bars or coins and store them on their behalf.

They have a network of storage firms and depositories that will help with ensuring your precious metals is secure and available whenever you need them. This page has what you should know before opening a precious metals account.

IRA Rollover like No Other:

If you already have an existing traditional, Roth, or 401K account and will like to take some of the funds in it to open a precious metals account, the company can assist you with this without stress. All you need to do is get in speak with the reps and tell them you intend to roll over your IRA into one operated by the firm. Although, you will need to have an existing account that is recognized by the brand. In any situation, they can also assist with creating a new one if the previous one won’t work with them.

Buy Gold and Silver Coins and Bars with Ease:

Why Open a Gold or Silver IRA with American Hartford Goldgroup?

You can bet the American Hartford Gold group to be one of the safest to work with when it comes to purchasing gold and silver coins and bars. The good part is that you don’t have to bother about storage as they provide you with after-sales services such as storing your metals in a recognized IRS depository. You won’t be able to find the pricing information for the company’s assets on their website and that is because they don’t operate a firm pricing structure like other companies.

They follow the changes in the prices in the market and adjust theirs to provide investors with some of the best prices in the precious metals investment circles. You will have to contact a company representative to learn more about the current prices for gold and silver. This link https://www.investopedia.com/articles/basics/08/invest-in-gold.asp has suggestions for why now is the best time to buy gold and silver assets.

Top-Notch Customer Service:

The customer is always king and the team at American Hartford team is aware of this. You won’t experience delay waiting to get a response when you need to speak with a representative. With a 24/7 customer service desk available to answer all your queries, you are certain of getting in touch with them whenever you need to. There are also additional guides such as the metals charts that keep you in the loop of the latest in the precious metals market. This will help you know how your investment is performing.

Freebies for Newbie Investors:

If you choose to invest with the company today, they won’t be charging you any fees for storage depending on the size of your investment. You also stand the chance to receive up to $5000 in silver as a bonus for investing with the company.

Final Note:

An investment in valuable metals right now could be the best way to safeguard your financial future. And whether you choose to invest in gold or silver IRA or buy the coins and bars of your preferred metals, investing in a company like the American Hartford team will ensure that you don’t fret about the safety of your investment.

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