How to get OneCard Metal Credit Card for FREE?

OneScore is a credit information app that provides a detailed analysis of your credit score, credit history, your loans and EMI-s, and your overall profile. They have partnered with Experian for getting your necessary details. It lays them out to you in a noob-friendly way so that you can view all your credit-related listings in one place.

How to get OneCard Metal Credit Card with OneScore?

Recently, OneScore launched OneCard Rewards in India. It is a 100% full metal VISA credit card. That means it won’t bend or break so easily. And the good news is, it is providing the OneCard free of cost with no joining fees or annual fees. There are no hidden charges at all. It is a lifetime free credit card.

Check out the 30-second promo video about OneCard.

The OneCard is a VISA Rewards credit card that will give you up to 5x Rewards Points against your shopping or other transactions. This will compete directly with Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card, Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card, as well as PayTM First Citibank Credit Card.

The Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card is also a lifetime free credit card. It offers 5x rewards points only against Amazon India shopping, and only 1% for transactions outside Amazon and its merchants. The Flipkart Axis Bank and PayTM First Citibank Credit Cards also offer similar benefits against their respective e-com platforms, but they are annually charged at Rs500.

OneScore, on the other hand, is offering their lifetime free OneCard credit card with 5x Rewards Points. Although we don’t know many details as of yet, the fact that it won’t incur annual charges itself puts it above Flipkart and PayTM First Credit Cards.

So, if you want to earn some decent reward points against your online or offline transactions, or want to be a pro at credit card management, check out how you can grab OneCard.

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How to get OneCard?

First things first, it is available at Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore as of now. It will soon be available to other cities.

To get OneCard, you need first to register your account with OneScore. The download link is given below, works for both Android and iOS.

Download OneScore App

You will come across this page from where you can choose to download the app from Google Play or App Store.

How to get OneCard Metal Credit Card with OneScore?

Download and install the app.

How to get OneCard Metal Credit Card with OneScore?

Open the app; it will ask your name, email, and phone number for registration. Register there and verify your mobile number.

How to get OneCard Metal Credit Card with OneScore?How to get OneCard Metal Credit Card with OneScore?

Then you can find your credit score over there. It is a score calculated based on a pre-defined set of algorithms, that determines your credit repayment history, number, and type of credit accounts, to give you a score out of 900.

In the app dashboard, you will find all the details about your credit profile. It will show the following:

  • Payment History of your Credit Card Bills.
  • Available Credit Limit.
  • The number of Credit Accounts.
  • Credit Profile.
  • Age of your Credit Accounts.

You can click on each of them to view further details.

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Anyways coming to OneCard, you will find the OneCard banner just below your credit score on the OneScore Dashboard. If you don’t find it, don’t worry, it will take some time, but you will get it for sure. It is a gradual rollout.

How to get OneCard Metal Credit Card with OneScore?

Click Join #TeamMetal.

Another page will load with the details of OneCard. So far, we have only known about OneCard from this. It is a lifetime free metal card that will provide up to 5x rewards points. Click on Join Waitlist Now.

How to get OneCard Metal Credit Card with OneScore?

You will be assigned a waitlist number. The first 10000 people on the waitlist will automatically receive the OneCard, provided they qualify for credit card approval.

You will also get the card if you spin a wheel (given in the next page) and collect the four required elements: One, Name, VISA, and Metal. You will get 2 FREE Spins initially, using which you will receive two of the required items automatically.

For more spins, you need to invite your friends to try out OneCard. Once they join OneScore using your Referral Link, you will get one Free Spin. Free spins can provide you the required four items, and also put you up the waiting list. Remember, you will automatically qualify for the card if you are in top 10000 people in the waiting list. (That means, You don’t need to collect anything)

Else, collect the necessary four items, and you will qualify for the card.

Try OneCard Now

Those who worry about Credit Card hidden transactions and charges, OneCard is to the rescue. You can check all your purchases and pay the bills from the OneScore App itself. You will get a complete idea once the card launches publicly. It’s worth the wait.

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Last Words:

That’s all about OneScore and OneCard. Try it out and let me know how it goes for you. Well, if you are not currently earning anything, then I am sorry you won’t be eligible for OneCard at this time. Maybe, try again later. 🙂

If you have any further queries, please comment below. I will be happy to help. If you love reading our content, spread the word, please. It will help us grow a lot.

I will be back again with another exciting update. Keep reading HiTricks.

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