[EXPLAINED] Don’t Fall for the Flipkart SmartPack Scheme

Recently, Flipkart has launched a new scheme by the name of Flipkart SmartPack Scheme on 17th January 2021. They claim to provide a 100% Money-back guarantee on new Mobile device purchases from their platform,  along with some online services subscriptions by just paying a simple amount every month. This has gained a lot of attraction online and a lot of influencers are talking about it lately. Let’s dig into it and find whether you opt for this Flipkart SmartPack scheme or not.

In today’s post, I will be briefly going through the Flipkart Smartpack Scheme and analyze the fine print for you. This post is inspired by a youtube video by Ash from C4ETech, who ranted about it exposing its reality on 29th January 2021. The video is also attached below the post and I definitely recommend you to watch the video to understand it properly.

So, let’s get started. Here’s an overview:

What is Flipkart SmartPack Scheme?

Flipkart SmartPack Scheme is a new way to buy a Smartphone from Flipkart. When you purchase any new phone from Flipkart, it has a scheme of 100% money back. In the Flipkart Smartpack Scheme, you will get 100% money back after 18 months by returning your used smartphone.

Flipkart has introduced 3 SmartPacks on mobile phones, namely bronze, silver, and gold. The Bronze pack gives you 60% of the mobile’s cost, Silver gives you 80% cost, and Gold pack provides a 100% money-back guarantee, and all you have to return the mobile in working condition.

[EXPLAINED] Don’t Fall for the Flipkart SmartPack Scheme[EXPLAINED] Don’t Fall for the Flipkart SmartPack Scheme[EXPLAINED] Don’t Fall for the Flipkart SmartPack Scheme

Coming to the pricing, you need to pay your smartphone price amount upfront, and the respective smartpack fee that you are choosing. Afterward, you need to pay a monthly subscription for 12/18 months of tenure where you want to keep your device with you. You will also get some Online services subscription against that monthly pricing, which you normally pay for.

After 12/18 months, you can return the phone in working condition to Flipkart, and they will refund 100% of the smartphone buying price. The amount will get credited to your bank account directly, and not as any coupons or something else!

Furthermore, the device can be returned in ‘any’ working condition. This means the device only needs to turn on. That’s all. Even if you have dents or scratches, or your screen is broken, Flipkart will happily take it back.

Sounds Lucrative, right?

Well! Not so much! Read along to find out.

What You Will Get With Flipkart SmartPack Scheme?

Flipkart SmartPack provides some online services along with the pack such as Complete Mobile Protection, Disney+ Hotstar VIP, SonyLIV, Zee5 Premium, Eros Now, Voot Select, Voot Kids, Zomato Pro, Medlife Advantage, Practo Plus, DocsApp Gold, Gaana Plus, Tinder+, and more.

The word “more “does not provide additional information on the official website; it just a word. By paying the Flipkart SmartPack service fee, you will get all of these services for free for 18 months.

Before even justifying the overall Flipkart smartpack scheme, let’s just take into account the monthly rates we will be paying for.

Plan NameServices IncludedPrice
Bronze Plan

60% Money Back

Disney+ Hotstar VIP

SonyLIV Premium

Voot Select

Zee5 Premium

Zomato Pro

DocsApp Gold

Eros Now Premium

₹779 per month

for 18 months

= ₹14022

Silver Plan

80% Money Back

Everything on Bronze

(Except DocsApp Gold)


Flipkart Complete Mobile Protection

Gaana Plus

Practo Plus

Medlife Advantage

₹1019 per month

for 18 months

= ₹18342

Gold Plan

100% Money Back

Everything on Silver


DocsApp Gold

cure.fit Live

Voot Kids

₹1569 per month

for 18 months

= ₹28242

Now that you know the price you would pay in addition to your Smartpack price, do you seriously want all those bundled subscriptions every month?

I have a few observations to make:

  • If you are using a high data plan from your telecom service provider, or any postpaid plan, or any broadband plan, chances are you might already be using many of these bundled services with you.
  • If you are using Jio, you may have access to many premium content via their bouquet of apps already.
  • If you are individually paying them for an annual subscription, your costs will be much cheaper than what they are charging monthly.

However, I personally don’t find any of these services beneficial that much. Also, we do not use all of them every day. Just think, why would you need Practo and DocsApp premium at the same time?

How Flipkart SmartPack Works?

Let’s suppose that you purchased a mobile Samsung Galaxy f41 that costs around 16.5k money. Now select the SmartPack of your choice Bronze, Silver, or Gold. Bronze Pack cost 799/month and covers 60% of the mobile cost, Silver Pack Cost 1019/month and covers 80% of the mobile cost, and Gold Pack Cost 1569/month and covers 100% of the mobile cost plus you have to pay the pack money for 12/18 months.

Let’s do the maths:

Mobile price = 16,500 (Samsung Galaxy F41)

Gold Pack cost = Rs. 1569/month

Total Gold Pack Cost 1569 x 18 = Rs. 28242

Total money paid = 28,242 + 16,500 = 44742

This means you have to pay Rs. 44742 total for the Mobile and the online services and after one year when you return your Mobile to Flipkart and if you are lucky enough to get 100% Moneyback on your Mobile. But in the end, you are paying Rs. 28242 after 18 months. Now just think, do these Services worth Rs. 28,242 and you are happy with these services?

Here is the chart of the Online services stand-alone cost if you buy them directly from their store:

If we Calculate all of the online service cost of 18 months is Rs. 18,551 and Flipkart is charging us Rs, 28,242 as the Gold Smart Pack.

In simple terms 28,242 – 18,551 = Rs. 9691.

Flipkart Charging us Rs. 9691 extra as the taxes and most of the value of these pack is covered by cure.fit, Practo, and Docs app which is Rs. 9449 for 18 months, and these services are totally worthless to buy and you don’t need them at all. 

Some of you may think that you can buy a Samsung galaxy s20 and then you can return the Mobile after one year and get the full money back. Then let me tell you Flipkart Smartpack scheme is only available for mobiles under 17K and this offers is not applicable for Mobile over 17k.

Watch C4ETech Video on Flipkart Smartpack:

Still, confused about this Smartpack Scheme? Ash from C4ETech is here to explain to you in the form of a video. Check it out below.

Final Words:

In the end, I can say that the Flipkart SmartPack scheme is not worthy at all. You are paying extra money from your pocket for these worthless online services. Meanwhile, you can use that money to buy a new smartphone, and if you think these services are worth buying then do the math and think yourself. In my personal opinion, Flipkart SmartPack is a Ponzi scheme by Flipkart to trick customers into buying these branded services.

Be a smart consumer, and make your purchase decision wisely. It is your money that is getting invested. Do let me know in the comments below if you have further queries. I would love to answer all your doubts one by one.

And please share this post with your friends and make them aware so that they don’t fall for these cheap tactics. I will be back soon with another interesting update. Keep visiting HiTricks. Join our Telegram Channel for getting our latest updates.

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