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You all must have heard of influencers now and then. But who is an influencer really?

Instagram has become a social media giant since the day it was revealed to be another social networking website besides Facebook and Twitter. 

It is an application that gave several Instagrammers overnight success. Soon these famous public figures were known as “social media influencers”. To build a social reputation and to get new means of earning bread more conveniently, social media influencers try their best to promote a client’s product or business in the most engaging ways. 

Soon after social media’s advent, one of the many tech-related businesses that emerged was “influencer marketing”. As its name suggests “influencer marketing” is all about convincing the buyer or client to purchase your product via the persuasion of an influencer. 

Social media is a great source of influencing and even changing a person’s or a group’s perception about a certain product or a brand. With time, influencers have gained a lot of fame and respect in the marketing arena in general. This will not slow down any time soon since the world is going digital and people no longer depend on brand validity that our influencers in the market provide us with. 

An influencer’s life is busy and hectic as they strive to make a lucrative income which, over time, they become more polished in.

However, due to the highly aesthetic nature of both platforms, Instagram and YouTube have been the most popular sites for the influencer community. Aesthetic themes, filtered posts, color background short clips, and Instagram stories are all a part of influencer marketing. 

They have amassed a sizable fan base because of their extensive knowledge of a particular subject, whether it’s fashion, sports, music, art, or even comedy.

Let’s see how to find a social media influencer in minutes so you can get maximum brand awareness among the general public. Here’s an overview.

Select your target influencers:

You must be aware of your target demographics and audience to run your business in the best possible way. You should know the nature of your business well, as well as the type of influencers available in the market. For a business to thrive, you must need an appropriate influencer to give you a considerable reach of potential customers. 

For instance, if you want to endorse a technological brand, you simply cannot contact someone who is a fashion icon since the niche is totally different as compared to the tech field. However, if your field is promoting a beauty product or a skincare brand, then you can contemplate contacting a beauty influencer or even an actor if your budget allows you to. 

Pick influencers who have good public reach:

Picking influencers who have a good reach will lead to having many social media marketing benefits: your brand awareness is doubled and you reach more people (for instance with someone who has only 500 followers you would get only 500 potential followers and customers, whereas if you find an influencer with a following of 1000 people, then there is a chance of 1000 people being your brand’s future customers). 

You can also use Instagram hashtags for searching for appropriate influencers in your own niche. What you need to do is just search for your desired hashtag in the Instagram search bar and you will find hundreds of influencers according to what keyword you put. 

Use social media monitoring tools:

Using tools like Buzzsumo and Tweetreach can help you get more influencers according to your niche within no time. Type in your field or category in the search bar and find influencers. 

Use online tools:

Use the online tools to find more influencers for business. 

For instance,  Content Strategy Generator Tool (CSGT) is a website created by Daniel Butler. It is a tool to do some research on content available online. What you can do is search for your related content and type it in the search bar. In this way, you will get to know influencers from diverse platforms through this tool having different filter options. Select those influencers you think are best for your brand and research further. Also, you can see details from many forums, query sites, and other discussion groups using it.

Influence is another tool that helps find influencers based on the different types of content for various niches.

Identity Verification:

One of the crucial steps of finding an influencer within minutes is to avoid contacting fraudsters and scammers. These scammers are always looking for people with little to no digital security or precautions and will attack right away if you do not act cautiously. Moreover, in case your valuable information is leaked, it will be a great loss for you even before your business starts. 

You can use Nuwber to put their contact details in the search bar and see what comes up. Check whether the information provided by the influencer matches the one that turns up on the website. 

Freelancing websites can also help you find related influencers. 

Using websites like Upwork and Fiverr can assist you a lot in finding the best influencer for your business. 


Influencer marketing is one of the primary steps of selling your brand and marking its reputation. 

You must consider the possible niches for your brand awareness. Select your target audience and make sure you hire an influencer who has an adequate reach of the general public. 

However, one’s own social and digital security is also significant. If a random person texts you out of nowhere to have a collaborative post on Instagram but doesn’t have a solid background, you should restrict their access as much as possible.

Thanks for reading. If you still have more doubts, don’t hesitate to drop a comment below. I will be happy to help. Keep visiting HiTricks.

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