Facebook Beta: Website Features Coming to Android App

Facebook developers are busy in upgrading its app user interface and bringing more and more features from its website version to its android app. Recently Facebook pushed a beta upgrade on Google Play bringing in some of the useful Website only features to its Android App. It also made some notable changes in its user interface. Well, take a look at the sneak peaks that’s coming on Facebook App.

1. UI Changes:

Facebook Beta: Website Features Coming to Android App

First and Foremost I will talk about changes in User Interfaces. The first thing I noticed after getting the beta version of the app is the changes in user interface. The Facebook Feed now leaves some spaces from both the left and right corners and loads in the middle. Well, this thing may not reflect in the final release, as this does not do anything special rather than just keeping some space vacant and do nothing.

The next big change in the user interface is the notification panel. The whole notification panel now has News Feed icon, Friend Request Icon, Messages Icon, Notifications Icon and the Menu icon on the left side. From the middle half of the notification panel, it has the search box. To the extreme right of the notification panel is the Chats showing the currently online buddies if you click on it.

All of these were previously available, but now it became more compact at a single place.

2. Facebook Sidebar:

Facebook Beta: Website Features Coming to Android App

Facebook brought this cool sidebar feature for its users. Like the website sidebar, this sidebar also has some of the important features from its web version.

How to Access the sidebar?

Well, you know that in general our mobile devices have height bigger than the width, which is directly opposite to our computer devices. So, placing the sidebar on the web version is easily accessible. On the other hand, to access it on mobile version, you need to rotate your device from portrait mode to landscape mode to view the side bar. Sidebar gives enough spacing to the Facebook to load it conveniently.

3. Facebook Events on News Feed:

Facebook Beta: Website Features Coming to Android App

Yes, you heard it right. You can check your events list on the news feed sidebar. It will show the upcoming events list in coming days.

4. Trending News on Facebook:

Facebook Beta: Website Features Coming to Android App


Ah, Finally! Facebook has imported its trending section and added it to its android app. You can now know the latest trending hashtags on the go wherever you have your android device to carry. Click on each trending news to view the trending topic the same way it loads o its web version.

5. Better Birthdays:

Facebook Beta: Website Features Coming to Android App


Wishing your friend happy birthday is easier with the new card style birthday floating stickers! You won’t have to go through the menu and find current birthdays, because its easily accessible from the Facebook Sidebar.

These are only some of the great and awesome features, we have more amazing features coming on Facebook, just prepare yourself for getting the big update soon. Thanks for reading the article. Do share if you like it. Keep Visiting HiTricks!




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