How to Enable USB Debugging Feature on Android Smartphones?

USB Debugging is a way for an Android smartphone to communicate with a computer. It executes the Android Software Development Kit and enables you to use some of its advanced features and operations. It is commonly used to develop applications. This tool is mostly installed together with Android Studio, another software for app developers.

This article shows everything you need to know about USB Debugging. Here is the list of methods on how to enable USB Debugging on a locked smartphone and any version of the Android operating system.

Enabling the USB Debugging Feature on Different Android Versions

USB Debugging might be a little bit tricky on modern Android phones. It is because this tool is hidden from your device. However, it is not that hard either if you know how to access the right settings and menus properly. Below is the list of different versions of Android OS with step by step procedures on how to enable USB Debugging.

Android Versions Jelly Bean, KitKat, and Marshmallow:

Firstly, go to your Android phone’s Settings app. Then, scroll down to the bottom until you find ‘About Phone.’ Once you are in that section, look for the ‘Build Number’ and then tap it seven times. After that, an instant message will pop-up on the screen, indicating that you are now on Developer Mode.

The next step is to close the Settings app and run it again. Find the ‘Developer Options’ menu, which must be located in the bottom section. On the USB Debugging field, tap on the checkbox. A prompt message will show asking if you allow development settings, click ‘OK,’ then you are set and done.

Android Versions 4.0 and 4.1:

On your Android smartphone, run the Settings app. Look for ‘About Phone’ located at the bottom-most part. Under this section, you have to find the ‘Build Number’ of your device and tap for seven consecutive times. A quick message will then appear, notifying that you are only two steps away from becoming a developer.

Swipe back to the Settings main menu, a ‘Developer Options’ button must be there. Enable USB Debugging by tapping the checkbox on the field. Then, a prompt message will pop-up instantly, saying that you are now on Developer Mode.

Android Versions Cupcake to Gingerbread:

The first version of Android OS up to the Gingerbread has the easiest access to enabling the USB Debugging feature. You just have to run your smartphone’s Settings app. Find and click the ‘Applications’ menu. Once you are there, tap on the ‘Development’ section to find the USB Debugging field. Simply check the box to access Developer Mode.

How to Enable USB Debugging on a Locked Android Smartphone?

If your Android smartphone works appropriately, then it is very easy for you to enable USB Debugging. However, there are some locked phone cases because of a forgotten password, PIN, or pattern. Lucky for you, there are three ways in this list that will pretty much help you to fix your problem.

Use an Android Lock Screen Removal Application:

The very first way is to use ‘Dr. Fone – Screen Unlock,’ an Android lock screen removal application. You need to download the software first then install it on your laptop or desktop. After the installation process completes, connect your smartphone to the computer using a USB cable and then open the app.

You have a bunch of available options on the screen, but you only have to use the ‘Unlock’ feature. After clicking the button, begin the password removal process by tapping ‘Start.’ The next step is to select your phone’s right model by choosing the correct Device Name, Brand, and Model.

Tap ‘Next’ to proceed to the next step. A window will appear with a ‘Confirm’ button to make sure you have selected the correct model of your Android Device. Follow the subsequent procedures, then turn your phone off. Please turn it on again by pressing the volume down, home, and power buttons together. After that, use the volume up button to download the Recovery Package. Then, your phone will be screen locked-free.

Use Samsung’s ‘Find My Mobile’ Service:

If you do not want any hassle like downloading and installing a screen lock removal app, then try this method. Use the ‘Find My Mobile’ service, which is only applicable to Samsung users. Log in to your Samsung Account on your laptop’s internet browser. Then, click the ‘Lock My Screen’ button.

You have to input a brand new PIN then click the ‘Lock’ button. Your current PIN, fingerprint, password, or pattern will be modified in a few minutes. After that, you can easily access your smartphone using the new PIN and simply follow the steps above on how to enable USB Debugging.

Reset Your Smartphone to Factory Mode:

If the methods above do not work, resetting your Android smartphone to its Factory Mode is probably that last option available. First, you have to turn your device off. To enter Recovery Mode, tap and hold the volume, up, down, and power buttons simultaneously. Please note that some phones have different combinations, so check it out on the internet.

After that, your device will enter the Android bootloader. Choose the ‘Recovery Mode and press on ‘Enter.’ Press between the volumes up and down buttons to choose the ‘Factory Reset’ option on the screen. Next is, wait for the process to complete and choose the button ‘Reboot System Now.’ It will restore your device to factory mode and follow the procedures above to enable USB Debugging.

Last Words:

This guide is a massive help for you if you have any trouble enabling the USB Debugging feature on your Android device. It will even help you fix a locked smartphone with a forgotten password. Some of these methods are probably new to beginners, but it is not that complex if you just follow the steps given thoroughly. Enable USB Debugging on your Android phone right now and use it like a pro.

That’s all about How you can enable USB Debugging on your android device. I hope you enjoyed reading it. If you have any further queries, just drop me a comment below. I will be happy to help. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

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