Dreamhost vs Bluehost: The Battle for the Best Hosting Service Continues

Are you confused between Dreamhost vs Bluehost? Which one is better? Let’s compare them both neck to neck and find out their pros and cons! Bear with us.

A web hosting is typically the webspace you need to avail to host your contents online. It may be a shared server amongst many individuals, or it can be your private server, depending on your needs.

Web hosting is the first thing you need to host your website online. Whether you want to open a new blog or a business site, an e-commerce website, or an internet forum, or just about anything, web hosting is a must for all. You grab the cheapest .com domain, and you grab a web hosting, set up WordPress or any other software you need, and boom! Your website is ready to rock!

But well, buying a web hosting is not the hard part! Choosing one is.

You see, if you hit google, you will end up with tons of suggestions, and you will end up being more confused than ever! Do you need shared hosting? Do you need a Managed VPS or Unmanaged VPS?

You see, hosting a site will depend on the purpose of the website and its target audience. Your budget and traffic requirements must be well thought out and identified. After that, you can choose a hosting plan that suits your needs. But, you have to take note that there are no ideal website hosting services for everyone. You might find the right hosting provider today, but soon a better one will come along.

Dreamhost vs Bluehost:

If you do thorough research, you will find two names: Dreamhost vs Bluehost, floating around on the internet. They are both recommended by WordPress themselves. In today’s post, we are just going to put Dreamhost and Bluehost neck by neck, and tell you their features, pros, and cons!

This comparison between the most reliable website hosting companies, DreamHost or Bluehost, will help you decide which one is more suitable for you. Consider their detailed features, years of experience, pricing, pros, and cons. The review will help you realize the advantages of each one and help you decide between these two formidable companies.


DreamHost VPS Hosting

Dreamhost is one of the longest-running website hosting providers today. They became popular because of their hosting features, customer support, and affordability. 

What makes both of them stand apart, even more, is that they provide their users with better payment options every month rather than just an annual payment option. They don’t increase their pricing when there’s a need for hosting renewal, plus they offer a  97-day money-back guarantee to give you peace of mind.


  • They provide a 100 percent guaranteed uptime, which helps your business improve ranking and conversions.
  • Users have a lot of options to get into the team of professionals. 
  • They provide an SSL certificate, IP based restrictions for the control panel, and a more improved security to give users the protection they need for their account. 
  • They are a renowned website hosting company in the industry, with over 400,000 clients and hosts almost 1.5 million sites.
  • They have a variety of features to meet your website hosting preferences and requirements.
  • Creating a DreamHost account is free and easy. 


  • The admin server tools included in the shared hosting plan are custom coded, making it harder for some users to access the site.
  • It has a confusing customized control panel, which makes other users hard to understand, especially those who haven’t used Cpanel before.


  • Dreamhost has three tiers of web hosting: Shared, DreamPress, & VPS.
  • Shared Hosting has two plans: Shared Starter & Shared Unlimited. Shared Starter is $2.59 per month that supports one website, and Shared Unlimited is $4.95 with support for unlimited sites. Note that these are 3-year lock-in plans, the monthly and yearly plans cost more.
  • DreamPress is their Managed WordPress Hosting starting 10$ per month for up to 100k monthly visitors. DreamPress Plus and DreamPress Pro start at $20 and $80 per month, with support for higher traffic above 300k and 1M+ per month, respectively. The latter two also support their premium CDN.
  • Their VPS service has four plans: VPS Basic, VPS Business, VPS Professional, and VPS Enterprise. The plans start at 10$ per month and go all the way up to 80$. They vary on the server space, RAM, and other configurations.



Bluehost Web Hosting Logo png

Bluehost is a well-known hosting provider, and you will find them everywhere across the internet. Endurance Corporation owns the brand, and that has placed Bluehost in a good position as one of the popular hosting providers today, especially for beginners. It’s a no-hassle hosting provider for many businesses today.


  • It’s not expensive for the first term. It might provide higher rates on renewals, but it will be worth it. 
  • They have reliable uptime, and it seems so right for users. 
  • It has a generous storage option.
  • Bluehost doesn’t limit the traffic and conversion your website can get.


  • Bluehost provides continuous upsells and can get very annoying for users.
  • Bluehost’s speed is not always great. Some even rated it as the slowest provider because it didn’t meet their needs. Well, it purely depends on your requirement.
  • Website migration is not free. It will cost you about $150 for five website migrations.


  • Similar to Dreamhost, Bluehost also has three tiers of hosting: Shared, VPS, and Dedicated.
  • The Bluehost shared plans are of 4 types: Basic, Plus, Choice Plus, and Pro. The pricing starts from $3.95 per month for a single website and goes all the way up to $13.95 per month.
  • Their VPS plans are of 3 types: Standard, Enhanced, and Ultimate. The Standard plan costs at $20, Enhanced plan costs at $30, and the Ultimate plan costs at $60 per month. They differ in the RAM, Bandwidth, Storage, and the number of cores.
  • Their Dedicated plans are also of 3 types: Standard, Enhanced, and Premium. Yes, they sound similar to VPS plans, so be alert. The Standard plan costs $80, Enhanced plan costs $100, and the Premium plan costs $120.


Well, if you are going up for the Dedicated plans, I assume your business is super huge. So, Before you jump into these, I recommend you consult with Bluehost chat support regarding your exact requirements, and they will be able to guide you better into the best plan for your need.

Last Words:

I guess you were able to find out the main differences between DreamHost vs BlueHost. These companies have been in the industry for many years, and they have already built a solid reputation. Also, since they are both well-established, you don’t need to worry about them disappearing all of a sudden. Both are known for providing feature-rich and affordable hosting solutions. 

No matter what system you need to set up, these hosting sites can accommodate you.

But well, you should remember that both these websites are big fishes of the web hosting industry and targeted at big publishers. If you are just starting with your first blog, or you do not have the budget, then don’t worry, I got your back.

We have exceptional web hosts in the budget segment, too, such as Hostomy and Vapourhost. Both of them are in budget, and I have reviewed both of them myself. HiTricks is hosted on Vapourhost since 2017.

That’s all for now. Let me know in the comments below which one you liked! Also, if you have further queries, just drop them below. I will be happy to help. Thank You for reading. Keep following HiTricks for more Blogging and SEO Tips!

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