Best AudioJungle Alternatives: Download Royalty-Free Music

Want Free Background Music for your Slideshows, Podcasts, or Video Presentation? You don’t necessarily spend bucks and buy music from AudioJungle. We are here to help you out with some free resources out there. Today’s post is all about getting high-quality royalty-free music without spending a penny!

Your perfect multimedia project needs perfect background audio to take off! Well, getting Free Background Music for your projects isn’t as hard now as it was in previous years. We have a good collection of royalty-free audios that you can use so that your video stands out on its own.

Okay, so where you can use this music?

  1. Your original video productions.
  2. Your slideshow presentations.
  3. Your podcasts.
  4. Your theatrical plays. There are dedicated sounds of specific objects (like bus, door-bell, airplane, etc) for plays.

Those who missed my earlier posts, let me remind you, previously I wrote posts on the best Royalty-Free Photography and Royalty-Free Stock Videos that you can use for your projects for free. Check them out if you are interested.

This is the third part of the series where I shall discuss the best royalty-free music sources on the internet. I did thorough internet research for you guys and carefully scrapped out the best ones for you. Shall we begin?

Here’s an overview.

YouTube Audio Music Library:

Best AudioJungle Alternatives: Download Royalty-Free Music

YouTube Audio Music Library is probably the first place you should look for instant royalty-free audio music for your videos. It has a vast collection of royalty-free audios. You can sort and filter music by your mood, genre, and even duration. You can choose from 14 genres including Rock, Hip Hop, Classical, Folk, Jazz, Electronic, and more. I find the mood and duration settings most useful. You can pre-select a mood and then choose music that almost fine-tunes with your video duration. You can use the music in your projects outside of YouTube as well. Lastly, you can use the music without needing attributions. That is, you do not need to mention the source.

YouTube Audio Music Library

Pixabay Music:

Best AudioJungle Alternatives: Download Royalty-Free Music

Pixabay is already popular for its vast royalty-free images library. But did you know that they also have a huge collection for royalty-free audios as well? If you are looking for sounds related to actions and movements such as running, chasing, floating, sneaking, changing the tempo, etc, you will be pleased. Similar to YouTube Music, they also allow you to filter your music by genre and mood and offers more filters than YouTube Music. However, you cannot search for audio files by duration. Unless you click on play to the individual audio files, you won’t know the duration. it can be a bit of a hassle if you need music for a long video, and want to filter out short audios at once. You won’t be able to do that. Anyways, you can use all the audios for both commercial and non-commercial purposes without needing to give attributions.

Pixabay Music


Videvo Music: Best AudioJungle Alternative

Videvo is well-known for their stock footage library, especially given their vast selection of free clips, but their library features a few other creative assets too, including royalty free music and sound effects. As with their other assets, a great amount of audio clips are offered for free, with no download limits or sign-up requirements. All audio clips have a royalty-free license, which makes them safe to use across your projects. The libraries are organized by mood, genre, and instruments, and a few other filters are offered including BPM and Duration. The Premium plans under which the selection is vastly expanded are also offered at very interesting price points.


Best AudioJungle Alternatives: Download Royalty-Free Music

Taketones grabbed my attention for two reasons: Firstly, they are not collecting music from other places, all their music is original and created by their own team of music enthusiasts. They are also actively growing their team with new artists joining the platform. Secondly, apart from genres and moods filter, it also allows you to filter by your usage type. Meaning, you can choose music for specific occasions like travel, vlogs, wedding, educational, documentaries, advertising, and more. The licensing is a bit different: While you can download all music for free but you can only use up to 10 music per month for your personal projects, presentations, and non-monetized youtube videos. However, you need to give proper attributions for any kind of non-commercial usage too.



Best AudioJungle Alternatives: Download Royalty-Free Music

Bensound provides royalty-free stock music for your YouTube and other multimedia project needs. There are a few popular genres available with limited filters. They are mainly aimed at YouTubers who want to monetize their videos. But you can also use their audios for your non-commercial usage outside of YouTube. All the audio files on the website are available for free downloading, however, giving proper attributions is a must. One important thing, which I found while going through their licensing details, is that you cannot use these tracks for audio podcasts or audiobooks. Not even by giving proper credits. You should keep this in mind.


MixKit Stock Music:

Best AudioJungle Alternatives: Download Royalty-Free Music

MixKit platform is created by the Envato Elements team themselves, which is one of the most popular digital marketplaces that sell photos, videos, audios, graphic designs, themes, and plugin files. MixKit got a refreshing UI and pleasing aesthetic that will make you stay and explore the site. They started with royalty-free stock videos, but soon expanded their portfolio with audio tracks as well. Apart from ‘genre’ and ‘mood’, they have a ‘filter by tag’ section as well, which has a lot (really a lot) of useful filters that will help you narrow down your choices. Coming to the licensing, you can use all the audios for both personal as well as professional usage, without needing to give any attributions.

MixKit Stock Music


Best AudioJungle Alternatives: Download Royalty-Free Music

Free Music Archive hosts a bunch of audio tracks that you can use for personal as well as professional usage. You can filter through a lot of genres, and additionally, it also provides a list of the popular charts of that week, that month, and all-time. A word of caution though, the licensing terms differs from track to track. Some tracks are allowed for both commercial and non-commercial purposes, while some are only for personal usages. Some tracks need proper attributions, while some don’t. Unfortunately, there is no way to filter tracks by the type of license it provides and you need to manually check the license against each track, which is given on the track page itself. Good luck.



Best AudioJungle Alternatives: Download Royalty-Free Music

The first time I visited the Purple Planet website I was quite surprised. It looked like that I visited some Astrology websites due to the planets and the galaxy background. But well, it is a great source for royalty-free music that you can use on YouTube videos, Facebook videos, vlogs, educational videos, and more. The unique thing about this website is that the tracks are arranged according to different themes and moods, and not by genres, which helps to easily narrow down the type of music you are trying to find. All the tracks hosted on the website are free to download and use if you give proper attributions. Check it out.



Best AudioJungle Alternatives: Download Royalty-Free Music

ZapSplat hosts over 70k+ music tracks and sound effects for using on your multimedia projects. I liked the effects category. It is an asset for those dealing with street dramas or audio dramas. Police emergency announcements, office sounds, nature sounds, vehicular sounds, public places noise, sports, warfare, science and technology, horror sounds, fantasy sounds, explosions, animals, cartoons —– Just name it and you will find it. All audio tracks hosted on ZapSplat are free to download and use on your personal and commercial projects if you give proper attributions.


Incompetech FilmMusic:

Best AudioJungle Alternatives: Download Royalty-Free Music

Incompetech FilmMusic has got a fairly large amount of audio tracks hosted on the website. They are one of my favorite websites as it gives you all the controls to narrow down your search to the desired tracks you need for your project. The filter by length control is back, allowing you to get music that fits your video track appropriately. Another interesting feature is the filter by key feature, which enables you to sort tracks according to the note (C Sharp, D Minor, etc.) All audio tracks uploaded here are guided by a Creatives Commons license, so you are free to use it for both personal as well as professional uses, by giving proper attributions.

Incompetech FilmMusic

Silverman Sound Studios:

Best AudioJungle Alternatives: Download Royalty-Free Music

Silverman Sound Studios has a neat collection of music tracks that you might want to use, just in case the above websites do not fit your needs, or you want more options to explore. You get to filter tracks with some genres and moods grouped. Just toggle them to fine-tune your search results. The audio tracks are licensed under the Creative Commons 4.0 attributions approved for cultural works, which means if you give attributions, you can also use these tracks for commercial usage. They also offer an option to download all their tracks at once in one click, if you decide to go via paid route.

Silverman Sound Studios

Icons8 Music:

Best AudioJungle Alternatives: Download Royalty-Free Music

Icons8 will be my final suggestion for this listing. But do not think it is lesser in quality by any means. It contains an exhaustive collection of ambient sounds that you won’t find in any of the above websites. They are a team of 40 original creators who produce music and list their tracks on the website. Apart from a search by theme filter, you also get a genre and mood filter to find the perfect music for your project. Regarding licensing, as long as you give credits, you are free to use their audio tracks. Do check them out.

Icons8 Music

Last Words:

Well, I have listed 10 good sources from where you can easily obtain high-quality royalty-free music for free. You should take some time in selecting the right track. Adding the right mood or music can directly impact how your audience perceives your video or audio project. If you are into podcasts, suitable background music will add a personal touch to your tracks.

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