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With the Pixel series, Google boomed the smartphone market in the camera-centric zone. They are all set to reveal the next-generation mid-range Pixel smartphone, the Pixel 4a, in 2020.

A few rumours suggest that the launch event can transpire in mid-June. However, we already know a lot about the phone from various leaked images and information. This includes hardware specification, camera quality, estimated price, etc. Now, a majority of the Pixel 4a Wallpapers have been leaked as well.

In today’s post, I am going to discuss the Leaked Pixel 4A Specs, followed by the leaked Wallpapers of the same. Here’s an overview of the post.

Pixel 4a Leaked Specifications:

The latest leaks suggest that Pixel 4a is backed up by the powerful Snapdragon 730 chipset. The phone is made in two major variants viz., 64GB and 128GB with 6GB RAM in both. This hardware is packed in a plastic body with a punch-hole for selfie camera in the top-left corner.

The display has a pixel resolution of 2340×1080 pixels with a 5.81 inches OLED screen. The back panel has a fingerprint sensor, good to know. Pixel hasn’t ditched it yet. The rear camera is a 12.2 MP single camera setup with a LED flash. The sensor features auto-focus with OIS and EIS.

The battery packed with the hardware is a 3080 mAh Li-ion battery with 18W charging capacity. However, Pixel hasn’t provided the wireless charging feature due to plastic back. The device will be available in two colours viz., Barely Blue and Just Black.

Well, now that we’ve discussed the device enough, let’s dive right into the wallpapers of Pixel 4a.

The History of Google Wallpapers:

With every smartphone that Google has launched under Pixel series, we’ve seen a completely new set of wallpapers. The upcoming Pixel 4a is no exception. The leaked wallpapers clearly state that Google has worked a lot with this smartphone in terms of software and interface. 

These wallpapers are specifically designed for the punch-hole display design of Pixel 4a. As a user, you will see that the wallpapers come out to be at their best with the phone. Hence, we think Google designed these wallpapers on purpose to make sure that you get used to a punch-hole display. However, I’m still in a little doubt if some of them are going to fit perfectly with the display. Well, let’s just wait and see!

Pixel 4a Leaked Wallpapers:

The Pixel 4a leaked wallpapers were initially obtained from a pre-release set of Pixel 4a. A Tech YouTuber, TechnoLike Plus acquired them. This YouTube channel is run by Julio Lusson, who is based in Cuba. 

As always, Google tried to behave uniquely with minimally designed and unusually put wallpapers. This set of wallpapers include a total of 16 unique and exciting wallpapers. Each of them is going to amaze you. My personal favourite is the one with a red guitar on it.

Download Pixel 4a Leaked WallpapersDownload Pixel 4a Leaked Wallpapers

Although the live wallpapers have not been obtained yet, these look promising. We are not sure if there are going to be any live wallpapers. However, we wish Google provides Live Wallpapers as appealing as the static ones. Are you expecting Live Wallpapers from Google Pixel 4a?

In case, you’re interested in Live Wallpapers, try out the fantastic Live Wallpapers from Pixel 3.

Download Pixel 4a Leaked Wallpapers:

The wallpapers that we’ve uploaded on the website for wallpaper demonstration. Therefore, we request all the wallpapers from the link below. This download link redirects you to Mega for downloading the wallpapers. Julio has provided it on his YouTube channel.

Download Pixel 4a Leaked Wallpapers

Last Words:

Google has never failed to amaze us with their minimally fantastic design sense. No matter if it is either an app interface or a wallpaper, they’ve got it all covered. Similarly, the Pixel devices have always amazed us with their astonishing of the wallpapers. What kind of wallpapers from Google have you loved the most, the regular ones of the Live Wallpapers?

I prefer using static wallpapers to save up the juice for the whole day. Which of the above mentioned Pixel 4a wallpaper did you like the most? Do let us know in the comment section below. Also if you have further queries let me know. I will try my best to help out.

Thank You for reading. Do share this post with your wallpaper buddies. Use the social share buttons below. I will be back soon. For more breathtaking content, keep following HiTricks!

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