DoYourData Super Eraser Review: Just Awesome

Storage devices are an integral part of our life and extensively helps us to keep our data safe and available. But these storage devices can bring risks for you also, wanna know how?

If you ever want to dump, sell, lend or give away any kind of storage device, what you normally do is simply format it. But formatting data doesn’t erase it permanently, they can be still recovered by recovery tools easily. And that’s how your data can falls pray into the wrong hands.

So, to overcome it we should always wipe(erase) data permanently so it can’t be recovered later on. That’s what DoYourData Super Eraser helps you with.

We recently reviewed the DoYourData Recovery tool also don’t miss checking it out. Today we will be reviewing the DoYourData Super Eraser software in detail and let you know about all the features and how good it is. Here’s an overview of today’s post.

About DoYourData Super Eraser:

DoYourData Super Eraser is a powerful & easy use DIY tool that helps you permanently erase/wipe data from any of your storage devices. 

It does all these safely with certified data erasure technologies. Not only that all the operations performed by the tool are secure and do not affect the service life of your device. 

The tool can erase all different types of data(Photo, Audio, Video, etc) from any kind of working or inaccessible device. Once you wipe your data using the tool, data can’t be recovered in any way. 

This review of the DoYourData Super Eraser windows version had been carried out on our test machine having Intel 1st gen i3 processor, 6 GB RAM, Windows 10 OS, 120GB SSD Boot Drive, 320 GB Internal HDD, External 32GB SD card at the time of testing (10th -12th June 2021).

Let’s erase it further.

DoYourData Super Eraser Features:

DoYourData Super Eraser offers you some useful features which greatly help your erasing needs. Let’s look at them:

  • Erase Files/Folders: The tool allows you to choose selected folders as well as files that you want to wipe forever. This is very handy when you don’t want to wipe your entire storage media.
  • Wipe Hard Drive: Super Eraser wipe hard drive Well if you want to start fresh, reconfigure or sell your storage media, this feature helps you permanently erase entire storage device/partitions without leaving any trace behind.
  • Wipe Free Space: Super Eraser wipe free spaceIf you don’t want to wipe entire storage media but want to erase deleted data or free space on it, this feature will be a big savior for you.
  • Erasure History: Super Eraser erasure history Whatever you erase tool keep an entire record of it which you can export further.
  • Internet cleaner: Well if your heavy browsing had loaded your browser with lots of data then this feature will help you with cleaning them.
  • Uninstaller: It allows you to uninstall the software with the option to deep clean leftovers like cache, log, etc.
  • Data Erasure Standards:  Super Eraser Data Erasure StandarsThe tool uses government & military level data erasure methods like HMG Infosec Standard 5, U.S. Army AR380-19, DoD 5220.22-M ECE, Peter Gutmann’s algorithm, etc, which overwrite data with empty data blocks in multiple rounds so data can’t be recovered with any method.

Let’s use them further.

How to use DoYourData Super Eraser?

Super Eraser Install  Super Eraser Install1

Installing DoYourData Eraser is an easy peasy task for any novice and can be done in a minute.

Super Eraser Dashboard

Once you launch the tool, first you will notice the delightfully dark, sleek, minimal, and modern interface with big attractive icons.

Let’s quickly learn about using it:

Step-1: Choose the operation/action you want to take from available features. 

Here we want to get rid of some selected data forever, so we choose Erase File/Folders option.

Step-2: Once you’re done choosing it, in the next step select the destination file/folder/drive that you want to wipe.

Super Eraser erase folder

Be careful here with selecting and do it with the presence of mind.

Step-3: Once data is selected, click the wipe now button on the bottom right corner.

Super Eraser erase folder notice

As you click the tool will take one final confirmation to proceed further.

Super Eraser erase folder process

Let Super Eraser safely wipe your data, it will take few minutes depends upon the size of data. For us wiping 1 GB of data took fairly 1-2 minutes.

Super Eraser erase folder process success

Depends upon your need, you also can select different erasure standard algorithms from settings on the top right corner.

DoYourData Super Eraser Performance:

DoYourData Super Eraser is a lightweight tool, it consumes very little disk space and system resources to operate.

In our test case, we had tested all the features of the tools. Be it wiping selected files/folders, wiping the entire drive & free disk space, and wiping external media, all data wiped safely without any errors. 

Thanks to the reliability of the tool, wiped data was not recoverable with popular tools like Easeus & Recuva.

It also comes with some handy additional mini tools, out which we found Uninstaller very helpful and all of them work fine.

Still, we feel some additional storage media fixing features can be further added.

DoYourData Super Eraser Compatibility and Pricing:

The tool is available for Windows as well as Mac OS. It comes with a trial version also which lets you do 10 erase operations.

Apart from that, the tool comes with 2 main variants: Single user license and an Unlimited PC/Business license. 

License cost for single user – 1 year: $19 and Lifetime: $39. It’s worth noting here, Windows & Mac OS licenses are offered at the same cost.

The tool does the job efficiently, we recommend you should give it a try: Free Trial Buy for Windows | Buy for Mac.

Final Verdict:

8.8Expert Score
DoYourData Super Eraser: Just Awesome

DoYourData Super Eraser securely and reliably erases your data. It uses an industry-standard erasure algorithm so, no trail of data left behind. It is simple and easy to use in a DIY way and super eraser.

Platform Compatibility & Installation
User Interface
Features & Functionality
  • Simple, Easy to use
  • Reliable Performance
  • Good User-Interface
  • Personal License is on the costlier side compared to the features

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