Creo Mark 1 Specs & Features Review: Why it is NOT good to buy?

2016 is the era of pushing the limits of how much a Smartphone can perform and deliver. As you already know, the Creo Mark One is launched today.

With a tagline: A New Smartphone Every Month, can it live up to our expectations?

Here’s Everything you need to know about Creo Mark One: An Indian Startup Smartphone that offers Software Updates Every Month that packs new features inside.

In this post, I am going to tell you about the specs, the unique features, what’s missing, and my verdict on this device entirely based on what Creo announced today regarding the Mark 1.

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Creo Mark One Full Specifications:

So, Let’s look at the Specs for Creo Mark 1.
Screen Size: 5.5″ (Standard)
Weight: 190 gm (Neither lightweight nor bulky)
Screen Resolution: 1440 x 2560 px
Screen PPI: 534
Protection: Corning Gorilla Glass 3.0
Processor: Mediatek Helio X10
CPU: 8 x A53 (Octa Core) 1.95 Ghz.
Memory: 3GB LPDDR3 RAM.
Camera: 21MP Rear Sony Camera + 8MP front Camera.
Battery: 3100 mah with fast charge support. (Though they didn’t specify how fast the charge is gonna be!)
Internal Memory: 32GB, expandable upto 128GB.

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What’s Special?

Well, the Software Part is where Creo Mark 1 Beats the rest Android devices, with some logical innovations needed from ages!

Creo Mark 1 runs on Fuel OS, the good thing about it is it will receive monthly updates that will include newer stuffs.

The first in the line is: Echo.

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It is an auto call receiver when you are busy. You can record your pre set message, and it will respond on behalf of you. The caller can leave a voice note right there, and you can check it back at your convenient time. The good thing is this won’t cost your cellular call charges, and this is free for every Indian cellular network!
I should say, that, I am quite surprised and eagerly would want to know how do they do it for free? It’s like taking a real call from anyone.

Okay, let’s move to the next in the line, Retriever.

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It’s simple, if your phone gets lost, you can trace it back as soon as a new sim is inserted into it. What’s special? It tells you the location, time and the phone number of the new sim via email. And this works WITHOUT The INTERNET. I am again shocked how are they doing it? Appreciate this!

The next good feature is a clutter free sms Inbox.


For the first time, it filters the sms from real persons and businesses separately. One extra advantage is that it auto copies the OTP’s you receive so that you can paste it quickly. Don’t worry. It won’t hijack your account with the OTP. It never stores it. I liked this one too.

The list doesn’t end here! The next good thing is Sense.

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It is nothing but a quick navigation search bar. You can type anything, and it will show your desired results. If you need to call someone, type their name it will display your latest calls and messages with that person. If you need to book a cab, type cab, it will show related apps to try. This function is, though useful, not much of good as it seems to be hyped somehow. Well, something is better than nothing. Let’s move on!

The rest of the features available are Blocking App Notifications, Blocking Apps that use background data, setting up Smart Gestures, Smart Call Forwarding etc.

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Creo Mark 1 Specs & Features Review: Why it is NOT good to buy?

Overall the software improvements are truly appreciable and an ideal smartphone should not miss these ones.

Among other notable features, the 21 Megapixel Rear Camera and 8 Megapixel Front Camera is worth mentioning. Helio X10 is specially equipped to take full HD slow motion videos, this device is the first one to support it. It will simply change the way you shoot videos, and enable you to enjoy slow motions!

Check out a sample video shot with Creo Mark 1. While the details of the camera can only be said after a review unit has been tested, this will help you understand how good it can shoot.

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Coming to the Price and the Sales Date: The cost is Rs19,999 and the sales are expected to begin soon. It will be available on Flipkart as well as the Creosense Website.

Engrave your Words:

Creo Mark 1 Specs & Features Review: Why it is NOT good to buy?

Buying from Creosense Website gives you an option to engrave something you want to say within 40 characters into the side panel of the smartphone. This is not available for Flipkart Buyers.

Here’s an offer for the early birds: The first 2000 buyers can engrave their choice of 40 characters on the side of the smartphone for free.

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Creo Service Centres:

Creo Mark 1 Specs & Features Review: Why it is NOT good to buy?

A good phone should come with good repair centres near you. Well, it seems the road is clear. It has partnered with HCL to provide 106 service centres in 96 cities as of now with Pick and drop available in 15 cities. In future, there will be more than 300 service centres! More options, that’s good.

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Creo Mark One Major Flaws and Verdict: YES OR NO

Considering the features, is it a good phone to try out?

Unfortunately, I will say a NO to it. Or at least, its not the time to opt for it. Maybe the next device will be better!

The reason is the Hardware. While Creo did a lot of Hard Work as a Startup in developing the Software Aspects, it completely overlooked the hardware.

Mediatek Sucks!

Creo runs on MediaTek, but it should have opted for Snapdragon, as the latter proved to be a better performer than the former. Helio is best for slow motions, which Creo boosts, but in terms of performance, Snapdragon is preferable. And Indians love to enjoy Snapdragon. Especially when I am shedding out 20k, I would like to see a Snapdragon instead of a Mediatek! Well, let’s move on and see the other drawbacks.

3GB Ram: Is that how you make new phone every month?

Regarding the processor, it has 3GB LPDDR3 RAM, where there was room for improvement. Maybe 4GB DDR4 RAM would make it special?

But again, Why am I saying this? 3GB is just cool and all phones in that range have 3GB RAM. The reason is that the specs doesn’t make Creo Mark 1 Special among the rest. It simply doesn’t give me a reason to pick it up at that price.

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Overhyped Advertisements:

Truly speaking, when I saw the ads of Creo Mark One, I expected the RAM and the Processors to be more than what we see in other devices, as it’s a phone made new every month with updates, it should have some strong background, which, unfortunately, I miss here.

Protections not updated:

The protection is with Gorilla Glass 3.0, whereas now Gorilla Glass 4.0 is launched which could have been used in this.

Fast Charging not specified in details:

Regarding the Fast Charging, the cable is NOT type C, its a standard USB 2.0 Cable. They also didn’t mention how fast it would charge. Perhaps we need to wait for the review units for that.

The camera needs to be tested before any review can be given. After all, megapixels aren’t the only thing that matters now. Let’s wait for the day.

No Fingerprint Sensor, Seriously? (No IR Blaster too)

One last thing every new phone is boasting is the Fingerprint Sensor and the IR Blaster, both of which are missing from this device. The former has a special attraction among users, so many will be disappointed.

Considering everything, Creo Mark One won’t be the phone I will choose because of the hardware specs. A 20k Phone demands something more! But if I am allowed to use the Fuel Rom, I would simply like to install that Rom on a different device and enjoy my day.

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Last Words:

Thanks for reading our post on the Creo Mark One First Impressions Review. Note that this review is based on a theoretical basis, by just looking at the specs. When the actual device arrives, maybe it has better expectations than this.

Anyways, I will be waiting to see it.

If you have enjoyed reading the post, do share it and let your friends know about this device. If anyone is planning to buy it, share this post with him and ask his opinion.

I will be back soon with more useful posts. Meanwhile, I will be waiting for your comments. Do write how you liked the device. Want to know your opinion too.

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