GUIDE: Track your Mutual Fund Portfolio with CRED Track

The Credit Card Bill Payment aggregator Cred App has just made itself the best Mutual Funds Portfolio Tracking App with the launch of its Cred Track Programme. I got a Whatsapp notification from Cred that I got early access invite to Cred Mutual Funds Track on 15th June 2021. I immediately applied for the same. And I am writing this article with my entire experience about Cred Track, and how you can use Cred Track to track your Mutual Fund Investments easily.

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Disclaimer: This article contains screenshots that are directly taken from my personal Mutual Funds Portfolio. I have used them as a reference and I am in no way recommending those mutual funds at all. Kindly don’t use these as suggestions/recommendations.

Here’s an overview.

Getting Early Access to Cred Mutual Funds Track:

I am a Cred user for the past two years. I am regularly paying all my credit card bills with cred. I love to use it every. month due to the easy and hassle-free credit card management. It also sends me reminders on my Whatsapp about pending credit card bills so you won’t miss any bills ever.

Although it is not mandatory, the real use case for Cred only comes into play if you give it access to read your Emails. It automatically fetches your credit card bills from your email and allows you to pay for the same. While I was comfortable with it, a lot of people in our Finance Community Fintalks advises against it due to privacy concerns.

Anyways, I also got access to Cred Cash, their mobile credit loan approval with a limit of 5 Lakhs, although I had never used it till now.

On 15th June at around 4.20 pm, I got a Whatsapp Notification from CRED that I had gained exclusive access to Cred Mutual Funds Track, their mutual funds tracking solution.

GUIDE: Track your Mutual Fund Portfolio with CRED Track

I think this will come automatically to everyone. Do watch out for notifications from Cred, and make sure you keep the app updated to the latest version.

Anyways, I applied for it, and it asked for my permission to read and access my emails to fetch data from CAMS Consolidated Account Statement + KFintech. Again, a word of caution for those considering this to be a privacy breach, Do not proceed ahead if you don’t want to give Cred access to read your emails.

GUIDE: Track your Mutual Fund Portfolio with CRED Track

I was okay with this so I clicked ‘Get Early Access.’ Once you click that, you will find this screen that will ask you to wait for up to 24 hours to update the status of your application. What it does is, automatically requests your Consolidated Account Statement from CAMS to your email. This happens in the background, you do not need to do a thing at all.

GUIDE: Track your Mutual Fund Portfolio with CRED Track

But you don’t need to wait for 24 hours. It took me a few minutes to get an email from CAMS Mailback Server. This email will contain a PDF attachment having all details of your mutual fund portfolio till date. The attachment is password protected. You need to enter your PAN Card No (in CAPS) to open the PDF.

GUIDE: Track your Mutual Fund Portfolio with CRED Track

However, you can ignore this email altogether. Cred will do its job in the background, and fetch all your Mutual Funds investment data from the document. You will get a notification that your early access to the mutual funds track is unlocked inside Cred App.

GUIDE: Track your Mutual Fund Portfolio with CRED Track

CRED Mutual Funds Track Features & Walkthrough:

You will find the CRED Mutual Funds section in the Money Tab, side-by-side with Bank Accounts, Cred Cash, and Credit Score sections.

It contains the following information:

  • Portfolio Summary with the Invested Value, Overall Returns, and the Current Investment Value with a Graph indicating your returns over time. It also shows the daily returns on your portfolio as of today.GUIDE: Track your Mutual Fund Portfolio with CRED Track
  • If you click on the ‘View Details’ section, it will break down your portfolio into interesting sections.
  • You can find your portfolio performance over the last 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year.
  • It will also compare your portfolio with the Nifty Index and tell you whether your overall portfolio beats Nifty 50 returns, and by how much.GUIDE: Track your Mutual Fund Portfolio with CRED Track
  • Below that, it will show all your mutual investments: The name of the fund, invested value, returns, and %change.GUIDE: Track your Mutual Fund Portfolio with CRED Track
  • You can click on each Mutual Fund to see its details: The invested amount, returns, %change.GUIDE: Track your Mutual Fund Portfolio with CRED Track
  • You can view the fund details like its historical returns graph over 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, annual fees, exit load.GUIDE: Track your Mutual Fund Portfolio with CRED Track
  • You will also find the Fund manager details like since when they are managing this fund, total volume of funds managed by that person, fund rating, investment allocations, and more.GUIDE: Track your Mutual Fund Portfolio with CRED Track
  • You can expand the list to view all the companies included in that particular fund.GUIDE: Track your Mutual Fund Portfolio with CRED Track
  • You will also get easy explanations for all the Mutual Fund terms such as annual fees, exit load, NAV, etc.GUIDE: Track your Mutual Fund Portfolio with CRED Track

CRED Mutual Funds Investment Report:

This is just a quick report of your investments at a glance. It shows your historical returns for the current week and current month and compares them with the Nifty 50 returns for the same period. This should help you get an idea about your day-to-day performance, which is a good thing.

GUIDE: Track your Mutual Fund Portfolio with CRED Track

Here’s a Mutual Fund Calculator from CRED that you can use to calculate your SIP and returns percentage. Feel free to play around and get an estimated return over time.

CRED Mutual Funds Portfolio Analysis:

This is probably the best part of CRED Track. It gives you a detailed analysis of your portfolio, something that I have always wanted. It is very informative and takes away all the hard work from your hands.

  • Investment Category Split: It will split your investments into Equity, Debt, and others, and show you a friendly pie chart of the same. It will further split your investments into sub-categories: For example, the equity investment is categorized into Large cap, Mid Cap, Small Cap, Thematic Funds, Multi-Cap, Flexi Cap, Contra Funds, ELSS Funds, etc.
  • Equity Sectorial Split: It will split your equity investments into different categories such as Financial Services, Healthcare, Energy, Communication Services, Real Estate, Technology, Utilities, Industrials, etc.
  • Top 3 Fund Houses: It will show your top 3 AMC where your funds are invested into.
  • It also compares your portfolio pattern with the average CRED Members portfolio, so that you get an insight into it.

Download CRED App:

So that’s all about CRED Track and how you can easily track all your Mutual Fund investments with it. I am loving this feature a lot since it is giving me instant access to deep insights which mostly I didn’t care about so much.

To get access to all these features, you should download the CRED app today. For those who don’t know, CRED helps you track your credit card spends and allows you to pay credit card bills in a hassle-free way. Download the app to get started with tracking mutual funds investment too.

Remember, this will only work if you had given CRED the necessary permissions to scan your email for the consolidated account statement. Also, errors might arise if you use a different email in CRED than your Mutual Funds registration. Make sure these parameters are correct and you will breeze through the app very easily.

Last Words:

Thank you for reading. If you have further queries regarding CRED Track, do let us know in the comments below. I will be happy to help. If you love what we cover on HiTricks, feel free to share this post with your friends who are into Mutual Funds. This will help them a lot. Like really!

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