College Student Resume Example and Writing Tips

A resume is one of the main requirements of colleges and universities that must be addressed. A poorly written resume can spoil all the chances of a capable and talented applicant. The article will discuss how to create this document correctly and what mistakes should be avoided.

What Is a Resume?

A resume is an important document of an applicant, which, along with diplomas, certificates, and recommendations, helps reveal the candidate’s prospects and originality. The presentation of information is accurate and concise, with theses. This is a peculiar characteristic of your knowledge, experience, and achievements. Therefore, it is crucial that the information provided in the resume is accurate and supported by the necessary documents.

Unlike a resume for job search, this version of the resume focuses on educational achievements, knowledge of foreign languages, and extracurricular activities. And unlike a motivation letter, we are dealing with a statement of specific facts in a resume. However, all information should correspond to your specialty and testify to your development as a person and a future specialist.

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Resume for College Enrollment: How to Create It

A well-written resume forms the first impression of you as a worthy candidate. After reviewing the academic resume, motivation letter, and other documents, the selection committee decides whether to allow you to interview and pass the entrance exams.

An applicant whose resume attracts the attention of examiners has a high chance of being admitted. Sometimes elementary literacy, or its absence, can become an obstacle to a pleasant impression of a candidate. Remember that you must write your resume in the language you will study at the college. Most often, it is English.

Here are some tips on how to create a successful college resume:

  • Carefully read the requirements for writing a resume on the website or in the admissions office of your chosen college;
  • Be sure to use resume samples in Google Docs or special programs. You can also find ready-made samples by searching for “Resume template”;
  • In terms of volume, your resume should not exceed 2-3 A4 printed pages;
  • Resume should be structured, readable, and understandable;
  • do not include personal information about age, gender, nationality, or marital status in the resume;
  • Highlight all your achievements in the educational and professional fields;
  • Do not forget about personal skills and hobbies that indicate your active life and social position;
  • Your resume should contain recommendations from reputable teachers and specialists with whom you had to work;
  • Add links to your scientific work, portfolio, personal website, etc., in your resume. Remember that you are responsible for the accuracy of this information;
  • Check your resume for grammatical errors, stylistic consistency, and aesthetic formatting.

Now let’s consider what points an academic resume should consist of.

  1. Your resume should start with your first name, last name, and contact information. The title of the document is not required. Contacts include home address, telephone, and e-mail. You can add a link to your social media profile or personal website if necessary.
  2. Educational documents. You should indicate information about the education you received, your diplomas, and scientific degrees (if any) from the present to past years. In this section, you can mention all the courses, training, and master classes that you have completed and what qualifications you have received. If you graduated with a bachelor’s or master’s degree, you should indicate your research topic and the supervisor’s name. Think about awards and achievements: research activities, receiving grants, and the like. You can also add links to your scientific publications here.
  3. Professional experience. Describe your work experience in order from your last job to your first. Make it concise. Indicate the period of work, the company’s name, your position, and the main achievements in this position.
  4. Your professional knowledge and skills. Instead of a list of positive personal qualities (such as communication skills, stress resistance, and responsibility), focus on fundamental skills: knowledge of specific computer programs, the ability to work with databases, experience organizing projects, having a driver’s license, etc. Pay special attention to foreign languages. Indicate your level of proficiency in a particular language and the presence of certificates from international language exams.
  5. Extra-professional activities and hobbies. Think of clubs, a dance studio, vocal experiences, camping trips, volunteering—anything you’re proud of and what can characterize you as an active and multifaceted person.
  6. Recommendations about you as a talented student, researcher, or specialist. You can get a description of your skills and achievements from a supervisor, class teacher, director of an educational institution, and a famous professor with whom you studied. Usually, only the contacts of these persons are indicated in the section, while the recommendations themselves are submitted as a separate document.

College Student Resume Example:

For your document to be of good quality, you should focus on the templates your college provides. If the resume format is free, you can use one of the suggested samples in the resume constructor. In particular, you should familiarize yourself with the general rules for constructing a resume. Reviewing the samples on specific sites, such as, and the like, will be manageable.

It is helpful to familiarize yourself with ready-made examples. Here is a typical resume template: 

image2 31image1 33

Online Resume Writing Tools:

This section presents three resources that will help you create a resume quickly, efficiently, and following international standards:

  • Europass is a resume constructor (in 29 languages) for admission to universities and employment in EU countries.
  • Canva is a site that contains many design templates for different needs.
  • Crello is a visual editor where you can choose a bright template for your creative idea for free or create the entire design yourself.

Follow our tips, and you will be able to write a quality resume!

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