How to check the text on your WordPress blog for plagiarism while studying at the University?

Many university students have their own blogs nowadays.

Why so?

Probably because it allows young people to give voice to their passions. They can share what they really love and talk about it with others as blogs usually invite valuable feedback. 

What’s more, one can learn new information from readers while discussing something in the comments. In general, blogging can significantly broaden students’ perspectives.

Blogs also teach students how to engage in meaningful conversation. They can learn how to listen to opposite ideas respectfully and provide viable arguments in discussions. 

Besides, bloggers can build a community of like-minded people who share their opinions and life values. It also gives a great chance to connect to the world and meet nice individuals from abroad.  

A blog can also help students get acknowledgment of their validity as writers and thinkers, which is really important for the younger generation. 

Since it requires commitment and an organized schedule, it provides an opportunity for regular writing practice. This also ensures constant learning and growth.

How to check the text on your WordPress blog for plagiarism while studying at the University?

Assignment help while you are working on site:

Now that you realize the numerous benefits of having your own blog, you are probably wondering how to find time for it. Naturally, being a university student means that you often spend all day cramming for tests or exams. It seems, there is no chance to work on your site when you need to complete a paper for the next day.

However, there is a solution that can help you combine both blogging and education. If I were a student, I would delegate a part of my homework to professionals because I’m sure that Studyclerk will do my assignment due to the deadline date. Using the help of writing experts is the easiest way to find time for your blog. Although many students sometimes feel uncomfortable getting someone’s assistance with studying, there is nothing bad about it. 

Avoiding plagiarism on your blog:

There can’t be any excuses for plagiarism on your blog since it leads to numerous negative consequences. First of all, it disrupts your reputation both on the Internet and in class. It can also result in a Google penalty for your blog so it won’t be offered in the top search results anymore.

Furthermore, plagiarism can be viewed as a criminal offense that leads to legal punishment. These are just a few reasons why you should publish only original content on your website. But the question is ‘How to check its uniqueness?’ Find the answer below!

How to check the text on your WordPress blog for plagiarism while studying at the University?


Being one of the most top-rated tools in the world, Grammarly checks for both grammar errors and plagiarism. This plugin can do both – detect errors and identify copied content. Grammarly subscription costs $29 a month but you can pay $19.98 if you purchase a quarter plan.  

Plagiarism Checker Pro:

This is one of the most reliable plagiarism detectors that has over seven hundred thousand deployments as of now. This tool tests the content on your website and shows if there are any pages on the web that contain the same information. The good thing about it is that you can check its trial pack absolutely for free. 


This is another popular tool to monitor your blog posts for plagiarism that can be installed as a plugin in the WordPress dashboard. Copyscape checks for plagiarism automatically and it’s compliant with different browsers, including Safari, Opera, and Chrome. The regular pricing plan for it costs $26. 


This plugin is extremely easy to use since it also searches for plagiarized content automatically. Prepostseo has a significant advantage over other tools because it’s absolutely free of charge. And note, you can use it without any limitations. 


This tool is based on highly advanced AI technology so it’s considered to be one of the smartest solutions for plagiarism detection. Copyleaks points even to poorly paraphrased sentences and hidden characters. What’s more, it sends users an alert if someone uses their content without permission. 

Plagiarism Auto-Check:

Plagiarism Auto-Check has been considered the best  WordPress plagiarism detection tool for a long time. Now it’s the fifth most popular WordPress plugin, which has a user-friendly and simple interface. The license for its regular version costs $17, while a Pro version can be purchased for $85.

Final thoughts:

Today, blogging comes in numerous forms and addresses various topics from arts to finances. This is probably the most common form of writing nowadays. It’s not only plain and simple but highly informative as well. However, it’s important to share unique content on blogs, since plagiarism is strictly punished on the web. Hopefully, this article provided you with the easiest ways to make sure that your blog posts are original.

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