GUIDE: How to Check Battery Health on Android Using Accubattery?

The problem with your mobile battery and its health brought you here through a Google search. The battery is the core element of a mobile. So it is essential to look after it. But how do you examine battery health? What is the right action to take? Hold on! Don’t worry. We will show you how to check battery health on Android using Accubattery. Give this article a read, and you will get all your answers. 

Advantages of Battery Health Feature:

The health of your mobile battery is just as important as the health of your body. Interestingly, we are only aware of health when our bodies are not performing at their best. Likewise, your mobile battery will let you know when it is performing poorly. 

Usually, we face battery problems when the device gets old. But it happens with new phones too. So it is super important to monitor battery health to maximize its usage. 

It depends on the battery’s health and how long it can last. And the battery health counts on your charging and discharging cycles. From 0% to 100% counting cycles. 

Because all batteries are lithium-ion or lithium-polymer, the fact is, it has a limitation of cycles. So over time, the battery might lose the same capacity as before when you bought the device.

Even mobile batteries improve a lot over time. But, when it failed to perform at the highest level, we worried a lot. Thus, the Battery health feature comes into the picture to measure the battery health. And inform us about the condition of the battery.

There are many advantages of battery health features that you should know:

  • You can monitor all crucial information about the battery like temperature, charging status, voltage status, and much more.
  • RAM, CPU, and battery information you can check from the battery health feature.
  • Battery health also monitors the charging parameters. 
  • Battery health features have the advantage of measuring an actual battery’s capacity and improving its performance to the highest level.
  • In addition to screen on and off time, you can also check total screen time. 
  • With the help of the charge and temperature alarm feature, you can easily track battery conditions in real-time. And this feature helps extend battery life.

About Accubattery App: Advantages:

A leader in this genre on the Play Store, Accubattery is one of the most trusted battery health monitoring applications. In the Play Store alone, the app has had over 10 million downloads since its release in 2016. So you can assume the advantages of its features.  Let’s learn about its advantages and features.

Battery Health & expand battery life:

“Batteries have a limited lifespan. Every time you juice up your device, it wears out the battery, reducing its total capacity. Scientific research shows that the lifespan can be improved up to 200% when you charge your device to only 80%.” quotes Accubattery. 

The feature expands the battery life to its highest capacity. Sometimes you are aware of the capacity of your battery. But you can’t measure the percentage that is charging. Thus the feature helps to charge its full potential.

Avoid Overcharging with Alarm:

Overcharging is just a myth with Accubattery. The feature helps you to protect your mobile from overcharging. We usually charge our mobile phones at night. Neither you nor the mobile knows when you discharge. That is why Accubattery helps your mobile to prevent overcharging. 

Save power using its dark mode theme:

Accubattery dark mode theme is another useful feature. We all have dark mode and light. Dark mode prevents eye strain. But the Accubattery power-saving dark mode theme not only prevents eye strain but also saves battery power.

Monitoring Power usage per app:

By using the features, you will be able to see which apps drain more power and which ones are less when compared to their usage. You will end up with a more to the less power-consumed app list. 

Charges and usages history:

It enables you to view all data about charging and its usage among all applications. It will show every mAh usage and total screen off & on time. 

How to check your Battery Health using Accubattery?

Many applications are available on the Google Play Store, but Accubattery is one of the best. To check the health of your battery, follow these instructions if you have already downloaded the app. 

Otherwise, download the Accubattery application from the given link below.

Download Accubattery App

Open the Accubattery application. You will see four options just below on the screen. Now click on the Health option, and you will land on the health section on the next page.

In this segment, you can check your overall battery health by comparing the estimated battery capacity and design capacity. Look at the screenshot below. My android phone battery health is 118% on Realme XT.

292399739 738476990684455 7677328913276314982 nUnder the health option, you will get another feature named battery wear. Here you can check battery damage with a bar on a particular day. Each bar refers to the total battery damage of each day.

Note: As Accubattery begins to work on its functions and features, it will take a few battery cycles to show the battery’s health.

Final Words:

Battery health is a useful application to keep on your android mobile. You will be notified when 80% of the charge has been used up and the phone will be discharged. As per the research, discharging at 80% each time you charge the phone can extend your battery life.

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