Get Canva Pro 3 Months Subscription for 11$

How many of you are into Designing Banners and Posters?

As a blogger, I need to design Blog Banners, Social Media Posters, our Telegram Channel creatives, and more. And my one-stop destination for all these is Canva.

I have been a user of Canva for many years. I started using it as early as 2014 when that was one of the few Online Graphic Designing Tools available. Today, it evolved so much that I can’t even think of any other alternative to fill in.

The best thing about Canva is that most of its functionalities are free to use. But still, their premium plan just pushes the boundaries further. However, they are quite costly, and if you are a part-time blogger like me, it is quite hard to manage a premium plan single-handedly.

But well, I have good news. Canva Pro is available at a considerable discount for a limited period. You can get three months of Canva Pro by paying for just one month.

Read along to find out.

Canva Free Features:

Get Canva Pro 3 Months Subscription for 11$

I know a lot of my friends and fellow bloggers are using Canva. My classmates prepared their resume with Canva. There are tons of features to explore. I am listing a few:

  • Design Social Media Posters.
  • Design Blog Banners.
  • Design Ad Banners.
  • Design Email Headers.
  • Design Video Banners.
  • Design Mockups.
  • Design Resumes.
  • Design Logos.
  • Design Reports and Presentations.
  • Design Infographics.
  • Design Personal or Business ID Cards.
  • Design Invoices and Receipts.
  • Design Magazine Covers.
  • Design Brochures, Invitation Cards, Letterheads, Book Covers, Certificates, Print Flyers, Calendars, CD Covers, Postcards, Newsletters, Menu Cards, Tickets, Media Kits.

You can also design custom flex posters using your dimensions. The possibilities are endless. Just give it a try. And everything is Free to do.

Download Canva Apps:

Just in case you didn’t know, Canva has both Android and iOS Apps for cross-platform design requirements. However, I find their online editor more powerful and user-friendly.

You can download the Canva App below:

Android: Google Play Store | ios: App Store

Canva Pro Features:

Get Canva Pro 3 Months Subscription for 11$

So what does Canva Pro provide extra? Well, I have listed them too.

  • Download Images with Transparent Background. (In free, even png downloads will have a white background. However, there is a workaround: Use the Online Background Remover tool to remove background)
  • Resize Images after Editing. (In Free, you have to finalize the size of your banner and start designing. You cannot resize it. This is a bit irritating when you want to edit an existing image)
  • Access Premium Images from Canva Library, Shutterstock. (In free, you can access Free image libraries like Pexels and Pixabay. They are more than sufficient if you want to stay in Free)
  • Create Custom Folders. (In Free, you can’t group your designs into folders. They all stay at the same place)

Canva Pro Deal 3 Months at 11$:

Stacksocial is providing this deal. Note that this is applicable only for new users. So, you need to create a new Canva Account to apply the coupon code after you buy it.

If you visit the deal page, you will see the price at $12.99. Use the coupon code: FB15OFF to get it at $11.05. Note that you need to sign in to your account first before you can apply the coupon.

Get Canva Pro 3 Months Subscription for 11$


Get Canva Pro 3 Months at 11$

After the discount is applied, complete your order by checking out. Use your Credit Card or Paypal Account for billing.

After you complete your purchase, you will receive the coupon code. You have to redeem the coupon within 30 days of the purchase. Detailed instructions will be given there on how to redeem.

Just in case you decide not to use the coupon, you can return it and get an equivalent amount of store credit refund, that you can use for any other purchases. Note that you need to return it before redeeming.

Last Words:

That’s all about Canva Pro 3 months offer. If you haven’t tried Canva yet, I can guarantee you that you won’t look back at any other graphic designer ever. All the recent featured images at HiTricks are made with Canva. You can check any of our recent posts.

Thank You for reading. If you have further queries regarding the offer and how to redeem it properly, you can comment below. I will be happy to help. And do share this post with your friends whom you think will be helpful. Use the social share buttons below.

I will be back soon with another exciting update. Till then, stay tuned!

Nirmal Sarkar
Nirmal Sarkar

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