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So, as we all know by now, The Beast of 2016 has released.

We have another Flagship Killer from OnePlus 3, the successor to Oneplus 2 and overall the fourth installment from Oneplus. And it comes with lots of useful features.

Yes, I know that last year’s Oneplus 2 wasn’t perfect, but I assure you that this year Oneplus 3 has packed all the best competitive features into one box and brought us the Oneplus 3.

Well, jokes apart, Oneplus 3 features the best specs at the best price you can afford right now. They have kept their trend of being premium, stylish and high end as well as low-cost compared to the other models with the similar specs.

Note: In this article, I will only highlight WHAT’S IMPORTANT AND WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW about the device. This means I will touch the necessary parts only, and won’t go through all the details precisely. This page is just to build your first impression about the device as well as a general review. Rest assured; you won’t miss anything!

Before everything, Let’s talk about the Price at first.

The Oneplus 3 Price:

The Oneplus costs 399$ to be exact. It is available to .

However, If you are from India, then you need to , which has an exclusive partnership with Oneplus for selling in India. The Cost of Oneplus 3 in Indian Currency is Rs27999.

Oneplus 3 costs rs 27999!

Ahh! Not so high as the premium smartphones like the Galaxy S7 or HTC 10, and yet it successfully offers the best of everything today’s phones have. Let’s proceed to the features.

Oneplus 3 First Look / Display / Build Quality:

I won’t speak much about it. Have a look yourself from these pictures.

Oneplus 3 Design Look and Feel

Image Credits: Endgadgets

Oneplus 3 Design Look and Feel

Image Credits: Amazon India

Oneplus 3 Design Look and Feel

Image Credits: Endgadgets

Oneplus 3 Design Look and Feel

Image Credits: Endgadgets

The Oneplus 3 comes with a Metallic Body, with a Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor in the front. Note that it is not a physical button, means you need not press it. Just touch it and it will wake up from sleep.

This makes it faster than all other Fingerprint Sensor enabled devices. And the interesting thing is that the Fingerprint Sensor will get better and better over time and register your fingers quickly.

capacitive fingerprint sensor on the front makes it faster than other fingerprint sensor enabled devices

It has a 5.5 inch full HD [1080x1920p] Optic Amoled Display. Marques Brownlee in his Oneplus 3 Video Review has remarked that this display works specially well in dark modes. Meaning your late night reading will be far more comfortable than ever. And it will never hurt your eyes.

But having a good dark mode does not mean it has compromised in Sunlight Reading Modes. Using Oneplus 3, you can read under direct sunlight with comfort.

On the sides, it has a special Alert Switch physical slider with which you can control your silent and ringing modes in one click. So, no need to switch on your phone for changing this setting.

Oneplus 3 supports dual nano sim cards. With both the sim cards, you can use 4g internet.

64gb non expandable internal storage

You get 64GB Internal Storage, and unfortunately, that’s all you get. You cannot expand it with MicroSD Card. For most of us, this is sufficient, but well, not for all!

Oneplus 3 Processor / RAM / Performance:

You guessed it right. Oneplus 3 is running on the latest Snapdragon 820 Soc with Adreno 530 GPU.

Over that, it boasts a whopping 6GB of LPDDR4 RAM. Hell Yeah! It’s the first android smartphone to feature a 6GB Ram.

Well, that’s theoretical, practically, this is just a lump of butter. Oneplus 3 will never, I repeat, never lag no matter what multitask you give to it.

Play Asphalt 8 or Temple Run, or switch between the two… do whatever you like. Nobody is going to stop you, because you have enough ram to back it up.

oneplus 3 has around 4.5gb free ram for you to use

Coming to Benchmarks, NDTV Recorded a Record-Breaking 142,674 Antutu Score with this Device. That’s the highest Antutu Benchmark Score you will find in a smartphone. The Quadrant Score was 44,490 which is simply the best.

Oneplus 3 Rear Camera / Front Camera / Samples:

Oneplus 3 has a 16MP f/2.0 Rear Camera with Optical Image Sensor and Phase Detection Autofocus. In the front, it has an 8MP Selfie Camera for taking better shots.

You can take videos up to 4k. I won’t go into many details here, just show you some sample pictures.

Note that these samples are just cropped to fit the blog, it’s quality is not compromised. Click to view full sizes.

Oneplus 3 Sample Image

Image Credits: NDTV GADGETS

Oneplus 3 Sample Image

Image Credits: NDTV GADGETS

Oneplus 3 Sample Image

Image Credits: ENDGADGETS

Oneplus 3 Sample Image

Image Credits: ENDGADGETS

As you saw, the Oneplus 3 takes decent shots in bright daylight as well as in night low light.

However, the night shots have some amount of noise. It’s not the best one out there.

camera decent enough, but not the best a smartphone can offer, we saw better ones!

We have seen Galaxy S7 take better night shots, but again, the cost of that one is nearly twice. Also, the difference in quality between the two is practically unrecognizable.So better if we don’t compare it, but still for your info, I have told you this. You are wise enough to decide, a decent camera with

So better if we don’t compare it, but still for your info, I have told you this. You are wise enough to decide, a decent camera with an unnoticeable difference or twice the price!

Oneplus 3 Battery / Quick Charge / Dash Charge:

The Oneplus 3 boasts a 3000mah battery. Before you raise a hue and cry for the decreased mah from its predecessor, let me tell you, check the Android Version and the processor before you judge the Milliampere hours.

Just as pixels isn’t everything in a Camera, Mah isn’t everything in a battery.

Firstly, the Android Marshmallow has the best juice retaining capacity, so it will prevent your phone from draining juice in the background.

On top of that, it has the Snapdragon 820 processor with Adreno 530 GPU with a 6GB Ram, which will run the device smoothly and lags free and never overheat it.

So, a 3000mah battery in this device is similar to a 4000mah battery on Android Lollipop and Snapdragon 650 processor. It can run the device to that extent. So no complaints.

The NDTV Review of Oneplus 3 said that it lasted for 16 hours and 45 minutes in video loop test, which means it will easily last you for two days for a moderate user, and one day for a heavy user on 4g.

And let it drain the battery, we get the unique Dash Charging feature to top up the phone fully under an hour.

dashcharge: 60% in 30 mins, 100% in 1 hr 10 mins.

It’s good to see Oneplus developed its system of Fast Charging and according to the Oneplus 3 Video Review by GeekyRanjit, it is faster than the Qualcomm’s latest Quick Charge 3.0.

Dashcharge is faster than Quickcharge 3.0!

Well, dash charge isn’t all about fast charging, it’s about controlling the heat too. With Dash Charge, your phone’s charging technology goes from the phone to the 5Ampere Adapter, so your phone is never heated up.

Also, you can use the phone while charging and still get the fast charging speeds. Pretty decent!

no wireless charging for oneplus 3.

The charging port is USB 2.0 Type C Reversible. Okay, so it’s future proof.

Oneplus 3 Software / Oxygen OS / Marshmallow:

OnePlus 3 Runs on Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 with Oxygen OS 3.1.1. Most of us already know it is just a replica of the Stock Android, free from bloatware and with extra customizations.

Android marshmallow 6.0.1 out of the box!

Oxygen OS is loved by all for another good thing; the bootloader can be unlocked, and you can root it if you need. The device is yours, play with it freely.

Swipe right from the home screen to access the shelf. It is like quick access to Weather Info, frequently used contacts, apps, widgets, etc. You can customize it according to your need. 🙂

Oneplus 3 Review Verdict / Competitors:

In a word: Yes, you should definately go for it. If you have been waiting for it for some days, it’s worth the wait. It has packed all the greatest features, and hardly left out anything.

And the price it is offering it is pretty amazing. The only competitor being the Xiaomi Mi 5, the Oneplus 3 will still continue to grab attention.

Let me make it easier for you, you need smaller screen and lightweight device? Go for Mi 5 with 5.1 inch screen and 129 grams weight.

Need good ram instead? Go for Oneplus 3. Rest assured the performance and battery for both will be same.

Below is the Brief Summary of Oneplus 3 and you can buy it instantly. Yes, No Invites Required for it.

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