BSNL Free Wifi: How to get High-Speed Internet?

The Indian state-owned telecommunications company, BSNL has more than 120 million active customers in India. Incorporated and managed by the Government of India, they are planning to put on BSNL free WiFi services for us. These high-speed WiFi data services will be available to you soon. The question arises here is how can you access high-speed internet service with BSNL’s free WiFi? This article revolves around the information about the same.

Who will get Free WiFi access from BSNL?

Although BSNL is planning to provide free WiFi to everyone, technically, not each one of us can access it. If you are a BSNL mobile network user, then only you will be able to access the same. Also, this requires a smartphone with an active BSNL connection that can receive messages and not an inactive network.

The WiFi services will be available publicly to use in schools, colleges, post offices, and university campuses, etc. According to the telecom report, the users will be able to connect to the nearest Hotspot around them.

Now that you know from where to access the free internet let’s jump into the main motive of this article.

How to get High Speed Internet with BSNL Free Wifi?

How to connect to High-Speed Internet with BSNL Free WiFi?

The process is pretty simple to use when you want to connect to high-speed internet with BSNL Free WiFi. It is similar to what you follow while connecting to the Railwire Free WiFinetwork. Before you join, make sure that:

  1. You have an active BSNL SIM Card on your smartphone.
  2. You must be near a Hotspot zone to connect to the free WiFi. There are around 50000 BSNL Hotspot Zones across all circles, pan-India. Click on the link to find out.

As soon as you’re assured about the above mentioned, follow the steps given below to access the free internet:

  1. Turn on the WiFi from the notifications panel and long tap on it to navigate to ‘WiFI Settings’.
  2. Wait for a couple of moments for the phone to search for BSNL Free WiFi near you.
  3. As soon as you see the BSNL Free WiFi, tap on it to connect to the network.
  4. You will be redirected to a webpage to enter your details. Here, enter your ten digits mobile number of your BSNL SIM card inserted in the phone.
  5. Once done, tap on the ‘Get PIN’ option To receive a 6-digit OTP via a text message on your phone.
  6. Copy and paste this PIN in the required space to get connected to the internet.
  7. Once the process is done, you will see ‘Connected’ written under the WiFi name.

In case you can’t connect to the WiFi near you, read the next section.

‘I can’t connect to BSNL Free WiFi’ – What to do?

Even after following the complete process to connect to the Free WiFi appropriately, you might not get connected. To resolve the issue, the best thing you can do is to contact their customer service. You can call on the default customer care number of BSNL, i.e., 1800-180-1503.

An alternative to this is by entering any URL randomly that will redirect you to connect you to the WiFi. In this way, you can try again to receive the PIN and get connected to the WiFi. Not just that, you can check out the internet speed from their website.

Final Verdict:

BSNL has been struggling to retain customers after the launch of Jio in India. However, they are coming up with a great initiative to attract customers. The WiFi is not entirely free to use; rather, it will have a particular limit. To overcome this, BSNL has integrated the option to top-up the data services. The rural and urban areas have different top-up plans starting at ₹25 and ₹10 respectively.

Are you waiting for the free WiFi services from BSNL? How often are you going to use it? Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. I will be happy to help.

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