Black Friday 2020 Handpicked Deals You Can’t Miss

Black Friday 2020 is finally here. This is the time you wait for the entire year to get the biggest deals and discounts on Domains, Web hosting, SEO Tools, WordPress Themes, WordPress Plugins, Softwares, and more. Black Friday – Cyber Monday week is celebrated worldwide as the shoppers’ paradise.

Excited about Black Friday 2020? Want to know about the latest offers on your favorite products?

Well, the deals are LIVE!

Unlike others, I won’t be aggregating useless deals or spoil you with choices. Instead, I will only focus on deals on products that are useful, and value-for-money. Before I proceed, here are a few important points that you should definitely read.


  • Only watch out for deals on products that you personally use, or want to use and have on your wishlist for a long time. Don’t spend on anything that you will use once in a blue moon! It’s not worth it.
  • Even if you get a 1000$ product for 100$, you are still spending 100$ from your own pocket. You didn’t ‘save’ 900$ because you wouldn’t have bought that product for 1000$ in the first place.
  • Most deals will be over by Monday, 30th November 2020. So, take a call before that deadline.
  • Some of the links given below are affiliate links. However, in no way I will be promoting a non-worthy product at all.
  • If you have any queries about any deal, feel free to comment below or reach out to me on Facebook. I will be happy to assist you.

Okay, so let’s begin! Here’s an overview of Black Friday 2020 Deals. You can browse this menu and click on each deal to read the offer details directly. You can come back to this menu anytime by clicking on the ‘Back to Menu’ button on the right corner after each heading content ends.

Special Deal #1: Black Friday 2020 Shared Hosting Deals

We know a lot of you wait for Black Friday especially for the deep discounts on shared web hosting. For all the web-hosting fanatics, we made a separate page with only a few handpicked web hosting deals which I feel you will love. Remember, I added the deals based on their user reviews, as well as the low-cost perspective. Check out the Black Friday Shared Hosting Deals.
Black Friday 2020 Shared Hosting Deals

Special Deal #2: Cloudways VPS Hosting 40% OFF for 4 Months

In case you are searching for Managed VPS Hosting plans, then you should not miss the Cloudways Deal. Cloudways offers managed VPS hosting from DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, AWS, and Google Cloud. You do not need to make an account and purchase servers from them individually. Everything will be done seamlessly and you can manage it from your Cloudways account.

  • DigitalOcean: Plans start from 10$ per month for 1 GB Ram, 25 GB Storage.
  • Linode: Plans start from 12$ per month for 1 GB Ram, 25 GB Storage.
  • Vultr: Plans start from 11$ per month for 1 GB Ram, 25 GB Storage.
  • AWS: Plans start from 36.51$ per month for 1.75 GB Ram, 20 GB Storage.
  • Google Cloud: Plans start from 33.63$ per month for 1.7 GB Ram, 20 GB Storage.
  • Black Friday 2020 Deal: Get 40% Off on all plans for 4 months. Use Coupon: BFCM2020.

Grab Cloudways Deal

Special Deal #3: Black Friday 2020 Domain Deals

If you are looking for the cheapest domain registration deals, I made a separate page for the Black Friday domain deals too. It includes domain registration, domain transfer, and renewal, as well as expired domain deals. I have a 100% Free .com Domain Deal for you as well. If you have bulk domains to register, renew, or transfer, make sure to check our Domain Deals page once before you buy. You might be able to get cheaper deals.
Black Friday 2020 Domain Deals

Canva Pro 80% Off Deal:

I purchased this deal.

I probably do not need to introduce you to Canva. They are a handy website for simple graphic/poster designing, presentations, or videos. I have been using Canva since 2015, and 90% of HiTricks Blog Post featured images are prepared using Canva. I was using the free version for quite a few years until I got this great deal on Canva Pro, and I grabbed it instantly.

The Canva Pro usually costs 120$ per year per person, but they are running a special deal where you can share the Canva Pro amongst 5 people. Each will get a separate Canva Pro Account, and their existing Canva account can be merged to this Pro subscription. Don’t worry, the individual designs you make on Canva stay private as well.

This brings down the cost of Canva Pro to less than 2$ per month per user if you go for a yearly plan. That’s not all. Your account will renew at the same rate year after year. So, this is locked for you as long as you want to keep it.

Grab Canva Pro Deal


Note: The billing has to be managed by a single person only. So, you can team up with your close friends to grab this sweet deal.

I purchased this deal.

Hitricks recommended
Inline Related Posts is one of the best WordPress plugins for Internal Linking. It focuses on increasing your CTR and reducing bounce rates by offering some of the most beautiful templates that you can use. It also works automatically if you pre-configure it. You can download the free version of the IRP Plugin to test it out. You will definitely love it.

Usually, the single license plan costs 27$, and 5 license plan costs 47$ with 1-year support and updates. However, they are running their Special Black Friday deal where you can get a 5-license plan with lifetime updates and support for 49$. In case you need it for your business, you can get a 50-license plan for 79$, or a 250-license plan for 149$. Both will come with lifetime updates and support.

I have been using Inline Related Posts at HiTricks for over two years. The experience has been super cool. And I grabbed the Lifetime Deal this year. You can see it in action in many of our blog posts, including this one.

Grab Inline Related Posts Deal


WP Rocket 30% Off Deal:

I purchased this deal.

Hitricks recommended
WP Rocket is one of the best caching plugins for WordPress with support for page caching, browser caching, preloading, GZIP compression, database optimization, lazy loading, CDN, DNS Prefetching, JS & CSS minification, Google fonts optimization, and more. I also wrote a Pagespeed Optimization checklist earlier on How to Load your website in under 3 seconds. Amongst other plugins, WP Rocket was primarily used, along with a CDN, and an Image Caching plugin, to deliver fast website loading speeds.

Usually, WP Rocket costs 49$ for a single license, 99$ for 6 licenses, and 249$ for unlimited licenses. However, in their special Black Friday Deal, you can grab the single license for 35$, 3 licenses for 70$, and the most valued unlimited licenses for just 175$. Don’t miss it.

I purchased this plugin 3 years back and have been renewing since then. This year too, I renewed it.

Grab WP Rocket Deal


ShortPixel Black Friday Lifetime Deal:

I purchased this deal.

Hitricks recommended
ShortPixel is one of the best Image Optimization Plugins for WordPress with support for both lossy and lossless image compressions. Their compression standards are one of the fastest ones in the industry, which have earned a name for themselves. In case you are confused, here’s a comparison of ShortPixel vs other Image Optimization Plugins. You can also try their Free ShortPixel WordPress plugin that allows you to compress 100 images per month. This should help you decide whether you want to upgrade.

They are running a Lifetime Deal via Appsumo for just 49$. With this deal, you can compress 15000 images every month. This should suffice even large website owners for optimizing thousands of images.

I waited for a decent deal for image optimization plugins for a long time. So, I went ahead with the ShortPixel Lifetime Deal. I am loving it so far.

Grab Shortpixel Deal


Newspaper Premium Theme 31% Off Lifetime Deal:

I purchased this deal.

Newspaper is one of the most sophisticated premium WordPress Theme aimed at news style bloggers, tech bloggers, travel bloggers, or other general niche bloggers. It has tons of features and it comes bundled with 100+ unique demos, Visual Composer, Elementor, and Tagdiv Page Builder, that will allow you to customize your website in any way you like. I purchased the Newspaper theme back in 2015 and used it on HiTricks for a few years. With proper customizations, it can give magical results.

This time they are running a Cyber Week Sale on Themeforest where they are offering Newspaper Theme for just 41$ instead of the regular price of 59$. This is a good time to buy it because you will continue to get 1-year support and lifetime updates for the product via Envato Market.
Grab Newspaper Deal


Yellow Pencil Plugin 50% Off Lifetime Deal:

I purchased this deal.

Ever wanted to customize your WordPress frontend your own way but couldn’t do so due to lack of proper CSS coding? Yellow Pencil will come to your rescue. It allows you to fully edit the frontend of your website as you see it. You can change text color, fonts, font size, box color, add borders, adjust the width of the content, resize the existing elements for a better fit, add floating or other effects, add a layer, animate something, or just about anything else. You can think of endless possibilities with this plugin.

They are running a 50% Off Deal via Codecanyon which allows you to buy the plugin for just 13$ instead of their regular price of 26$. You will get 1-year support and lifetime updates via the Envato market too.

I have purchased Yellow Pencil Plugin 2 years back and I have been using the plugin to customize different tiny elements of the HiTricks blog for many months. My overall experience is satisfying. It helped me achieve some degrees of personalization over the blog. They also have a free version of Yellow Pencil Plugin that you can try. This should help you decide.

Grab Yellow Pencil Deal


WP Automatic Plugin 50% Off Lifetime Deal:

WordPress Automatic is one of the best plugins for putting your site on automation and generate a passive income out of it, while you work on other stuff. WP Automatic can generate automatic posts from RSS Feeds, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, YouTube, Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Clickbank, Craigslist, Envato, Flickr, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Soundcloud, Ezinearticles, and more. It can also fetch content from any website using its inbuilt site scraper. You can properly customize and select how to fetch and process it when to post etc.

Usually, this plugin costs 30$ on Codecanyon, but this Black Friday they are running a deal offering a 50% discount. You can purchase it for just 15$ right now. You will get 1-year support and Lifetime updates for it.
Grab WP Automatic Deal


Artboard Studio Black Friday Lifetime Deal:

If you need to create professional mock-ups for your product, poster design, ad banners, or for clients as a freelancer, then this deal is for you. Artboard Studio provides premium mockups and templates for studio-like outputs. This will definitely add a special layer to your branding.

Usually, they cost 15$ per month, but they are running a Lifetime Deal during the Black Friday sale for 99$. You will get a commercial license, meaning, you can earn money as a freelancer selling your mockups too.
Grab Artboard Studio Deal


GeneratePress Black Friday Lifetime Deal:

GeneratePress is a lightweight WordPress theme suitable that is focused on speed. Literally, they are one of the fastest WordPress themes out there.

They are running a Black Friday Lifetime Deal for 209$, which includes lifetime support and updates for their premium modules. You can use the license code on up to 500 websites.
Grab GeneratePress Deal


Elegant Themes Black Friday Deal:

Elegant Themes are highly popular for their Divi Multipurpose Theme, Extra Magazine Theme, Divi Pagebuilder, Bloom Email Opt-In Plugin, and the Monarch Social Media Plugin. I have tried all of their products personally, except the Extra Magazine theme. In fact, my personal portfolio is built using Divi Page Builder. In case you need a theme to build standalone landing pages, company websites, personal portfolio, then you should definitely check out Divi Theme. Bloom, on the other hand, is one of the best email opt-in plugins out there.

Elegant Themes Black Friday Sale will begin from 27th November at 12.30 pm IST. They haven’t yet revealed their pricing details yet, but you can visit the landing page from below and enter a giveaway to win an iMac Pro.
Grab Elegant Themes Deal


Elementor Black Friday 25% Off Deal:

Elementor is a popular page builder for WordPress that lets you customize your webpage front end as you like. They usually come bundled with many premium themes, but just in case you want to unleash its full potential, you need their Premium plans.

They are running 10% off on their Plus plan (89$ per year) and 25% off on their Expert plan (149$ per year). However, there are no deals for their personal plan (49$ per year).
Grab Elementor Deal


UpTimeRobot Black Friday 30% Off Deal:

UpTimeRobot is a popular service for website uptime monitoring. This is a must-have if you are running large websites, or if you are using VPS hosting. It will instantly let you know via call/sms/email if your site goes down ever. Their free version checks your website for downtimes every 5 minutes, while the paid plans check for downtimes every 1-minute intervals.

They are running a 30% off deal this Black Friday, which brings down their price below 5$ per month.
Grab UpTimeRobot Deal


ProWritingAid Black Friday 50% Off Lifetime Deal:

ProWritingAid is a grammar checking tool, similar to Grammarly. Since Grammarly is not running any Black Friday sales this year, you may consider buying the ProWritingAid deal.

They are running 50% off on their Lifetime Plan, which usually costs 399$. You can grab it for 199$. You will get lifetime supports and updates too.

In case you are confused between this one and Grammarly, do check the ProWritingAid vs Grammarly comparison.

Grab ProWritingAid Deal


Vypr VPN Black Friday 87% Off Deal:

Searching for a trusted VPN provider that keeps no logs of your user data? Vypr VPN by Golden Frog has its own proprietary Chameleon technology that bypasses all Govt. level internet censorship attempts. They strictly keep no logs. They have servers in all continents with 700+ servers and 2000000+ IP Addresses, all owned by them (no 3rd parties).

Usually, their monthly plan costs 13$ per month, but they are running a long-term Black Friday deal for 60$ for 3 years. Your price will be locked and renewal prices will be the same too.
Grab Vypr VPN Deal


PureVPN Black Friday 88% Off Deal:

In case you regularly access Torrents to download Movies and TV shows, PureVPN is recommended for you. It supports dedicated servers for P2P and file sharing. They have over 6.5k servers worldwide. Another interesting thing is that you can remain completely anonymous even while paying for your subscription. To keep things purely private, PureVPN allows you to pay with Bitcoins too! Of course, credit card payments and PayPal are also supported.

PureVPN is running a 88% Off 5-Year Deal this Black Friday that reduces the monthly pricing to just 1.32$. You will get 5 years of PureVPN access for just 79$.
Grab Pure VPN Deal


Adobe Creative Cloud Black Friday 70% Off Deal:

Adobe Creative Cloud includes a suite of 30+ apps and software including Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Acrobat Pro, Lightroom, Illustrator, InDesign, AfterEffects, Audition, Animate, Spark, and more.

On the occasion of Black Friday, they are running 25% off on regular plans, and a whopping 70% off on the Education plans for Student and Teachers, bringing it down to just Rs1277 per month for their entire package of creative tools.
Grab Adobe Creative Cloud Deal


Crello Pro Black Friday 50% Off Deal:

Crello is one of the best alternatives to Canva for graphics designing and editing.

They are running 50% off on their pro plans this Black Friday. This will cost you 48$ for the yearly plan. [Psst: Previously they ran a Lifetime Deal on Appsumo for 49$. Just letting you know, in case this affects your purchase decision in any way]
Grab Crello Pro Deal


Last Words:

So these are the most attractive Black Friday – Cyber Monday Deals of 2020. Go check them out and decide which one you wanna go for. Confused about what to choose? Remember the disclaimers I gave on the top. I hope you will be able to narrow down the important ones. Let me know which ones you bought! (Even if you didn’t buy anything, say it, I would love to know it too)

Stuck anywhere? Need help? I am here. Just drop me a comment below. I will be happy to help. Don’t forget to join our Telegram Channel for the latest tech updates. I will be back soon with another interesting update. Keep visiting HiTricks.

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