Best Notification Bar Plugins for WordPress

If you’re running a website, then you must know about the Notification bar. A good looking notification bar provides crazy traffic to your money articles. Some WordPress theme has a notification bar feature included, but if your theme doesn’t have this feature, you can install a notification bar plugin in your WordPress website.

There are 100s of notification bar plugging available in the market, but many of them lack many features. To make the process easy for you, I’ve created a list of the best Notification Bar plugins for WordPress. Some of them are totally free, and some are paid, which offers premium features to you. You can choose any of them as per your budget and requirements to drive crazy traffic to specific pages using the Notification bar.

1. Easy Notification Bar

easy notification barEasy Notification Bar allows you to add a notification bar at the top of the website. The Plugin is totally based on HTML and CSS. It does not include any javascript, which makes it faster to load, and it did not affect the website performance.

The Easy Notification bar provides full customization of the Notification bar. You can change the background color, font style, text color, and text size. They even provide an optional button to display next to your text. This is a “static” notification bar at the top of your site.

When you scroll down the page, it will become hidden, generally better for usability and SEO. The responsive design makes it more powerful and set up the notification automatically according to the device.

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2. Hello Bar

hello bar notification barHello Bar is a widely used notification plugin that provides multiple types of notification for the WordPress website. The plugin is easily integrated into your WordPress website in one click. They have a collection of stylish and optimized notification bar according to your preferences. Hello Bar has both free and premium version the free version include some basic features and limited styles, and the Premium version has all of the features that offer by Hello Bar.

The free version works fine, but it has some limited features. They only allow 5,000 views per month, and you only get access to basic design customizations. However, they provide unlimited subscriber count in the free version.

Price: Free / Starts from $29 a month.

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3. Sumo

sumo wordpress pluginSumo is an advanced lead generation tool that offers a notification bar, pop-ups, Social Media Buttons, and Email marketing service. The Sumo plugin allows you to add a notification bar to your WordPress website’s top or bottom. They also have Call to action button to drive email subscriptions and Social Media Follows. Sumo offers both free and premium plans.

The free version provides welcome emails, email campaigns, other email marketing services integrating, etc. They also provide analytics features that allow you to check which page, notification bar, or form performance. The free version is pretty useful and provides most of the features; however. All notification bars will display Sumo branding.

Price: Free / from $39 a month (billed annually).

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4. NotiBar

notibar wordpress pluginNotiBar is a free notification bar plugin that provides all of the premium features. They provide full customization of the notification bar with many advanced features like changing text color, changing the background color, changing text, various font style, click to action button, custom container width, absolute or fixed position, alignments, toggle button to hide or show notification bar and more.

You can set specific pages or posts to show the notification bar. If you want to add a top notification bar to the website without paying anything, then NotiBar is one of the best options for you.

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5. Top Bar

Top bar wordpress pluginTop Bar is a basic Top Notification bar plugin to add a top notification bar at the top of your WordPress site. The top bar is not an advanced plugin like other plugins, and they would only provide some basic customization to the top bar.

You can write your own messages and change the colors from the given color library, and they only provide the Sticky Bar feature, which displays a fixed notification bar at all times. Even the user has scrolled down the page. It did not have a toggle feature to show or hide the notification bar.

Price: Free / $16.

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6. HashBar

hashbar wordpress pluginHashBar is another Notification bar plugin for WordPress websites. The Hash Bar Notification Bar works with any website, even if it is made by Visual Composer, King Composer, Page Builder, or Elementor. Hash Bar allows you to show the plugin on the selected post or pages.

The Free version provides the custom color setup for text and background, manual positioning, a Toggle button to hide or show the notification bar, Open Button Text, Disable/Enable feature for the mobile users, and custom background transparency, etc.

It also has some more advanced features like a Schedule notification system, a Show notification on certain URL visits, a global option for mobile device breakpoint width, and much more. Still, you have to purchase the premium version of the Hack Bar to access these features.

Pricing: free / starts from $59 for lifetime.

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7. WP Notification Bars

Wp notification bars wordpress pluginWp Notification Bars is a lightweight yet powerful Notification Bar Plugin WordPress-based website. It is designed to promote, alert, and increase user engagement to the website. The plugin works with most of the themes and provides full customization to the Notification bars.

Wp Notification Bars is a free WordPress plugin and provides various features like Add CTA Button, Change Text, background colors change font size, Fixed or Absolute Position. Fully responsive allows you to add custom code for the notification Bar. It also Supports Show only to Google Visitors and Shows only to Facebook Visitors, which is an incredible feature for a free plugin.

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Last Words:

So this the article about the best notification bar plugin for a WordPress website. All of the plugin mentioned here is fully responsive and works with every theme still. If you have any queries or suggestions, please ask in the comment section we will be happy to help you.

Thanks for reading. I will be back soon with another interesting update. Keep visiting HiTricks. Don’t forget to join our Telegram Channel for getting the latest updates.


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