Best Free iOS Antivirus Apps for your iPhone

Post the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, going digital is the new normal. With offices forcing work from home, tuitions and regular classes going digital, a lot of us are depending on video conferencing apps for the same. Many of us are also dependent on online banking, utilizing banking apps, UPI, and other digital methods to keep ourselves from visiting an offline branch. Online shopping via e-commerce has also increased a lot.

Under these circumstances, protecting our data, as well as personal information from the internet threats is a major security concern. There have been several cases of security threats or ransomware attacks on casual users who aren’t properly acquainted with gizmos very well.

Hence an antivirus software is extremely necessary for every online user. Today we will be looking at the best Antivirus iOS Apps for your iPhone that you can download from the App Store for free. Here’s an overview:

Avast Security & Privacy:

Best Free Antivirus Apps for iOS

This is probably the best iPhone antivirus app that you can find on the Appstore. The app has been rated 4.5/5.0 from more than 2k reviews. The app has a free tier, WiFi security, photo vault where you can hide your photos and identity protection. The app has a real-time antivirus scan that scans antivirus throughout your device. In addition to that, while browsing this app also blocks malicious websites to load which prevents intrusions. The wifi security feature here scans the WiFi networks to ensure that you are connected to a safe and secure wifi network and if the app finds that network is not safe, it will notify you, and then you can disconnect. The app also has a VPN tool that you can use when you are on an unsecured network. It will help you in encrypting the connection online.

Avast Security & Privacy

Avira Mobile Security:

Best Free Antivirus Apps for iOS

Avira is a German-based effective antivirus engine for desktop. And with Avira Mobile Security you will get almost the same feature desktops The only missing feature from desktop here is the malware hunting focus. The app has phishing protection which automatically blocks malicious websites and keeps you safe online. Secondly, the app has an Identity Safeguard which automatically scans email addresses and verifies if they are leaked online or if there is any security breach. The app also has a contact backup feature that protects your address book by emailing the details to yourself or backing up to Dropbox or Gdrive. The app has management tools that analyzers memory and storage use and also send you the report f recent security issues or fixes.  The app is not available in some countries, but you can access via VPN or by changing your region.

Avira Mobile Security

Lookout Mobile Security:

Best Free Antivirus Apps for iOS

Lookout is a complete security app that secures your iPhone or iPad with four layers of in-depth protection. This app got a rating of 4.5/5 on AppStore. The app has powerful tools which help in checking for security vulnerabilities, and for monitoring every app on your device and notify if any suspicious activity is going on. The app will also notify you when you are connected to an unsecured WiFi network. The app has a set of effective Anti-Theft Tools like device location finder, a security alarm which rings even if your device is in silent mode, and an option to display custom text on your screen so that you can find your device easily. The app also has options to backup your contacts and photos safely. 

Lookout Mobile Security

McAfee Mobile Security:

Best Free Antivirus Apps for iOS

This antivirus app here has all the basic features like others listed above like anti-theft, contact backups, secure storage, and so on but the feature which makes this one differ from others is its Media Vault. With Media Vault you can not only hide your photos and videos but you can also snap them directly from apps and then they will be encrypted automatically and stored in the vault. You can access the vault with your Touch ID or Face ID. The anti-theft feature here is also great, you can track your device via a map or you can enable a remote alarm that rings even when your phone is silent. Lastly, with the CaptureCam feature, you will get the photo of intruder via email whenever he tries to open your vault. The app also saves your device location when the battery is low making finding devices easier. The app has been rated 4.6/5.0 from more than 5k reviews.

McAfee Mobile Security

Trend Micro Mobile Security:

Best Free Antivirus Apps for iOS

Trend Mobile Security also known as T M Mobile security is an antivirus app that helps your device in a fight with various threats online. The app has a built-in web filter that works flawlessly with the Apple Safari browser. You can use this on other browsers too. The app also has an integrated ad blocker and tracking blocker which not only maintains your privacy but also reduces data usage and speed ups the loading time for a website. The social media privacy feature present here helps users in maintaining the privacy of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter by regular scans. The app also has its own secure browser which will give you an extra edge as your history is not recorded. The anti-theft feature here consists of finding a device with GPS, WiFi, or Mobile towers.

TM Mobile Security

F-Secure SAFE:

Best Free Antivirus Apps for iOS

F-Secure SAFE is basically a custom browser that will protect your data while browsing online. The browser has a web filtering feature that blocks access to dangerous websites and prevents them from loading. Another great feature is its banking feature which ensures total safety whenever you do a bank transaction or do shopping online. The feature shows an indication for trusted sites whenever you try banking. Lastly, the app also has a parental controls feature which will help you block the dangerous and dubious site from showing in the search result but this feature only works with Apple Safari.

F-Secure Safe

Last Words:

These the best iOS Apps that I recommend for keeping your iPhone safe in this digital era. Well, by default Apple designs their iPhones in a way that will enhance security and privacy, but keeping a dedicated Antivirus Application will definitely boost your mobile security.

Let me know which one you liked the most. If you have further queries, do let me know in the comments below. I will be happy to help. That’s all for now. I will be back soon with more interesting security tips and tricks. Thank you for reading. Don’t forget to join our Telegram Channel for getting the latest updates.

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