Best Android TV Apps for your Smart TV

Today’s world is the world of entertainment, there are hundreds of entertainment sources out there, but TV is one of the most commonly used sources of entertainment.

The recent revolution in the TV industry had made people switch from traditional TV sets to Smart Televisions, which are coming with Android OS, and are able to run a variety of Android Applications. In case you recently purchased a Smart TV and would like to know the best Android Apps for your television, then you have visited the right place.

In today’s article, we are going to discuss top Android TV apps. Here’s an overview:

Send Files to TV:

send files to tvSend Files to TV is an exciting application that helps you transfer all types of files from your Smartphone to your smart TV without causing you any trouble. This is one of the most accessible apps to operate your TV with your Smartphone. Here, all you have to do is download the app from Google Play Store, or you have it from any browser. When the app is installed successfully now, you have to open it; after opening the app, a tutorial appears that explains the functions of each option, and this makes it easier even for the users who don’t have experience with such a tool.

Download Send Files To TV


vlcThe VLC media player is an easy-to-operate and free media player software that allows you to operate your smart TV and play media files on it quickly. VLC is available for desktop operating systems and mobile platforms, such as Android and iOS. VLC allows you to stream media over a computer network and on your smart TV. VLC is one of the most popular media players that will enable you to play media on your TV easily.

Download VLC


stremioStremio is one of the easiest to operate and popular media centers available free of cost, but it also has so many ads. You can find movies, TV shows, web series, and TV and web channels on Stremio. Stremio is available for all Android operating systems, iOS, Windows. You can experience fantastic entertainment with Stremio; all you have to do is install the app. Once the installation is done, you can sit back and relax, watching your favorite.

Download Stremio


PICKASHOWPickashow is an application for the Android Operating System that gives us live streaming channels from India and access to the variation of Bollywood and Hollywood movies, web series, and TV shows. Pickashow is an entirely free app, and it is capable of endowing content from all OTT platforms such as Netflix, Zee5, MX Player, Balaji, etc. The Pickashow is a unique app because it offers all Hollywood and Bollywood, Hindi, and English TV shows. In addition, it also comes with a robust long list of US TV Shows and Hollywood movies.

Download Pickashow


plexPlex is an international multimedia streaming platform created by Plex Inc. and streaming, and it allows you to stream TV and movies for free. Plex media player can organize audio, video, and photos from users’ collections and online services and stream them on your system. The Plex media player requires no subscription and allows you to stream movies and TV shows for free. Plex gives you a place to get access to all the media that matters to you.

Download Plex

Button Mapper:

button mapperButton Mapper is an application for the smart TV that allows you to customize the buttons of your smart TV, and this app will enable you to remap applications and create shortcuts for them. Long press, double click, and single-click are the first options to provide you access to the apps. The Button Mapper app makes it easy for you to operate your smart TV and to remap custom actions to your volume buttons and other hardware buttons.

Download Button Mapper


jiopagesJiopages is the first Indian web browser that delivers a safe, fast and uninterrupted browsing experience. With the Jiopages browser, you can customize your home screen, bookmark websites in Incognito mode, and also allows you to secure the browser by adding security with a pin. You can efficiently operate your TV with Jiopages and experience fantastic free streaming. This Indian web browser comes with a download manager, voice search option, and a QR code scanner to ensure a seamless browsing experience and online streaming.

Download JioPages

SmartYT Vanced Youtube for Android TV

smart youtube tv aplicationSmartyt is not a popular but excellent and unique multimedia, movies, and TV streaming application for smart TV. It allows you to experience a fantastic watching session. There are many things to watch over advanced YouTube applications such as Hollywood and Bollywood movies, TV shows, TV and web channels. This application comes with inbuilt adblocking and background playback without a premium because this is a 100% free streaming application.

Download Smart YT

Sideload Launcher:


Sideload Launcher is a third-party launcher app, and it is one of the essential Android TV apps you must have on your smart TV. You can easily find this app on the Google Play Store on your device; you don’t need to install it via the web version of the store. The Side Load Launcher app was created by the well-known Android developer Chainfire. Side Load Launches is an app for a smart TV that makes some options and grants you access to the apps you can’t find directly on Google Play Store. Sideload Launcher app is a method that allows you to see, install and use applications that you can’t find through the Google Play Store on your Android TV device.

Download Sideload Launcher

Last Words:

Here we have started a list of top Android TV apps and a brief description. If you find this article helpful, kindly share your experience with us. Let us know which app did you like the most. If you have any new suggestions to add to this list, please comment on them. I will be happy to review them as well.

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