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Canva is one of the oldest, feature-rich online editors that has completely revolutionized graphics designing by introducing light and straightforward tools for making beautiful creatives. Certainly, Canva gets the edge due to its widespread popularity and adoption, but if you are someone who does not prefer to use Canva for your day-to-day editing and stuff, you have no reasons to worry.

Here are some of the best alternatives for the Canva graphics editor, just in case you are tired of using Canva and need some refreshments.

Adobe Creative Cloud Express:

adobe sparkAdobe Creative Cloud Express is an online tool for graphics design by Adobe Inc. Adobe Creative Cloud Express offers impressive features and a simple interface like Canva. This tool is also a part of Adobe Suit, but you don’t need anything like Photoshop to use this tool. Adobe Creative Cloud Express comes with a free plan and other additional premium plans, cheaper but similar to Canva.

The interface in Adobe Creative Cloud Express is way simple, and you can create new projects and social media posts in most of the common types and sizes available.

Checkout Adobe Creative Cloud Express


CrelloCrello is a big competition for Canva in graphics design. This tool supports a large number of templates, styles, and formats for graphic designing. You can use this tool for creating posts for social media to making posters for marketing purposes. Crello has a similar interface to Canva, so you feel familiar with everything. Crello also offers free plans like Canva and Adobe Spark, but you will be limited to 5 graphic design downloads per month. Crello has more than 30000 templates under the free program. With graphics editing tools, it also lets you edit audio files.

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stencil canva alternativesStencil is one of the most detailed graphics designing tools available online. Initially, Stencil used it to edit images by adding text to them, like a wallpaper image. The editor also contains some shapes and icons to add to a design. But has limited features. The editing features in this editor are straightforward and user-friendly. But the drawback is that this editor doesn’t help you with any animation or video editing content.

The Stencil editor comes with a free plan which limits you to 10 images, ten collections, and 10 Instagram per month. You can also buy the Pro and unlimited packs for more features and services.

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visme canva alternativesVisme is the one graphics editing tool that goes beyond all limits. This is considered one of the most versatile graphic editors, which helps create attractive presentations, posters, social media posts, and much more. Visme comes initially with a free basic plan but also has a premium plan. You get additional features with unlimited projects, storage, etc. It also has tools like file manager, analytics, and sharing, which help you organize your content.

Visme is the best option if you want easy-to-use templates and an extensive image library. But it is a bit more costly than any other Canva alternative.

Checkout Visme

Design Wizard:

Design Wizard canva alternativesDesign Wizard is one of the most easy-to-use Canva Alternative for making short video clips and graphics. This has many types of templates and documents for most social media platforms. The content is available in almost every format, and You can access the editor online. The tool has a variety of presentation-style projects.

Inside this editor, you can choose if you want to use this as a graphics editor or a video editor. And these are entirely different features. The graphics designing tools in this Design Wizard application are similar to Adobe’s designing tools.

Design Wizard comes with three plans which include one free plan and two paid plans. The free plan is best for beginners, while if you need some advanced features, you can upgrade by paying.

Checkout Design Wizard


Pixelied canva alternativesThis Pixelied graphics editor is just an identical copy of Canva but with thousands of stock graphics, templates, and functions like editing, removing, and changing backgrounds within it. With its mockup editor, you can create and edit powerful and unique product mockups for your presentations at your office. And it also has a workspace feature to create different workspaces for different work and projects. And these two features make it unique in its way.

Pixelied is best if you need an editor with a vast range of design capabilities. Pixelied, like any other Canva alternative, comes with two plans; a free and one pro plan.

Checkout Pixelied


Easil canva alternativesEasil is a Canva alternative with some of the most advanced graphics editing features among all the editors discussed above. The editor offers an extensive range of beautiful templates for different social media platforms and websites. Easil also helps the users by creating custom templates according to their brand details, and they can also print these designs within the tools if they need to.

Easil also provides its users with a stock of images to not have to use the same old photos available on the web. This is what makes it different from any other Canva alternative. And like every other Canva alternative, Easil too comes in two plans; a basic free plan and a $7.50 per month premium plan for every member.

Checkout Easil


Snappa canva alternativesSnappa is another alternative to Canva graphic editor, which lets you create graphics for your presentation and social media campaigns with the help of a vast range of templates, stock images, and a large amount of space for storage. The features that make it different from Canva are its ability to let users import their fonts for graphics and share your creations to your social media accounts directly from Snappa. But for the second feature, you need to enroll in the pro subscription of Snappa. The free basic plan is limited to five free downloads per month for a single user.

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Note: The premium/plus/pro plan membership price might not be the same as this article, so please visit the official website or app to verify.


There are so many great alternatives for Canva Graphics Editor that are available nowadays and these are some of the best. In case you experience any problems while downloading any game, please do not hesitate to contact us so that we may solve your problem. I would like to thank you for reading this. Don’t forget to tell your friends about this. It will certainly be helpful to them. If you want the latest tech updates, make sure you join our Telegram Channel.

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