PDFBear Guide: A Beginner’s Guide For Converting Documents With PDFBear

Digital Documents have been a massive help in how the world works these days. Businesses, School works, Jobs, and Important documents are all using digital documents. One of the most used digital document formats is Portable Document Format, or most commonly known as PDF.

PDF has been the most used digital document format because of its advantages. Although it comes with many benefits, it also has some disadvantages. But you don’t have to worry because there is an online PDF converter tool to help you with your problems.


The most common issues PDF files usually face about its file size, corrupted file, and converting PDF into a different format. These common issues are easily solved when you use an online converter tool. PDFBear is one of the most trusted online PDF converters that have a lot of features for your PDF needs. These features allow you to convert DOC to PDF or vice versa, view and edit, and many more.

PDFBear has been serving people to solve their PDF issues for years now. Most individuals that used PDFBear are beyond satisfied with its various features, and for that reason, PDFBear is one of the most suggested online PDF converter tools in today’s generation. Its direct to the point service is one of the many reasons people always choose PDFBear.

Converting WORD to PDF is one of the most common features of why people visit their website. Hence, if you still don’t know how PDFBear works, here explains how to convert a document into another type of document.

Converting Word to PDF

Converting your documents using an online PDF converter tool might be time-consuming. Some online converter tools will flash you with many advertisements before you can convert your file. When you are using PDFBear, it will offer a straightforward service that will allow you to convert your documents in 4 easy steps.

Step 1

The first thing you should do when converting your documents using PDFBear is to choose your desired document. Once you’re done picking your desired document, you will need to upload your file into PDFBear so it will be recognized. 

You will have two options on how to upload your document into PDFBear. The first option is to select your document and upload it directly to PDFBear. The second option is to drag your document and drop it to the assigned area to upload your document into PDFBear.

Step 2

The second step in converting a document. In this step, the system of PDFBear will scan your document. It would be best if you let PDFBear do its job scanning your document and stand by for the next step. 

Step 3

The third step in converting a document. In this step, you will need to wait for your document conversion to complete. This step usually takes just about minutes, but the conversion duration will depend on how fast your internet speed is.

Step 4

The fourth and last step in converting a document. In this step, once your document is wholly converted, a download option will be given to you for you to download the converted document.

In downloading your converted document, you will have several options to download your converted document into your device storage or online storage like Dropbox and google drive. These online storages are best to save up room for your device storage.

Privacy of PDFBear

The privacy of a website should be the utmost major priority of its developers. Most of the information that is uploaded to the internet is not safe anymore. Specific individuals with malicious intent are everywhere and uploading your confidential information on the internet might be troublesome.

Good thing PDFBear is one of the most secure online PDF converters there in today’s generation. Its system assures you that your document is safe from hackers because the files that are uploaded into their system are deleted permanently after an hour. 

PDFBear On All Platforms

If you want to convert your documents and you are uncertain if you can convert your document while using a different operating system. You don’t need to worry because you can use the services of PDFBear on any available platform, may it be Mac, Linux, or Windows.

You can also access PDFBear on any browser. You can start converting your documents anytime and anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet, may it be Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or any browser of your choice.

Using Cloud When Converting

Another advantage of PDFBear is when you convert your documents in their system; it rests assured that it will not consume memory from your computer. Each time a document is uploaded into its system, PDFBear uses a cloud system. This is one of the main reasons why PDFBear makes your conversion experience at its best.

The Best Converting Tool

When you use PDFBear to convert your documents, you will experience the fastest and most convenient way of conversion. PDFBear has already set the best settings for your conversion for you to lessen your troubles. Hence, the importance of PDFBear for convenience, making it ranks on top of its competitors.

Direct Conversion

PDFBear assures its users that when you are converting your document, it will keep your document’s quality while converting it from one document format into another. Converting a document has never been this effortless; you need to sit and relax while PDFBear does its job.


Digital documents have been a massive help in our daily living, may it be from businesses, schools, jobs, or essential documents. Portable Document Format or PDF has always been the go-to document format for most individuals. Hence, the importance of knowing how to use PDFBear, which is one of the most reliable online PDF converter tools you can avail of.

With many helpful features to your end, it surely ranks on top of other PDF converter tools. PDFBear is the best there is for converting a document.  Try it out now for all your PDF needs.

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