Automate Your Work and Typing With Text Blaze

Automation and AI have become increasingly prominent over the last couple of years.

However, there is growing concern that automation leads to a lack of personalization in your work/writing.

With Text Blaze, you can automate your writing and your work without losing your personal touch.

Text Blaze is a text expander that helps you eliminate repetitive work and typing forever through innovative text templates that you can customize and use anywhere online. In today’s post, we will discuss Text Blaze and its features, and you can get started.

Here’s an overview:

What is a text expander?

Text expanders are tools that help you reduce repetitive writing through shortcuts. They are helpful if you often type common phrases, emails, or messages.

They can help you quickly type small phrases, or if you are interested in automating your work, they can help you automate everyday tasks such as writing emails or messaging customers.

Why should I use a text expander?

Text expanders can help you boost your productivity significantly. They help you save time while typing, allowing you to focus on other essential tasks.

For example, a text expander can help you quickly respond to emails asking common questions so that you can focus on other, more critical work.

What is Text Blaze?

Text Blaze is a text expansion tool that can help you automate repetitive typing. Intelligent keyboard shortcuts help you create templates that you can use anywhere.

Automate Your Work and Typing With Text Blaze

Text Blaze can be used in Gmail, LinkedIn, HubSpot, Salesforce, and any of your favorite
sites/apps. Whether you are writing emails or messaging customers or clients, Text Blaze can help you save time with your writing.

Text Blaze is different from other text expanders because it is effortless to use and has powerful features that help you upgrade your templates.

Our easy-to-use dashboard lets you easily configure your commands, even if you are using our advanced features.


  • Forms (placeholders), logic (if/then), formulas (calculations), and autopilot help you make your templates truly powerful.
  • Our command packs help you integrate Text Blaze with your most used sites, such as Gmail and LinkedIn.
  • It’s free. You can enjoy Text Blaze without paying anything.
  • We have a robust, active community of users that will answer every question.
  • Text Blaze has a companion app called Data Blaze, which helps you use your data anywhere online using Text Blaze snippets.

How does it work?

Automate Your Work and Typing With Text Blaze

A Text Blaze snippet comprises the snippet label, the snippet shortcut, and the contents.

The snippet label is just the name of the snippet. This helps you quickly identify it within your dashboard and snippet folders.

The snippet shortcut is what you type. It’s the text that the snippet contents will replace.

Finally, the contents are what is inserted. For example, if my shortcut is “/sig” and my contents are “Best, Name” when I type the shortcut, the signature is automatically inserted.

Automate Your Work and Typing With Text Blaze


Text Blaze is available on the Chrome Webstore and now as a Windows App!

Currently, Text Blaze is not available as a Mac app. The Mac app is in development, though!


Text Blaze is free forever. You can immediately sign up and get value from Text Blaze without paying $1.

However, they have a Pro plan that unlocks access to Text Blaze’s powerful features. The Pro plan is $2.99 per month, billed annually.

They also have business and enterprise plans for larger organizations.

How to Get Started?

  1. Visit the Chrome Webstore or the Microsoft store.
  2. Download Text Blaze.
  3. Create your account.
  4. Go to your dashboard.
  5. Click the big plus button on the top left to create a snippet.
  6. Edit your snippet’s label, shortcut, and contents.
  7. Go to your desired site and type your shortcut.
  8. Watch your snippet come to life.
  9. Use Text Blaze to save time and eliminate repetitive typing forever!

Last Words:

Text Blaze is one of the most helpful text expanders because of its user-friendly and powerful features.

Text Blaze helps you save time through keyboard shortcuts that allow you to create templates to automate your work on any of your favorite websites or apps.

Give Text Blaze a try today and eliminate repetitive typing forever!

Thank you for reading. In case you have further queries, don’t forget to comment below. I will be happy to help.

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