GUIDE: How To Apply For SlicePay Rewards Card?

SlicePay is a payment solution specially designed for teens or youth that provides them access to trouble-free credit through a Slice-Visa Credit Card, along with an application to handle expenses and also gives lots of rewards to make your shopping experience more enjoyable. This company was started in the November of 2015 by Rajan Bajaj and Deepak Malhotra. It is based in Bangalore, which is presently working in 5 other major Indian cities which are Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Vellore, and Mumbai.

It has made loans or credits attainable to the masses with a convenient method without having to learn plenty of financial jargon. SlicePay has made students and millennials their main category for the customers and it also offers a credit limit of up to Rs. 10 Lakhs in the previously mentioned cities. The Slice app is pretty much similar to Uni 1/3 Card but with better features than that.

In today’s post, we will look at the SlicePay Rewards Lifetime Free Card and its features, and how you can apply for the same. Here’s an overview:

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Credit Card Limit of Slice Super Card:

Slice provides a Credit Limit of up to Rs. 10 Lakhs to college students. But the Credit Limit may differ from person to person. Slice provides a slightly less credit limit if you’re a fresh member. Although, the Credit Limit may increase if you pay the installments within the period. It also provides its consumers a No-Cost EMI Plan if the products or items are bought from selected merchants through the Slice application. As a surprising feature, the Slice Credit Card doesn’t have a “Minimum Amount Due” option. Therefore, it provides an interval of 5-day to repay the surprising amount and if it isn’t paid within the tenor then the amount gets changed into EMI and the repayment option of the EMI is up to 12 months.

Once a user signs up in the Slice application, they’re allotted a Slice Card within a few hours. It can be used to facilitate any type of transaction or purchase on the Internet. Slice is already partnered with various merchants like Amazon, Flipkart, Zomato, Swiggy, etc.

Features of Slice Super Card 

  • Slice provides a virtual Credit Card for your online payment transactions and a physical Visa Credit Card for all your offline transactions.
  • You can swipe the card at any store and get interesting credit and amazing offers. You can pay off your credit amount within the following month at no additional charge of interest on the amount.
  • You can also choose the option of EMI with tenures extending from 2 months to 18 months. For 12 months, the interest levied or charged on the EMI will be in the range of 12% to 15%. Although, it fluctuates constantly following the user and their expenses.
  • You can also get an emergency credit or loans either in your bank account or in your E-wallet.
  • The SlicePay Card is a Lifetime Free Card. There are no joining fees or annual fees involved.

How to Apply for a Slice Super Card? 

A Slice Super Card is a Visa-powered Credit Card that can be utilized for both offline and online transactions. It doesn’t have any annual charges, joining fees, or hidden charges for the user. The Slice application on your Smartphone will keep a check on all your transactions right under your fingertips. The steps to apply for a Slice Super Card is as follows:-

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1. First of all Download the Slice application from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store

2. After downloading the Slice app, log in with the app by using your G-mail account or you can log in with another e-mail address also.

3. Now, enter your Mobile Number. A 4-digit OTP (One Time Password) will be sent to your Mobile Number for verification.

4. Now, enter your details like Your Name, Your Employment Status (Employed, Student, etc.), and click on the Continue option.

5. Now, verify your PAN Card number which will be automatically filled in the app if the same number is registered with your PAN Card. Otherwise, you can also enter the PAN Card manually.

6. Now, they’ll fetch your CIBIL Score or Credit Score automatically, and then click on the Continue option.

7. Now, you’ve to complete your KYC by Aadhaar OTP or by manually uploading the Aadhaar document on the App (if the same number you’ve registered is not linked to your Aadhaar Card.) and click on the Continue option.

8. Now, you’ve to enter the Shipping Address for the delivery of the physical Slice card. As Slice Card is available in a few cities only, then it’s very important to mention those cities only in the Shipping Address in which the delivery is possible.

9. Now, you’ve to take a picture of yourself with your Smartphone’s Front Camera and upload it on the app.

10. After finishing all these steps, the app will show your Credit Limit based on your CIBIL Score or Credit Score. 

And now, your Slice Super Card is ready to use and the status for the booking of your physical Slice Card will also display on the main dashboard of the Slice application.

Where can I utilize this Card? 

From college students to salaried individuals – everyone is free to use this Credit Card and can relish the freedom to buy now and pay later. It can be used in all online or offline business merchants that provide credit or debit card services. But this card cannot be used as an ATM card to withdraw money from the ATMs. You can utilize this card under various categories like – Shopping, Booking travel tickets, Transferring Money to a bank account or Paytm Wallet, etc.

Slice Customer Care Details:

You can get the Slice Customer Care details from Slice Website. Just scroll to the bottom, and the support email, contact number, and registered address are given in the footer of the website.

You can also contact Slice customer care using their Help Desk.


If you’re a student and want to increase your Credit Score or CIBIL Score, and require some amount of credit, I think this Card will be a perfect choice for you. SlicePay provides you with a Free Credit Card with lots of benefits like No-Cost EMI Option, High Credit Limits up to 10 Lakhs, No additional charges like Joining Fee and Annual Fee, etc. You can also easily transfer your Credit Limit amount to your bank account and repay it through simple instalments with less interest rate. So, I think you should try this Slice Card once.

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