GUIDE: How to Apply for SlayPay Prepaid Card?

Credit/Debit cards have been in use for almost 50 years. They have been playing an essential role in the banking sector, as well as in our daily lives. Credit Cards are the ones saving us time and money. But when it comes to the look of these cards, even after almost 50 years of their existence, most of the cards look the same. What if a user wants a card that has a completely different look as compared to the cards available in the current banking sector.

A Gurugram based Indian fin-tech company Slaypay has recently announced that they will be launching the world’s first-ever truly customizable payment cards. The availability of these custom-designed cards will be possible with collaboration with VISA. The SlayPay Prepaid cards are also being known as the “India’s Coolest Payment Card”.

The card type is VISA Platinum, and there are no joining or annual fees associated with this card.

The SlayPay mobile application is going to launch soon in the country on Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. This application will allow users to make use of their photos, quotes, wallpapers, signatures, digital arts to be printed on their numberless cards.

In today’s post, we will be looking at the benefits of the SlayPay Prepaid Card and how you can apply for the same. Here’s an overview:

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Features & Benefits of owning a SlayPay Prepaid Card:

Like any other credit/debit card, the SlayPay prepaid Customized card also comes with some extra benefits. These benefits include several other cashback and rewards offered on different brands while shopping using the SlayPay prepaid card.

Some of the key benefits of the SlayPay prepaid card are:

  •  Get exclusive rewards, offers, and cashback from 1500+ brands(like Swiggy, Zomato, Ajio, Starbucks, etc.) worldwide.
  • Your card, your personalization: You can design your SlayPay Card according to your wish. Choose your own images, selfies, quotes, and other random design. Each SlayPay Card will be unique.
  • The card has no annual subscription fee, no interests, no late charges, no charge for card issuing.
  • The SlayPay Prepaid Card is numberless. Since the physical card has no numbers printed on it, you don’t have any risk of others misusing your card in case it gets stolen. All you need to do is block and replace the card from the app.
  • It keeps your card numbers hidden from the public. It is only accessible from the Slaypay mobile application.
  • Slaypay has a feature that lets you control overspending on your card.
  • The first-ever card that lets you set your limits for pin-less contact-less transactions, so you can tap and pay without any hesitation.

How You Can Apply for SlayPay Prepaid Card?

Just follow a few simple steps given below to apply for your SlayPay Prepaid Card.

  •  Click on the “Get SlayPay” Button.
get slaypay
  •  You will see a form opened in a new browser tab.
slaypay signup
  • Now enter your Name, Email, and Mobile Number.
  • In the ‘Have an Invite Code‘ section, use the invite code r4c5ae629n or r5f8eed96a.
  • Click on Register Button and verify your number with One time Password (OTP).
  • After registering successfully you will be headed to a window looking just like this.
slaypay registration

And congratulations, you are in the waiting queue for the SlayPay Prepaid Card.

To access the card sooner, you can refer this to other people as well. For each successful refer you will move up to 1000 spots in the queue, which means you will be a 1000 spot near to get your card.

You can also skip the waiting queue by paying just INR 49 for reserving your spot. After this, you will receive the SlayPay Prepaid Card in the first-ever roll-out of the cards.

Final Words:

That’s all we have on the SlayPay Prepaid Cards for now. Slaypay is nothing new as we already talked about many famous prepaid cards that allow you to load and spend money on various platforms. In terms of the reward scheme, I don’t find anything attractive at all. So if you already have other prepaid cards then you may not need the SlayPay card at all. However, if you love customizing your card with your personalized images, memes, quotes then it is definitely worth trying. 

If you have any queries or suggestions, feel free to share them in the comment section. Thanks for reading. I will be back soon with another interesting update. Keep visiting HiTricks. Don’t forget to join our Telegram Channel for getting the latest tech updates.

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