GUIDE: How To Apply For Fyp Prepaid Card?

Fyp prepaid card is a revolutionary card for the young generation. With a Fyp card, you can make online and offline payments without any worries. Not only this but you will also earn reward points on transactions and save them to use later. Fyp also allows you to keep your expenditure in check and easily manage your expenses better with the spend analysis feature. Fyp is pretty much similar to OmniCard and Walrus Cards.

In today’s post, we will be looking at the Fyp Prepaid Card, why it is unique and how you can apply for the card. Here’s an overview:

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What Makes Fyp Card Unique?

Fyp allows you to use your card anywhere you want in India. You can also do Recharges and Bill Payments from the Fyp app itself. Fyp card comes with a unique Mission feature that allows parents or anyone to create a custom mission. You can assign the mission to any Fyp user and once he or she completes that mission they will get the reward amount in the Fyp wallet that you set already. It’s an interesting way to engage your kids to do the works that you want from them. Fyp also comes with a unique refer and earn program where you will get ₹50 once your referred person completed their KYC. He will also get ₹50 as a signup bonus.

How To Apply For Fyp Prepaid Card?

  • First Of All Download the Fyp App from the Play Store or Apple Store
  • Now install and open the app and click on Create Account tab.
  • Fyp card signupAfter that enter your mobile number and verify it with a one-time password.
  • fyp referral codeNow it will ask you for a referral code. Make sure to enter 1NL3OQ in the referral code section to get a 50 signup bonus.
  • fyp account createAfter that enter your First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, and click on the Continue tab.

Fyp aadhaar verification

  • Now it will ask you for your Aadhar Card. Simply enter your Aadhar Card and click on Get OTP.
  • fyp verificationAfter verifying your Aadhar with OTP your account will get created and you will get redirected to the dashboard of the app.

Fyp Card Refer and Earn Program

  • Open the Fyp app and click on the Referral tab.
  • Now copy your referral code and share it with your friends and family.
  • For each successful referral, you will receive ₹50 in your Fyp wallet.

How To Get Your Physical Fyp For Free?

  • In order to get your Physical Fyp card, you have to open the app and go to the Card section.
  • Now click on the order card and fill in your details such as name, address, pin code, etc.
  • That’s it! You will receive your Fyp physical card soon.

Note: Currently Fyp is not offering Physical cards as they are in the Beta mode. We will update this post once Fyp will start giving Physical cards to its users.

Frequently Asked Question?

How is Fyp Card is different from a traditional debit card?

Fyp card is pretty much similar to the normal debit card you can use it anywhere you want. The good thing is that you can load the amount in your Fyp wallet and use the Fyp prepaid card. This will reduce your chances of online fraud from your bank account, as usual, people have good savings in their bank accounts. If you’re afraid of giving your Credit Cards or Debit cards to your kids then give them a Fyp card and load whatever amount you want in their Fyp wallet. This way your Bank’s debit card remains to safeguard and your kids will still enjoy the services.

Where can I use my FYP card?

You can use the Fyp card anywhere you want. It will work both online and offline payments.

How safe is FYP Prepaid Card?

The Fyp physical card doesn’t contain the card number and CVV on the card itself. For safety purposes but these details are present on the app which could be used for making online purchases. Apart from this, the card can be easily paused or blocked through the app and the app can be locked with a code.


So it was the post about Fyp Prepaid Card. It is a great card to teach your kids about finance and investment. If you have any queries or suggestions regarding the Fyp card then feel free to ask us in the comment section or mail them at support [at] fypmoney [dot] in to get your query resolved.

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