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23rd September 2020: Apple finally launched its Online Store in India, thus bringing a range of attractive Apple-only features for the Indian consumers. Now that the Apple Online Store is finally here in India, we are going to take a look at how exactly it’s different from the existing Apple retail and what are the other perks and offers you get if you shop from the Apple Online Store.

Here’s an overview:

Shopping Assistance:

Unlike other e-commerce websites currently in India that will allow you to talk to an agent only after you place an order, Apple Specialists will help you decide which product to purchase according to your needs. For instance, you might want to get yourself a new MacBook but after browsing through all the available options, you are very confused. With Apple Online Store, there’s an Apple Specialist to help you decide your purchase and answer your other questions instantly!

You can also get one-to-one personal sessions with Apple Specialists while buying certain Apple products.

Apple Trade-in:

Flipkart and Amazon both have their own exchange programs in place. But now, you can do that on Apple Online Store as well. If you have an iPhone, or maybe a Samsung or OnePlus phone, you are eligible for a credit against your device. Here’s a detailed overview of up to how much credit you can get for each device.

Your device
trade-in value
iPhone XS MaxUp to ₹35,000
iPhone XSUp to ₹34,000
iPhone XRUp to ₹24,000
iPhone XUp to ₹28,000
iPhone 8 PlusUp to ₹21,000
iPhone 8Up to ₹17,000
iPhone 7 PlusUp to ₹17,000
iPhone 7Up to ₹12,000
iPhone 6s PlusUp to ₹9,000
iPhone 6sUp to ₹8,000
iPhone 6 PlusUp to ₹8,000
iPhone 6Up to ₹6,000
iPhone SE (1st generation)Up to ₹5,000
iPhone 5sUp to ₹3,000
In case you have any device other than iPhone, you can avail trade-ins in the following android devices too.
Your device
trade-in value*
Samsung Galaxy S10Up to ₹23,020
Samsung Galaxy S10 PlusUp to ₹29,765
Samsung Galaxy S10eUp to ₹19,650
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 PlusUp to ₹36,230
Samsung Galaxy Note 10Up to ₹27,175
Samsung Galaxy S9Up to ₹13,140
Samsung Galaxy S9 PlusUp to ₹13,020
Samsung Galaxy Note 9Up to ₹18,395
Samsung Galaxy A51Up to ₹11,545
Samsung Galaxy A71Up to ₹13,975
Samsung Galaxy A70Up to ₹9,710
Samsung Galaxy A70sUp to ₹10,565
Samsung Galaxy A80Up to ₹11,310
OnePlus 7Up to ₹15,655
OnePlus 7TUp to ₹19,170
OnePlus 6TUp to ₹14,850

Apple asks you to put the Serial number or IMEI code of your device while purchasing a new device. It will also ask whether the condition of your old device is okay or not.


Previously, you did not have much control over configurations for your Mac. Now, you can do things like adding more memory (RAM), additional storage, or perhaps an extra-powerful graphics card. There are also options to add customizations such as engravings to your iPad, AirPods, and other gadgets coming later this year. Wait for it.

Apple Care+

Apple Care+ was earlier just limited to Apple-authorized retailers only. But now it is available on Apple Online Store as well. You can get 2 years of extended technical support and accidental damage cover. This is in addition to the standard warranty that comes with your Apple device. We advise you to get Apple Care+ if you are getting a new iPhone, iPad, or a Mac device since if there’s an accident, these products are very expensive to repair.

Last year, I replaced the battery of my iPhone 7 from an authorized Apple service center that cost me around ₹8,000. The replacement of my shattered display was quoted ₹15,000 that forced me to get a non-official one (which is working just fine, in case you wanted to know).

If I had Apple Care+, all these things would have cost me a little less.

Financing Options:

Apple Online Store offers you a bunch of ways you can pay for the products you’re buying. Of course, you can pay an upfront payment in full, or you can pay using monthly with EMI, or even No Cost EMI. There are also cashback offers on various banks.

Right now, there’s an offer with HDFC bank that will give you 6% cashback.

Get up to 6% cashback (up to ₹10,000) on all orders over ₹20,900

*Offer Details:

  • Cashback amount deposited to your bank account in 5 to 7 days.
  • Available for HDFC Bank Credit Cards & Credit Card EMI.
  • Maximum of 1 order per card.
  • Maximum cashback ₹10,000.
  • Offer ends 16th October 2020.
  • Terms apply. Learn more 

(Via Apple Online Store)

Apple Education Store & Student Discount:

Apple for Education allows university students to get an iPad or a Mac with discounts. Apple says that it will give your discounts up to ₹23,990 on a new Mac, and up to ₹7,445 on a new iPad. This discounted pricing is available to current and newly accepted university students or their parents, teachers, and staff at all levels.

MacBook Pros purchased via the Apple Education store will have 5 professional software pre-installed:

  1. Final Cut Pro X.
  2. Motion 5.
  3. Compressor 4.
  4. Logic Pro X.
  5. Mainstage 3.

To get all these offers, you would need to verify that you’re a student of a listed university via UNiDAYS. Most good colleges and universities are listed there. You can either submit your ID for verification or do it via your institution email or institution wifi. If not, you can also do that from Apple directly as well.

Click here to verify.

In case you are not a student, or not linked with academics, you can use any other’s student account to order for yourself, that’s kind of Indian jugaad that we always manage to do. 🙂

Final Words:

So that’s all about Apple Online Store in India. It surely opens up a lot of doors for Indian tech enthusiasts to opt for Apple devices via their official supply chain. They will also be opening offline Apple stores across India very soon. It will surely be a pleasure for Apple fans.

I hope you found this post helpful. Do share it with your Apple enthusiastic friends. If you have further queries, just drop down a comment below. I will be happy to help.

Thank you for reading. I will be back soon with another interesting update. Keep visiting HiTricks. Don’t forget to join our Telegram Channel for getting curated tech updates.


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