Apple iPhoneX FaceID Unlock is an EPIC FAIL!

I still can’t believe that Apple has actually abandoned their Touch ID and implemented the so called FaceID on their iPhone X. I won’t be making introductions or conclusions in this post. Rather, I will directly move into my point of discussion here, about the FaceID.

Firstly, you need to know what is FaceID?

It is a technology that utilizes a ‘Truedepth’ Infrared Camera to scan your face with infrared dots coming from a flood illuminator in 3D. It has a built in neural engine on their bionic chip to process the face recognition locally on the device itself. In terms of recognition, it is quite strong. Every face differs (until and unless you have got a twin) and it will be able to successfully unlock your device.

The problem isn’t in the technology, the problem lies in the implementation of the technology in Real World Use Cases.

Before I describe anything, let’s conduct a real-life test. I will describe a scenario, just try to think it on your mind. But before we begin, why not tweet it?

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iPhone X vs OnePlus 5 Test:

Here’s the Test: Let’s say a OnePlus 5 User and an iPhoneX user has to take out their phones from their pocket, unlock their respective phones, open Apple Pay / Android Pay and make a purchase using their respective Bank Cards. Then, lock the phone and put it back to their pocket.

And finally, repeat the whole task again!

3…2…1…Go: Both Start Doing it.

Second 1: The iPhone user has taken out the iPhone from the pocket, Swiped Up on the screen with his thumb.

The OnePlus user has put his hands in his pocket and while taking it out, he has unlocked it with a touch of his thumb on the Fingerprint Sensor. He is now on the home screen.

Second 2-3: The iPhone user now points his phone towards his face and prays, “Khul Ja Sim Sim 😂”, direly hoping it will recognize his face and unlock. If he doesn’t have the same fate as Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior Vice-President at Software Engineering, whose first attempt to Unlock it at Apple Event had an epic fail, hopefully, it is going to unlock. Now he is on the home screen.

The OnePlus user has already opened Android Pay and Used the Fingerprint Sensor to authenticate his transaction. It’s completed under 3 seconds.

Second 4: The iPhone user opens Apple Pay. And again he has to use Face ID to authenticate the transaction.

The OnePlus user has put it into his pocket. Just 4 second is what it requires.

Second 5-6: The iPhone user authenticates the transaction and puts his phone back in the pocket.

The OnePlus user is half way on his second loop.

Second 8: The OnePlus user finishes his task. The iPhone user is stuck at unlocking his device in the second loop. He will probably need 4 more seconds to complete his task because his first loop took 6 seconds.

So, here’s the results: The OnePlus user took 4 seconds to complete each loop, while the iPhone User took 6 seconds to do the same. 2 extra seconds got wasted in each loop just because he has to take his phone out and point it towards his face.

By the time the iPhone user will complete the second loop, the Android User will complete it for the 3rd time (12 seconds)

Let’s say you unlock your device 50 times a day. Can you imagine the time lag? It is going to be irritating.

Well, I guess you have got an idea how will it fare on Real-Life Usage. Let’s consider some more examples.

Too Hot and Too Cold Weathers:

Let’s say you are trekking on a Hill Slope. It is so cold and chill winds are blowing from all sides. You have covered all your face tightly. Suddenly you find an amazing view of the Mountains ahead, and it urges you to take out your iPhone and click a picture.

Ohh no, it doesn’t recognize your face anymore! You have to use the passcode. And this ruins your whole trip!

The same happens if you are traveling on hotty areas. People in Delhi during summer cover their face while going outside. How will they use FaceID?

How to save it from your Friends / Partner?

You definitely have got those kinds of friends who kind of snatches the phone from you every time you meet. Now their work is easy. Just get a hold of your iPhone X and hold it in front of your face, and before you understand what happened, they will be going through your last sent messages.

Oops! Privacy is a bitch!

What about your partner? Okay, you are supposed to be transparent with your partner and show everything! So, I am not going into explaining that. You can well imagine what’s going to happen!

The TIME FACTOR: Why is Fingerprint Sensor Faster?

If you notice, in all Fingerprint Sensor Enabled phones, you just touch the sensor and it unlocks. Everything happens in just moments.

Why is that?

This is because the technology is always on. Even when your phone is locked, the fingerprint sensor remains active. You just need to put your finger on the sensor and it recognizes and unlocks the phone for you.

This is an advantage taken by the OnePlus 5 user in the initial test.

On the other hand, the Face ID Unlock is a two step process. It doesn’t remain active all the time. You have to activate it first by swiping up. This sends a signal to the iPhone that it is going to be unlocked. Now it activates the FaceID and tries to scan your face. Finally, it unlocks and gives you the home screen.

So, even it is a minor time difference, you can feel it well.

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Nothing much to say, think hard and take your own decision before purchasing an iPhone X. I have come across a lot of users who are going crazy about the iPhone X. I am pretty sure this is going to become a major cause of irritation.

Thanks for reading my post. Do share your thoughts on this matter in the comments section below.

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I will be back again with another interesting update. Till then, stay tuned!

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