Indian Alternatives to UC / DC / CM / APUS Browser

Almost all of us have access to smartphones and the internet these days. We all use different browsers to surf through different websites over the internet every day, and one of the most commonly used browsers is UC Browser. This app used to be very popular in India, and it was considered as one of the best browsers one can use. But due to regular disputes between India and China, the Indian Govt. decided to ban some Chinese apps from India, which included the UC browser and some other browsers like, DC, CM, APUS Browser, etc. Due to which, their users are looking for the best alternative of these apps.

If you are also looking for some good alternatives to this browser, you are in the right place. Here, we are going to discuss some best Indian alternatives of these banned browsers, which can be used flawlessly, giving you the best experience to surf across the internet.

Here is a list of top 5 alternative apps for you. Let’s get started!

Bharat Browser:

Bharat Browser is an app developed in Bengaluru, India by BlueSky Inventions. This Indian web browser comes with nine different languages and is known for its great UI. It contains the contents of Indian states and union territories in a very small sized app. This 8MB sized app is compatible with low-end mobile phones as well, giving them access to the internet without facing any memory issue. This browser also contains different sections for videos, games, and it has a section filled with content for kids like rhymes, preloaded videos, and games for kids. Indian Alternatives to UC / DC / CM / APUS Browser


Jio Browser:

Jio, which is a well-known Indian company, launched its web browser in 2019, which can be used in 8 different languages. With its great user interface and smooth user experience, it also offers Private Browsing, a customizable news feed, content sharing, etc. Using Jio Browser also gives you the freedom to schedule your downloads, which is a very useful and hard to find feature. With its great UI, it also supports dark-theme, desktop mode and a landscape mode, which improves its quality way more than many other web browsers available out there.

Indian Alternatives to UC / DC / CM / APUS Browser


Indi Browser:

Indi browser is a part of the initiative started by Indian Prime Minister Modi, Make-In-India. This app is developed by Gurvinder Singh Sandhu to support the Make-In-India movement. The UI and UX of this web-browser are way better than many other web-browsers we use. Its home page is customizable, and it also provides you with a voice assistant. It supports seven international languages, and it also has a feature of preloading the videos, which reduce the wait-time, if you want to watch it. It also has a unique feature; if you access Instagram using this browser, it lets you download videos and images from Instagram, which cannot be done using the official Instagram app.

Indian Alternatives to UC / DC / CM / APUS Browser


Epic Privacy Browser:

Epic Privacy Browser is a Chromium-based browser made by Hidden Reflex founded in Bengaluru. It is fast and secure to use, and it has many other useful features like File Vault, Ad Block, etc. It also has an in-built VPN, which is completely free. Though, to use the VPN, you have to download the Proxy from Epic Extensions store. It also preloads the videos for you to cover the wait-time of loading it. Epic Browser also has a unique feature of Audio Queue. In this feature, the app reads out loud the contents of the webpage for you, which comes in handy sometimes. It also doesn’t invade your privacy and never keeps your browsing history, making it safer for you to use. A unique feature seen in this web browser is that it also prevents some malicious websites from taking your fingerprints, using which, these websites collect your data.

Indian Alternatives to UC / DC / CM / APUS Browser


Advanced Download Manager:

The Advanced Download Manager or ADM is a Russian App; it allows you can browse through an in-built browser and download any file you want. This app would give you the freedom to resume any file you are downloading, even if it failed. The advanced algorithm used by Advanced Download Manager increases the speed of downloading your files. It also accelerates downloading by using multithreading your download into nine parts. The powerful downloader used by Advanced Download Manager supports files of size more than 2GB, with a maximum of 3 parallel downloading files. Also, you don’t need to go to any other browser to extract the links of the files you want. You can just use the built-in ADM browser to get the links you want.

Indian Alternatives to UC / DC / CM / APUS Browser


Final Words:

So far, we discussed all the best Indian alternatives to UC Browser. UC Browser was one of the famous web browsers, and it was also known for its great features. But with continuous privacy threat from China, the Indian Govt. decided to ban all the Chinese apps with the most number of users.

Due to this ban, users of the UC browser were left with no choice but to look for a trusted alternative. Thus, we came up with the top 5 best Indian alternatives of UC browser, which are trusted and comes with a lot of better features to use.

These apps are safe to use, and all of them are developed in India. Now, you can choose any of them to start browsing without worrying about any privacy invasion. Thanks for reading. I will be back soon with more interesting updates.

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