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Thanks for coming here and choosing HiTricks. We are a fast growing network in India focussing mainly on Online Earning Money, Learning Miscellaneous Tricks, Blogging Tips and random news articles. We are also providing Free web hosting to Indian Bloggers collaborating with Paisa Swipe, the mobile lockscreen content discovery network.

HiTricks was founded on February 21, 2015. However, we started our online journey much earlier. It all started with our Facebook Page, Google Android Experts Club that we created on 3rd March, 2014, nearly an year ago, with an aim to provide android stuffs. Later on, we focused on Earning Money for India and our current trend is based on that. However, we are keeping a balance on all of our topics. For posting primary stuffs, we have our main website: http://hitricks.com and for posting latest freebies online, we have our sub-domain: http://recharge.hitricks.com

We have an android app Freebies Club that focuses on delivering the hottest freebies and tricks from leading websites of India, not only just ours. Our Android App has 1000+ users, we are connected through Facebook (3k+ fans), and whatsapp (600+ direct contacts). We also have a highly active Facebook Group of around 30k members. Every member of our social circle is interested in any types of online earnings and are eager to get more. Above that, we are reaching out to new peoples day by day.

We welcome you to work with us and can hopefully assure that your collaboration with us will be fruitful.

Services you can trust from us:

1. Advertise Your Android Game/App:

Are you an app/game developer, and need app downloads? We can help you out achieving your goals. You can advertise on our website or android app at an affordable cost.

Our website has a wide range of ad placement areas like Top Banner, Bottom Banner, Below Header Banner, Above Article Banner and Below Article Banner.

Our android app has beautifully designed tabs for our app blog feeds, we can add a tab inside our app that will contain direct link to your content.

Either the ads will redirect to Google Play directly or you can add a content with suitable pictures, that will be shown to the users before downloading.

2. Advertise your Website:

If you have a website and need visits to your site, that also we can help you with our website and android app.

You can use our website banner ads as stated in the previous topic.

Our android in-app browser is compatible to load almost all types of websites. We can add a tab inside our app that will redirect users to your website.

You can also provide your content with pics that we can post on our app/website on your behalf like our regular posts. We will link your website in the post.

3. Get Ratings and Reviews for your Android App:

Have an android app but dont have much google play reviews? You can approach us, we have a good whatsapp network to help you out with your needs. You will get better reviews for your app with 4/5 star ratings. All your infos will be kept private and will not be shared anywhere on our app/website.

4. Reach us for any other help:

If you think we may be helpful for your needs in any ways, then don’t hesitate to contact us, maybe we have an easy solution. 🙂

Contact Us from here.

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