Still not used to Pool Rules? Here’s your Guide to the Best 8 Ball Pool Break Tricks

Do you feel stuck in learning the rules of the pool game and adapting to them on a quick basis? Are you losing in an 8 ball pool game because of this?

Well, you will learn about all this in this article along with some other valuable information.

One of the primary reasons that make you fall behind in the game is the opening move. The breaking of the rack is the most important thing in the game of pool. You may have noticed that if the rack is not broken properly, then it is re-racked or you miss the turn. So, breaking the rack is the most important thing that can take the game in your favor. The breaking of the rack sounds easier to some players but it is not that simple. Before you learn the 8 ball pool break tricks, first you need to learn the rules of the game properly.

Rules of Breaking the Rack:

  1. The player must stand on the opposite side of the rack, i.e, on the Head string.
  2. All the balls should be kept in a triangle. The 1-ball should be kept on the foot whereas the 8- ball should be in the middle of the triangle. You can position the other balls according to your choice.
  3. During the break, the cue ball must be placed behind the head string.
  4. You must make contact with the white ball from the cue stick. After shooting, it may hit the other balls.
  5. The player must shoot with a force that at least 4 balls out of 15 touches the cushion.
  6. The player should remember that he should not pot an 8-ball while breaking the rack.
  7. The player can sink any object balls or striped balls into the hole. 
  8. If the player is unable to touch at least 4 balls to the cushion, then he should pot any 1 ball for a legal break.
  9. The cue ball should not bounce off the table or get potted. Remember that it is a foul.
  10. Who will break the rack should be determined by a toss of coins between the players.
  11. If the break of the rack has been done illegally, then the rack can be reset or the opponent can play with the same set of balls.

The rules listed above are applicable on every platform whether it is an online app such as Get Mega or pool center. Now, let’s move to 8 ball pool break tricks.

The Best Tricks of the 8 Ball Pool Game to learn:

  • Be patient and wait for a chance: Play the game with a calm and patient mind. Never play any move with haste to avoid losing the game. So, wait for the correct stance. Till then, you can make different strategies to trap your opponent.
  • Never aim upside: You should not aim your cue stick upwards during the whole game. Except making different cut shots. But don’t try it while breaking. This will make your cue ball bounce off the table which is a foul.
  • Aim at the forefront ball: You can aim at the ball, which is at the forefront. Hit the forefront ball with much force. This will transfer the force to at least 3 balls. Sometimes by this, the ball can be spotted amid breaking. Or it will carry your ball and make it touch the cushions. This will make it a legal break.
  • Use spin action: Using the spin action, you can generate enough momentum for potting the balls or at least touching the balls to cushion.
  • Choose the perfect group of balls: If you had potted the balls deliberately, it’s good. But if you have not, then don’t worry. Think of the balls that are easier to pot and pot later. This trick can save your game from losing.
  • Follow the rules: Again, following the rules can be your advantage in your game. This can keep you ahead of your opponent and that’s what you want. Even following the rules, sometimes may help in saving you from some silly fouls. Therefore, following the rules is the key to the win.

Benefits of an op Breaking:

The benefits of using amazing 8 ball pool break tricks are

  1. By an op breaking, you may choose the easiest group of balls. This will give you an advantage further.
  2. During a perfect breaking, the balls had captured enough momentum that would help them to scatter around the table easily. Often, the balls get scattered in the pockets themselves.
  3. Using more force may help you in potting more than 1 ball easily.


Hope so that now you are familiar with the rules and 8 ball pool break tricks and gonna rock in the matches. But you should practice the tricks for performing well in big tournaments. You can do this at your home without visiting pool centers again and again by using some applications such as GetMega. It offers you a similar gaming experience and even real-time cash with exciting prizes. The won cash can be withdrawn easily directly into your bank account.

Thank you for reading. If you have further queries, just drop them in the comments below and I will be happy to help. Don’t forget to join our Telegram Channel for getting the latest tech updates. Keep visiting HiTricks.

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